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Follow the dark path or use the light

41: East from Nimbasa

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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41: East from Nimbasa

You will recall back when we went out onto Route 16 at the end the exit east to Marvelous Bridge was blocked by a pair of guards -- well now it is not -- so it is time to head there!  Inside the gatehouse are some Trainers you can chat up, and there is a vending machine here for you to restock kit if you need to...

Take the lift to the top and step out mates!  There is only one Pokemon to be had here, and it is one we have not yet caught, and so much the better!  So look for spots and step into them!

The Swan Pokemon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Marvelous Bridge Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#087/581   Swanna     (C)         All        Shadow Spots
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On the bridge is a bloke who will sell you a Magikarp for $500 -- as you will recall I said to open a slot in your party -- this was why.  Pay for the Pokemon, then Fly back to the Center and stick it away, grabbing your A-Team member back in your team, and then returning to the bloke and continuing to the east.

As you reach the mid-point of the bridge three of the Triad Ninjas appear, and deliver the Adamant,  Lustrous, and the Griseous Orbs that Ghetsis wanted you to have for some odd reason.  There is just no figuring that nutter out, is there?  They then disappear -- perhaps for good?

A pair of Trainers at the end of the bridge are looking at the scenery, and then one disappears!  Was that perhaps Looker in disguise?  Ah well, take the lift down and chat up the trainers in the gatehouse -- one will do a Triple Battle with you -- why not?

When you are done, exit out onto Route 15.  Bearing in mind that we are only listing the Pokemon that we actually need for our Dex and collection...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Route 15 Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.     Pokemon     Rarity  Season     Capture Note
#xxx/022    Fearow      (C)     All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/056    Mankey      (C)     All        Swarm
#xxx/105    Marowak     (U)     All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/115    Kangaskhan  (R)     All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/207    Gligar      (R)     All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/247    Pupitar     (R)     All        Grass/Dark Grass
#xxx/248    Tyranitar   (UR)    All        Shaking Grass
#xxx/472    Gliscor     (UR)    All        Shaking Grass
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This bit is on the tricky side -- particularly the Mankey -- but easily managed with a bit of persistent application, right? 

About Swarms -- just like in the previous games Swarms change each day, but unlike the previous games how we learn about them in Black is the gatehouse tickers to learn where there are Swarms currently active.

Inside the caravan parked by the gate is a woman who will trade you her Rotom for a Ditto -- but you do not have one of those at the moment, and even if you did, that is not a very fair trade, is it?  I think I would have to pass on that unless I had no other way to get a Rotom -- and there are ways, that is all I am saying.

We are going to ignore the stairs going up for now -- those lead to the Poke Transfer Lab and beyond -- and concentrate instead on the stairs leading down -- but first there is a Trainer we need to battle.

Pokefan Elliot has a Level 62 Gulpin, a Level 62 Drifloon, a Level 62 Swablu, and a Level 62 Spheal.

Head into the grass below and capture a Fearow, a Marowak, Kangaskhan, Gligar, and Pupitar.  Once you have done that, have a battle!

Pokemon Ranger Shelly has a Level 65 Altaria, and a Level 65 Abomasnow.  After you beat her, as all Pokemon Rangers do, she gives you a berry -- in this case a Sitrus Berry!

Follow your Dowser up the narrow path to the north once you have captured all of the Pokemon, and grab the Max Revive there, then double back to the grassy area.

The Transfer Mini-game

-- Poke Transfer Center --

Now just to get this out of the way -- we are not actually going to use it -- go inside and let the scripted interaction play out.  Just say no when he asks if you want to do a transfer, right?

On the other hand if you actually wanted to do a transfer from one of your other games, well then you would say yes, at which point say yes twice and then engage the DS Communications and -- you do have a second DS right??  Yeah, well, put one of your games into that, and then follow the onscreen directions!

Be aware that all transfers must be done in groups of six Pokemon, and the Pokemon cannot transfer if they know an HM.  If they are holding any items those will be left behind in your inventory on the game.

Talking to the Scientist will result in a few saving prompts and then you will move to the Transfer System console above.  When prompted by Black, turn on your second DS and select DS Download Play from the main load menu.  The second DS will then scan for a broadcasting DS -- and then one with Black in it will be broadcasting the loader -- so select that and hit A again to confirm that you do want to run it.

Once it completed the download, your second DS will change to the selection screens -- you musts use your stylus now to change to the box you have placed the six (or more) Pokemon in. Once there, use the stylus to drag the ones you want to transfer into the slots and confirm that you want to do it.

WARNING: If you fail to capture all six Pokemon using the ball launcher in the mini-game, the transfer system WILL allow you to transfer the ones you did capture, leaving any you failed to capture behind in the source game.  That can be an issue if you end up with less than six Pokemon, so try to capture them all or have some other Pokemon you can transfer as needed...

If you are lucky you will see a floating pink cloud -- launching a ball into that triggers a Sleep Mode that allows you to fire a ball at any of the sleeping Pokemon in a bush and capture it instantly -- but you have to know which bushes to target so pay attention...

Once you have captured them all -- or you run out of time -- confirm the transfer and the Pokemon will be placed in whatever box on Black you used last.  You will then be asked if you want to transfer again -- you can keep going until you have them all transferred, there are no limits in this generation.

-- Onward --

Follow the Dowser to the Ultra Ball by the huge rock in the center area, then head for your next battle!

Battle Girl Susie has a Level 64 Meditite, Level 64 Hitmontop, and Level 64 and a Level 64 Medicham.

Pokemon Ranger Keith has a Level 65 Marowak, and a Level 65 Exeggutor.  Your gift from him is another Sitrus Berry!

Now head up the stairs and onto the bridge to the left to battle the last Trainer here...

Hiker Kit has a Level 63 Hippowdon, a Level 63 Onix, and a Level 63 Gligar.

Now head east into the nearby gatehouse and

-- Black City --

In the gatehouse you can check the ticker for information like the current play in Nimbasa, where the Swarms are currently at, and odds and ends about Black City -- then exit into Black City!

Follow the road to the Pokemon Center to heal and save -- and inside you can chat with the Trainer to learn about the White Forest (not in this game).  When you are done in the Center head outside and explore Black City for a bit, but as there is really nothing to see, you may as well enter the gatehouse to the north now.  It may seem like this accomplished nothing, but it does add a Fly point to the map, doesn't it?

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Comments for 41: East from Nimbasa

4 comments, latest first.
Jan 25th 2013 Guest
i thought you get TM09 Venoshock in Route 15. it is not in the walkthrough. even if it was in the game, pushing boulders-YOU CANT STAND A CHANCE
ID #246382
Jul 25th 2012 Guest
use poke transfer from diamond, pearl or platinum, one of the above two methods, or use GTS negotiations. you might be lucky enough to find somebody who has one.
ID #168281
May 28th 2011 Guest
get a action replay smart guy
ID #45398
May 26th 2011 Guest
There's no other way in Black or White to get a Rotom. Catching two Dittos and trading one for it is one of the best trades in these games, hands down.
ID #45033
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