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Follow the dark path or use the light

18: Nimbasa City Part II

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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18: Nimbasa City Part II

After passing through the gate head west past the Musical Theater and head into the Big Stadium, where you can chat up the Trainers here in the lobby and the upper level.  Use the teleporter to head out onto the field, where you will find a battle to be done.

Linebacker Dan has a Level 24 Darumaka, and a Level 24 Timburr.

Sadly despite the number of other footballers none actually want to fight you.

Further down on to the end of the street is the Small Court, with a similar setup, so chat up the Trainers and then use the teleporter and have a battle.
Smasher Elana has a Level 25 Blitzle that should be no bother.

Wrapping up the single battle here,

– Battle Subway --

All that is left is to head over to the Battle Subway – and when you approach the entrance a girl will come out and gift you with a Vs. Recorder, which allows you to record your battles if you like.  After you enter you discover that this is Gear Station – and if you check the signs on the wall you will see the Platform for Wi-Fi Trains, Multi-Trains, Super Multi-Trains, the Train to Anville Town, Super Double-Trains, Double Trains, Super Single Trains, and Single Trains.  There is a computer kiosk that is under construction.  You can enter each of the platforms, where you will find a counter where you can trade in BP  (Battle Points) for prizes, a Pokemon Storage System PC, and a conductor to put you onto the train.

At the moment the only lines that you can actually use are the Single, Double, and Multi-Trains and the Train to Anville Town...  There is a bloke in the center of the main area that will allow you to record your greeting and your win/lose feelings – that is strictly optional of course. 

Right now we do not want to take the Anville Town Express – but if you have a Level 50 or higher Pokemon you can do the battle trains now if you like – any Pokemon higher than Level 50 will  temporarily have its Level lowered to 50 for the battles.

As we do not have any Pokemon eligible for battle, and as we do not want to head to Anville Town at the mo, we may as well exit the station back into town!

– Nimbasa City Gym –

Yes, it is that time!  Head over the bridge towards the amusement park and pop into the Gym, where you will find a Gym that looks like an amusement park ride! 

As you step in be sure to chat up the Greeter for a free bottle of Fresh Water – and the word that the Gym is built into a Roller Coaster Ride.  The Greeter explains that you ride the coasters to each platform, changing trains along the way to battle different opponents.  He reminds you that when facing Normal-types, Electric-types do not do so well...

The platform to the left just takes you in a circle on the red line for now, while the blue line straight ahead takes you to the next platform and your first AGL battle!

Lady Magnolia has a pair of Level 24 Emolga.

The nearby blue square tile is a switch – using it changes the route that the coasters follow.  Go ahead and us it now, then get back on the coaster getting off at the next platform.

Rich Boy Cody has a Level 25 Blitzle, and pays you $4000 for the lesson you give him.

Pressing the green switch changes the next line, and when it arrives an AGL hops off to battle.

Rich Boy Rolan has a pair of Level 24 Blitzle.

Your ride to the next platform does not take you to another battle, just another switch – this one a purple switch, and when you use it the Orange Line is activated, and another AGL pops out to battle you!

Lady Colette has a Level 25 Emolga,

Battling the Nimbasa City Gym Leader

– Gym Leader Elesa --

The battle begins with her pair of Level 25 Emolga, followed by her Level 27 Zebstrika.

Elesa grants you the Bolt Badge for beating her, which has the effect of causing Pokemon up to Level 50 to obey you, including those obtained in trades.  She gifts you with TM72, Volt Switch.  In addition to all of this, she tells you that she will fix it so you can continue through Route 5 towards the next city, which is blocked.

That victory concludes the Nimbasa portion of the game – and nicely wraps up the first third of the game as well, so open your badge case, polish-up your badges, and then have a look at your bag and your Pokedex in the next section to see that you are on track and have everything that you should have up to this point!

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Comments for 18: Nimbasa City Part II

4 comments, latest first.
Jan 31st 2013 Guest
I went to the Big Stadium and I fought someone called Infielder Alex, not Linebacker Dan. He had a Pansear, Pansage and Panpour...
ID #248070
Dec 2nd 2012 Guest
Yeah beat the game
ID #214684
Sep 18th 2011 Torterra99
Um what you said about the battle station is incorrect. I went in there with a lv. 27 Salk, lv. 25 Liepard, and another level 27, and im fighting with all level 50's.
ID #75194
May 24th 2011 Guest
You said "The Greeter explains that you ride the coasters to each platform, changing trains along the way to battle different opponents. He reminds you that when facing Normal-types, Electric-types do not do so well..." But when I went and talked to him, he said that Electric-types do not do well when facing Ground-types (or something like that)... I got really confused when I read that and it made me wonder... Anyways thank you for your help with the Nimbasa Gym Challange

ID #44783
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