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Follow the dark path or use the light

28: On to Twist Mountain

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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28: On to Twist Mountain

After you leave the cave Surf west to the Dark Grass and get out on it, continuing west to the Rest House to heal and save.  Exit the house and loop back around the side through the dark grass to the stairs that are partly concealed behind the house, or use the other side and you will reach the cave entrance.

Do a quick run through the cave with your Dowser loaded to pick up two Paralyze Heal, a Revive, an HP Up, an Elixir, and a Star Piece. 

Once in town pop into the Poke Center and restock your kit, heal and save.  

In the house behind the Pokemon Center you will learn about a TM hidden on the runway now that you have beaten Skyla -- talk to the people inside, and then go grab TM40, Ariel Ace, before following your Dowser to find a Paralyze Heal, a Repel, and a Max Ether -- nice one!

Now head back through town to Route 7, and follow the elevated walkway north and east, then north and east again, past the Rest House and again north, then follow your Dowser to an Ultra Ball.  Head up the stairs we never climbed before for another battle.

Hiker Terrell has a Level 34 Boldore, and a Level 34 Gurdurr.

At the end of the path is the cave entrance, and once inside you catch up with Cheren, who is talking to Clay.  He gives you a condescending chat that I suppose is encouragement, and then leaves.  Cheren takes off into the Mountain, relieved that Clay did not once again get you to do his job...  Now you follow him out the exit.

Follow the walkway to the north and east, grabbing the Revive from the treasure ball, then following your Dowser to a Stardust and an Iron.  For now we are not entering any of the openings, so run all the way back to where we entered and follow the southeast path of the walkway, to get a Full Heal from the treasure ball near the break in the walkway.

The Crystal Pokemon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Twist Mountain Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#031/525   Boldore     (C)         All       Cave
#033/527   Woobat      (U)         All       Cave
#035/529   Drilbur     (C)         All       Shaking Dirt
#039/533   Gurdurr     (U)         All       Cave
#119/613   Cubchoo     (R)         SP/AU     Cave
#119/613   Cubchoo     (UR)        Summer    Cave
#119/613   Cubchoo     (C)         Winter    Cave
#121/615   Cryogonal   (UR)        All       Cave
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There are two Pokemon on our list of needed ones here -- Gurdurr and Cryogonal -- but the later is going to be difficult to obtain.  In any event we have it to do so let us do it! 

Enter the nearby entrance and have a battle!

Hiker Darrell has a Level 33 Woobat, a Level 33 Boldore, and a Level 33 Gurdurr, then grab the nearby Hyper Potion that the Dowser points to.

The nearby exit leads to the section of isolated walkway and a Trainer battle.

Trainer Caroll has a Level 35 Vanillish, a Level 35 Gothorita, and a Level 35 Duosion.

Duck back inside now, and head further along the path for another battle.

Battle Girl Sharon has a Level 36 Throh.

Exit the passage to outside, and have another battle with the Trainer here.

Worker Brand has a Level 34 Boldore, and a Level 34 Excadrill.

Follow the walkway to the next entrance and go in, using your Dowser to locate the Stardust from the dirt pile.  As you approach the next dirt pile a Trainer pops out, and you have yourself a battle!

Worker Heath has a Level 35 Swoobat.

After the battle go all the way east to get the Moon Stone from the treasure ball, then backtrack to the stairs and go down, following the Dowser to another Stardust.  Directly to the west is the next pop-up Trainer...

Worker Rob has a trio of Level 33 Boldore.

Another battle done, we continue along the path and exit, grabbing the Max Potion from the nearby treasure ball, and then following the Dowser to the Rare Candy!  Follow the walkway back to the south and west all the way to the end to grab an Ether from the treasure ball there next.

Next we need to battle the Trainers we can get to here:

Doctor Hank has a Level 34 Duosion, and a Level 34 Musharna.

Now enter the opening directly opposite the one we came out of, following the path west and letting the Dowser lead us to an Elixir.  Head north up the nearby channel to the corner to have a battle and then get the treasure ball there.

Worker Cairn has a Level 35 Excadrill.

Grab the PP Up from the treasure ball, then follow the Dowser to the treasure ball with the Nugget and then the Revive from the rock behind it.  Loop back around and use the exit above to the east next.

Enter the door in the northeast corner, following that down and around to hook up with Cheren again, who is confronting Team Plasma.  Head through the exit and, after the Dragonspire conversation slide along the top edge of the ice using the Dowser to grab a Max Revive, then an Ultra Ball, Timer Ball, and just past the Poke Center in the pit, a Max Potion.

-- Icirrus City --

Get the Rare Candy from the treasure ball nearby, then pop into the Pokemon Center to heal and save!  The old woman here will give you TM31, Brick Break, so you should chat her up!

Oh yeah, welcome to Icirrus City!


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Icirrus City Area Pokemon Report
Dex No.    Pokemon     Rarity     Season     Capture Note
#042/536   Palpitoad  (C)         SP/SU/AU    Shallow Water
#122/616   Shelmet    (C)         SP/SU/AU    Shallow Water
#124/618   Stunfisk   (R)         SP/SU/AU    Shallow Water
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you can see, these Pokemon are only available in the off-Winter months -- so if it is Winter, you may want to temporarily adjust the clock to get at them -- as you need the Shelmet and Stunfisk.  You capture these by running through the shallow water in the valley below.  Once you have them if you altered the date you should save and put it back...

In the Fan Club if you show the President a Pokemon you are tight with, he will give you an Experience Share -- your second.  The girl to the left will evaluate your relationship with whatever Pokemon you choose.

The Quiz House to the right of the Gym is where you can win prizes -- like an Antidote -- for simply answering the quiz questions correctly.  Have fun with that.

If you arrive in Winter, head to the house in the southeast corner of the area to get a RageCandyBar from the woman inside.  Her husband is an ex-Team Rocket Grunt by the way...

Assuming you caught the pair of Pokemon here, and that you have been following the guide, you should now have 100 Pokemon in your Dex -- which means it is time to visit the Professor's Lab for your last reward from her!

Showing her your Dex triggers some special music, and then she gifts you with TM10, Hidden Power -- except she might not...  There is a small glitch in the game and nobody knows what makes it happen, but sometimes 100 is not enough, and you have to keep coming back with more until she finally gives it to you.  That happened to me in one of my games but not in another...

Either way we have wrapped up all of the old work we needed to do, so head back to Icirrus to do the next Gym!

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Comments for 28: On to Twist Mountain

4 comments, latest first.
Aug 25th 2012 Guest
im having such a big problem getting yo Icirrus city. ive all ready got all the items and no I am confused. please help
ID #180038
Apr 15th 2012 Guest
In icirrus you can catch stunfisk in the (winter) season next the the slippery ice patch if u surf in the water.
ID #133759
Jan 1st 2012 Guest
I'm not sure if anyone else has had this glitch, but in the Guidance Chamber where you are supposed to catch Cobalion, there's a small (really large) problem I've come across... THERE'S NO BOULDER?!?!
ID #101720
May 19th 2011 Guest
Just wanna say here that if you was able to handle catching Cobalion (Dusk Balls works wonders here), go have an attempt at Virizion in Pinwheel Forest. I found that legendary to be easier than the first. And Dusk Balls can/will do the trick.
ID #43891
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