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Follow the dark path or use the light

11: Castelia City

Pokemon Black Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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11: Castelia City

As you enter the gatehouse stop and chat up the Hiker in the corner to receive a Quick Claw hold item, then check out the news ticker to see the blert about you!  All that is left is to chat up the other two people here and then hit the door out to the Skyarrow Bridge, which leads you into Castelia City!

Right off the bat I should point out that there is a lot to do here, and more than a few surprises – and while normally I just have you run about exploring a new city when I do these guides, this city is a bit different than the ones you will have experienced in the previous games.  In fact they have really come a long way with depth and content in the game, and I know I have not said this already, but this is an amazing new generation of the games!

So, as we are standing at the gate entrance our first order of business is to head south from here to the battery where we will see a bloke standing on the south side of the battery who has something rather special for us – an evolution stone for our Monkey Pokemon.  Actually it is for whatever Monkey Pokemon you want it for, as the bloke will ask you which you want – but he only gives you one so pick wisely!

The next spoke out of the wheel is the dock where the ferry ship is located – but as it is not ready yet you can just have a look at it now.  Next is the pier with a few blokes you can chat up, and next is another dock with a smaller boat tied up at it.  Finally there is the last – and most special of the docks, as this one has the ferry tied to it that will take you to a very special Pokemon – assuming you possess the Liberty Pass that is.

– Passerby Analytics HQ --

Heading back onto the main street you'll notice the brown building with a sign in front of it on the corner – this is Passerby Analytics HQ – and you have to head inside to see what goes on here, right?

The kid on the right as you enter will ask you how you like to greet people you meet – so tell him!  The girl in the upper right corner gives you a Poke Ball and asks how you thank people?

Talk to the bloke at the table to be appointed a Statistician, and learn about the Survey Rader, and asked to accept a Survey assignment.  Unless you are in an area where you know you will encounter a lot of people playing Black or White you may as well not bother with this for now... 

The girl on the left gives you a survey of her own – and completing it results in a new survey called Details About People to the Radar.  Take a few minutes to answer her other surveys –  Pokemon Favorites, Ideals and Values, Likable People, Preferences, Entertainment, School Life, Sports and Pastimes, and More about Pokemon, adding each to your Radar after you complete each. All that effort does not go unrewarded – she gives you a Soda Pop!

– Battle Company --

On the next block is the headquarters for Battle Company – and when you enter you are greeted by a man who fills you in with a warning.  Check out what's on TV and chat up the folks here before hitting the lift to Floor 47F, where you have some battles!

Clerk Ingrid has a Level 19 Herdier, and the bloke on the right gifts you with Quick Balls and Timer Balls, and how cool is that?  Clerk Clemens has a Level 19 Timburr, and Clerk Alberta has a Level 18 Petilil, a Level 18 Cottonee.

Grab the Revive from the treasure ball in the corner, then battle Scientist Randall who has a Level 19 Roggenrola.  Clerk Warren has a trio of Level 17 Basculin – the first of this type that we have seen!  The Scientist near the server rack on the right gives you a Scope Lens when you chat him up, a hold item that increases critical hits.

That wraps up this floor, so hit the lift to 55F now.

Clerk Ivan has a Level 20 Woobat.  After you take care of him grab the Hyper Potion from the treasure ball on the floor, then battle Scientist Samantha who has a Level 20 Munna, while Scientist Steve has a Level 20 Sewaddle, and Clerk Wade has a Level 19 Pansear, a Level 19 Panpour, and  a Level 19 Pansage. 

The last Trainer in the room is the bloke behind the desk in the upper right corner who, if you recall, is the bloke who greeted us when we entered from the street.  It turns out he is the Chairman of the company and its toughest Trainer – and we now get to battle him!

The Chairman has a Level 20 Trubbish, and a Level 20 Minccino, and pays off $4000 and the uber useful Experience Share hold item (this is an item we have been patiently looking for!) when you beat him.    The Experience Share is an important item as it will make leveling up lower level Pokemon so much easier!  This is especially useful for leveling Pokemon you hatch from eggs.

That wraps up the activities here – so head downstairs and exit the building.

– Pokemon Center -- 

Off of the main street on the next block is the Pokemon Center, and when you approach the counter inside you will meet another Trainer who asks you if you know about Geonet?  Say no and she will fill you in. 

After you heal and save head upstairs to the Geonet Globe and register your location, then step over to the GTS Counter and check it out.  Chances are pretty good that if you do not own all of the previous games, a lot of the Pokemon you will need to complete your collection and Dex will come from trades you make here.

Once you have some mates registered in your Pal Pad, you can use the WiFi Club – and the Union Room is available if you are in an area with a lot of other real world Trainers around.  There is a bloke standing in the left corner who will give you a gift after you complete some trades.

When you are done upstairs head down to the Poke Mart Counter and refill your kit – then back on to the street so we can finish our tour of the city.

– Castelia Street --

The first street and spoke on the wheel that is the city street layout is Castelia Street – and as you enter you will see lots of foot traffic and some buildings you can enter.  The first building on the right is the home of Game Freak – the studio that created the games!

