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Quick Weapon Proficiency Guide

Valkyrie Elysium Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Aside from enhancing Valkyrie’s weapon using souls and gems, weapons also earn battle experience through continued usage. This is tracked by the Proficiency gauge. In our Quick Weapon Proficiency Guide, we will discuss the quick method improving your weapons’ proficiency.

Valkyrie Elysium is the latest title of the renowned Valkyrie series. Play as the Valkyrie as she purifies the land from evil in a collapsing world as Ragnarok looms. Summon the souls of chosen warriors called Einherjars to assist you in combat and unleash the power of Divine Arts to smite your foes.

Weapon Proficiency Overview

Proficiency is graded by letters, with G being the lowest. Once you obtain a new weapon, it will always start with the lowest proficiency. To improve Valkyrie’s proficiency, you just need to use the weapons regularly in battle and kill things with them. You can also keep track of each weapon’s proficiency gauge from the Equip menu. Proficiency is tied to certain skills as well as a prerequisite. For example, the Defensive skill “Support Summoning (Reversal) will only become available once you’ve reached proficiency F with the weapon Herteitr. Once the skill is available, you still need to spend the required materials to learn it.


Subquest Grinding

Not everyone is a fan of grinding; it’s time consuming and requires a lot of patience. Unfortunately, like any other system that uses some form of EXP points one way or another, the only way to improve your weapon proficiency is by earning weapon EXP. In Valkyrie Elysium, this is calculated through weapon hits and kills. At the same time, difficulty doesn’t really matter so killing several enemies quickly is the best way to pad up your proficiency progress.

Farming enemies through main quests is not really ideal since one, they take a while to complete, and two, main story maps are usually large. That’s why repeating low-star Subquests is the best approach since you only need to clear a small portion of the map, and also gain EXP for your einherjars. With this in mind, we’ll discuss a few subquests that you can try.

For this attempt, you can repeat the subquest “My Hometown” in the Be’elzean Territory. This is a one-star subquest and you can easily become overpowered for the enemies here just a few chapters in the story, making it the perfect subquest for easily improving your weapon proficiency. The enemies are far in between so you might get impatient moving from spot to spot just to take out 3-4 enemies per group.

Just be careful when dealing with enemies on the towers; the objective won’t update unless you kill all of them off. Sometimes, the enemies will get pushed off the tower but won’t die upon impact on the ground so if the objective marker is not updating, look around the rooftops or ground level surrounding the tower for any surviving enemy left.

Another alternative you can try is another 1-star subquest “A Dead Man’s Warning”. This will just require you to fight through a straightforward pathway full of enemies and an enclosed room at the end where you have to fight several waves of monsters. The enemies aren’t pushovers but at least it’s not as boring as My Hometown since you’ll always be on your toes.

A bit later in the game, you can also consider doing “A Blacksmith’s Wish” in Galdban Territory. It’s a 3-star quest with moderate enemies so you can also farm Silver Gems from the enemies there. At the end of that subquest, the repeatable reward is 50 Silver Gems as well. You’ll need a lot of silver gems to purchase a majority of Valkyrie’s skills as well as upgrading your weapons up to LV9 around Chapter 7. However, this subquest is still not that efficient compared to “My Hometown” so if you’re not worried about farming Silver Gems (or you’re already done at that point), you can always keep repeating the easier subquest(s) instead.

As much as possible try to lessen using your Divine Arts or manually summoning your einherjars. That way, the enemies won’t die easily with your magic or allied attacks. If you feel that your auto-summoned einherjars are killing enemies faster than you want, you can temporarily turn off the Normal Attack and Overwhelmed Auto-Summon settings while farming for weapon proficiency.

Mortal Suppression is a perfect divine art for your proficiency-grinding sessions since it doesn’t heavily damage enemies but instead, the magic clumps them together in a tight group that you can easily hit with your weapon. You can also change your weapons on the fly so if you have a weapon that just increased in proficiency, you can swap in another weapon in the middle of the subquest, should you wish to.

Finally, think of farming for weapon proficiency as training for your einherjars as well. That way, you won’t feel the grind that much. Expect your frequently-summoned einherjars to gain significant stat boosts per rank since their growth doesn’t really rely on difficulty but on the number of times they’re summoned. If you have unlocked the Normal Attack Auto-Summon, simply place the Einherjar you want to train and watch him/her get summoned regularly as you build your combos and weapon hits.

That concludes our Quick Weapon Proficiency Guide for Valkyrie Elysium. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Valkyrie Elysium content!

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