Inside Game Freak a girl is reading a book to her friend and, when you chat her up, reads to you as well, showing you a photo of the rare Pokemon Zorua – mind this encounter if you have one of the Fateful Encounter Pokemon to trade into the game, right? 

– IF You Own a Fateful Encounter Pokemon --

This is a side-trip that you only need to follow IF you own a Fateful Encounter Pokemon – if you do not, skip this section and start back up at the section below, labeled 'Back On Track' to continue.

So, you are a Pokemon Veteran and you not only own some of the previous Generation IV games, but you attended one of the events that granted Fateful Encounter Pokemon?  Good on ya!  So that being the case, we should take advantage of that now!

So, exit Game Freak and head north on the street until you zone into the next area, then follow the road north towards Route 4 and zone to the next street area, then enter the building on the left, and take the lift to floor 11F, where you will find a Scientist on the right side in the middle of the room.

Chat him up and he asks you for the password for his special machine – called the Relocator Machine – that will allow you to transfer the special event Pokemon that are called Fateful Encounter Pokemon.  The password for this is 'Everyone Happy Simple Connection' and you enter that as follows:

People > Everyone
Feelings > Happy

Stats > Simple
Connection > Connection

Confirming these passwords enables his 'machine' – in reality it adds a new option to the Start Menu that will allow you to transfer the Fateful Encounter Pokemon, which we will go ahead and do right now!

Note: This requires a second DS system.

Save your game and restart your DS, and when you get to the Start Menu, go to the very bottom where there is a new selection, RELOCATOR.  After you select that, you will be shown the instructions on how to proceed – but for your convenience here they are:

Please insert a Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver Version Game Card in the other DS system and turn it on.

Then select
'Relocator ID: XXXXX'
from 'DS Download Play.'

(XXXXX will be the number that corresponds to your specific game cartridge).

When you start the second DS, rather than selecting the Pokemon game you have inserted, select the Download Play option, and it will scan for your Black or White game and show you it as a selection.  Pick that, then confirm that you want to download that software.

After it downloads the mini-app, it will search your cartridge for a Pokemon that is eligible for transfer using the Relocator Machine – if the app fails to detect the special Pokemon it means you left it in your party instead of in a box – so you will need to log into the game and move the Fateful Encounter Pokemon into a box before you can complete the process.

When the app scans you will be prompted on the DS that has Black or White to transfer the Pokemon, and instructed that held items will be placed in the bag on the other DS, as you cannot transfer items between generations.

There are two groups you can transfer in this manner:

Group I – Entei, Raikou, and Suicine (Zoroark)

Transferring any of the three will open access to the Lostlorn Forest area of the game, and going there will cause you to have an encounter with what at first appears to be one of the trio of special dog Pokemon, but is in reality the Legendary Pokemon Zoroark!

You can only do this event one time, though you can transfer all three of the special Pokemon over if you like. 

Lostlorn Forest is east of Nimbasa City and we will cover that and obtaining Zoroark at the appropriate point in the guide!

Group II – Celebi (Zorua)

Transferring the Fateful Encounter Celebi over to your game enables you to get Zorua from one of a couple in the city gate at Castelia City.

Group III – TM95 Lock Capsule

You can obtain this from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, or from special events (that have not taken place as of press time for this guide).

The Pokemon you have just moved to your Generation V game will appear in your PC Storage Box, but will NOT have a Dex entry until you unlock the National Dex, and when you read their Summary data you will note that their number is simply '???' until you have the National Dex.

Note that it is possible to have a Pokemon of the type that is part of the above groups that is NOT a  Fateful Encounter version, which means it will not transfer using this mechanism, and will not trigger the special event in Black or White – you can still transfer that Legendary Pokemon to your game, but only after you finish the story mode, unlock the National Dex, and then make use of the Pal Park to transfer it over!

With the Celebi it is possible to have the correct Fateful Encounter Pokemon and still have the app fail to recognize that.  This is a known bug, and if you get hit with it, there is nothing that you can do.  You will have to obtain the Zorua from another Trainer in real life, but as it is not a Legendary and CAN be bred that is not as big a deal as it is for Zoroark...

Bianca has her Pokemon Stolen

– Back on Track --

Right then, if you do not have the Fateful Encounter Pokemon you do not need to do the above section, so you are in the right place now!  Let us continue our adventure, shall we?

After the girl finishes reading you the story – and shows you the photo of Zorua – head to the lift and go to Floor 22F, where you will chat up all of the people who make the game.  When you have completed your Pokedex be certain to return here and speak with the Game Director at the desk in the upper left corner of the room here!

Right then, use the lift to head back down and exit the building, and then cross the street to the building on the left side.  Outside near the entrance is a lit machine that turns out to be a drink machine!  This is a very good thing to find as it offers you discounted healing beverages, including:

– Fresh Water $200 (Heals up to 50 HP)
– Soda Pop $300 (Heals up to 60 HP)
– Lemonade $350 Heals up to 80 HP)

Compare the prices of these items to what you can purchase at the Poke Mart Counter in any Pokemon Center – a Potion for $300 that only heals 20 HP and a Super Potion for $700 that only heals 50 HP and you can easily see that these drinks machines are a Godsend!  This is not the only one in the game – there are some in the square ahead, and elsewhere in the game, but remember where these are when you find them as this is a more economical source of healing potions, right?

I suggest that you purchase around 5 of each type if you can afford it – later you may want to keep more of them as the basic elements of your kit, but for now if you need more than 5 of each you are doing something wrong!

– Inside the Building --

At the lobby level you will see three people – the counter man, a Hiker, and a girl.  The Hiker will tell you that he is happy when Pokemon are happy, the bloke at the counter will say that it is hard to watch the TV from where he is standing, and the girl?  Ah, the girl!  She is a Pokemon Massage Therapist and having her massage your Pokemon will make them happier!

Well?  Yeah then, go ahead!  Have her give your Pokemon a massage mate!  She will do that for you one time each day, and getting a massage makes your Pokemon happier and more friendly towards you, so take advantage of this whenever you can, right then?

Now head to the lift and take it to Floor 11F, where you will find a pair of Trainers – a boy who will give you advice, and a Hiker who will give you TM44, Rest!  Take that TM for sure, and then hit the lift and leave the building. 

Head back to the south to the main street and then west to the next street – Mode Street – going north to zone onto it.

– Mode Street --

On the right as you head down the street is Studio Castelia, inside of which you will find an art studio with a clown-artist who will ask you to show him a specific type of Pokemon and then paint it.  You can look at each of the paintings to learn its name, though you cannot actually look at the paintings in detail – what a pity.  Sigh.

Outside and across the street is the Cateliacone Stand – it has a long line and it is closed in the Winter, but mostly you will find that they are sold out when you want to get in queue and have one.

That wraps up the stuff here so head back to the main street and then west to the entrance to Narrow Street.

– Narrow Street --

As you head up the street you hear a bloke yell from behind one of the bins on the left, and then he jumps out and gives you TM70, Flash, a very useful move for lighting up dark places! 

Cafe Sonata is the first door on the right – going inside you find a musician providing live entertainment and, when you talk to the bartender, you obtain a free Lemonade – and how cool is that?

Further up the street is a dancer and a mysterious pair of Trainers, but as they have nothing for us at the moment, go ahead and return to the main street and west past Passerby Analytics to the last street off of main street – the one that leads to the Pokemon Gym!

As you approach the Gym Cheren comes running out, and you learn that he just challenged – and defeated – Burgh for the Castelia City Gym Badge!  Well, good for Cheren!   As your mate runs off down the street Burgh pops out of the Gym, and recognizing you, he yells that Team Plasma is at Prime Pier and asks you to help!

– Prime Pier --

You run after him – Prime Pier is the one off of the center street in the spoke, which is third down from where you are – and when you arrive you find Bianca, Iris, and Burgh waiting for you!  It seems that Team Plasma has stolen Bianca's Munna!

As Burgh is explaining how futile the quest really is, the offending Grunt reappears, realizes that they are over-matched, and runs away again!  You and Burgh give chase,

Zone back on to main street and run west to Gym Street, where you will catch up with Burgh, who will head north onto Gym Street and you will follow.  Midway up the street at a building on the left you catch up with Burgh – and Team Plasma!

A battle ensues in which you face off against a Grunt with a pair of Level 17 Sandile, and after you defeat him (you did, right?) Bianca and Iris run up to you and Burgh, and you all run inside to kick some Plasma Butt! 

Two of the Sages you have already met, but there is a third here and the Grunts – Ghetsis and Bronius spill some details of the Plasma plan to you, then Burgh has a rather long conversation with them all, the result of which is that Ghetsis orders Bianca's Pokemon returned to her, and then vow to revive the Legend of Unova before disappearing.

Iris vows to look after Bianca while she plays the tourist, and gifts you with a Yache Berry for helping get Bianca's Munna back.  Burgh tells you he will await you at the Gym, and leaves, and now you are once again on your own!

On the floor ahead is a treasure ball that contains a Smoke Ball – so grab that – and then use the lift to go to Floor 2F, where you will find that it is deserted.  There are no hidden items to find here either, more is the pity, so head back down and outside now!

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Jul 4th 2012 Guest
Good job! I still don't know how to work the relocater though. And person ubove me, are you sure you got him out? Smile [color=red][/color]
ID #160438
Apr 5th 2012 Guest
ive met bourgh outside the gym, but when i go onto prime pier i don't find bianca, iris or bourgh. so i'm basically stuck.
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Mar 24th 2012 Guest
uhm im confused :P
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Aug 13th 2011 Guest
what about the people in narrow street?
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May 17th 2011 333ShadowFire
^You get Zoroark by going to Lostlorn Forest with one of the crown beasts and the Relocator unlocked. He covers this later, so chill!
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