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Divine Arts List and Locations

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Divine Arts are powerful spells and abilities that Valkyrie has in her arsenal that can significantly affect the flow of battle. These spells include standard damaging elemental attacks, crowd-control abilities, and self-healing. Using Divine Arts in conjunction with weapon combos can do wonders in battle, giving Valkyrie full control of the engagement. In our Divine Arts List and Locations, we will discuss the basics of this game feature, as well as the location of the various Divine Arts that we can acquire in the game.

Valkyrie Elysium is the latest title of the renowned Valkyrie series. Play as the Valkyrie as she purifies the land from evil in a collapsing world as Ragnarok looms. Summon the souls of chosen warriors called Einherjars to assist you in combat and unleash the power of Divine Arts to smite your foes.

Divine Arts are the game’s equivalent of spells. Valkyrie can equip up to four divine arts at once, each assigned to a DPAD button and activated by pressing R2 + Triangle/Circle/Squre/X. You can freely change your divine art button assignments by opening the main menu, even when you’re in the middle of battle so use this convenience to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Under the blue Soul Gauge, you’ll find the Divine Arts gauge, represented by several diamonds. Activating Divine Arts will use up 1-3 divine arts “diamonds”, depending on their tier. For example, Fire Lance I will use one diamond while Fire Lance III will use three diamonds. Of course, the higher the tier, the more powerful the divine art will be at the cost of more DA diamonds. To restore this gauge, you have to build combos or use recovery items. You can also increase the maximum Divine Art gauge by unlocking the specific attack gauge or consuming a rare consumable called Arts Ambrosia.

New Divine Arts can be obtained from chests from the main story levels and as reward for completing Subquests so if you want to collect all of them, you have to make sure to carefully search for valuable chests (blue decorated chests) and clear specific subquests.

There are a total of 41 divine arts in the game, with their iterations/tiers counted individually. We will list them down as they appear in the in-game inventory list.

Fire Lance

Version Obtained From
Fire Lance I In “Chapter 1: Purify the Soul”, after reaching the ruins in the middle of the map, make your way to the bottom floor and take out the enemies there. The divine art is inside the blue chest just beside the portcullis (armored gate) that leads to the main path further ahead.
Fire Lance II In “Chapter 6: Evil Arises”, after accessing the First Belltower (using the First Belltower key), head downstairs to find a verdant bloom and a blue chest containing this divine art.
Fire Lance III Complete the subquest “A Mage's Miscalculation”
Fire Lance I Location
Fire Lance II Location

Lightning Bolt

Version Obtained From
Lightning Bolt I Default divine art
Lightning Bolt II In “Chapter 5: Those Offered the Hand of Salvation”, after reaching the part where you have to destroy an ice wall blocking a doorway using Eygon’s power, continue to the courtyard and defeat two waves of enemies to collect this divine art from the blue chest in the middle.
Lightning Bolt III Complete the Training Ground SubquestTraining Duel with Eygon
Lightning Bolt II Location


Version Obtained From
Heal I In “Chapter 1: Purify the Soul”, after reaching a cathedral-like structure with a subquest marker, defeat the enemies inside so you can open the blue chest in the middle, in front of the altar beside the stairs as shown below.
Heal II In “Chapter 3: An Unexpected Encounter”, about halfway through the chapter, cross a bridge leading north and finish off the enemies waiting on the other side. After clearing the area, head to the left to find the blue chest containing their divine art.
Heal III In “Chapter 5: Those Offered the Hand of Salvation”, after retrieving the Castle Gate Key (key item, required for progress), enter the large hall behind the locked door and defeat all enemies inside. You’ll find the blue chest in the far end of the hall, in front of the altar.
Heal I Location
Heal III Location


Version Obtained From
Convergence I Complete the subquest “Mother's Ring”
Convergence II Complete “Chapter 5: Those Offered the Hand of Salvation”
Convergence III Complete the subquest “A Blacksmith's Wish”

Fire Storm

Version Obtained From
Fire Storm I Complete “Chapter 2: Champions of the Divine”
Fire Storm II In “Chapter 6: Evil Arises”, once you’re inside the square-shaped ruin, check out one of the small dead-end rooms in the NW corner of the map, as shown in the screenshot below.
Fire Storm III Complete the combat training subquest “Combat Training for Taika”.
Location for Fire Storm II

Punishment Blast

Version Obtained From
Punishment Blast I In “Chapter 4: Victims of the Gods”, this is located right beside the 4th Verdant Bloom, behind a portcullis (armored gate). You have to circle around downstairs to the northeast then make your way to the northwest to reach this area.
Punishment Blast II Complete “Chapter 6: Evil Arises”.
Punishment Blast III Complete the subquest “Secrets Hidden in Danger”
Location for Punishment Blast I

Mortal Suppression

Version Obtained From
Mortal Suppression I In “Chapter 3: An Unexpected Encounter”, after entering the large arena, make your way to the northwest exit then head to the left. You’ll find the blue chest containing this divine art by the railing in the dead end, right before taking the broken wooden bridge.
Mortal Suppression II Complete “Chapter 7: Metamorphosis & Doubt”
Mortal Suppression III Complete “Secrets Hidden in Danger”
Mortal Suppression I Location

Grave Edge

Version Obtained From
Grave Edge I Obtained near the end of “Chapter 1: Purify the Soul”, after jumping through a deep hole and landing, the blue chest containing this divine art will be right in front of you; it’s very hard to miss.
Grave Edge II Complete “Chapter 3: An Unexpected Encounter”
Grave Edge III Complete the Training Ground SubquestA Bout with Kristoffer
Grave Edge I Location

Nibelung Valesti

Version Obtained From
Nibelung Valesti I Complete “Chapter 8: The Truth Unmasked”
Nibelung Valesti II Complete the subquest “Midgardian Studies (3)”

Meteor Swarm

Version Obtained From
Meteor Swarm I Complete “Thanks to a Comrade (1)”
Meteor Swarm II Complete “Thanks to a Comrade (2)”
Meteor Swarm III Complete “Thanks to a Comrade (3)”

Hail Shot

Version Obtained From
Hail Shot I In “Chapter 1: Purify the Soul”, you’ll find this on the western side of the large circular hall (where you have to break two gigantic chains), right beside a Save Point that leads to a spiral staircase.
Hail Shot II In “Chapter 5: Those Offered the Hand of Salvation”, shortly after leaving the town, you’ll find an off-track path to the left (east on the map) that’s protected by a dark barrier. Order Kristoffer to dispel that barrier then head to the area. Defeat all enemies then open the blue chest to the north and a verdant bloom to the south.
Hail Shot III Complete the training subquest “Advice for Cypher
Hail Shot I Location
Hail Shot II Location

Glacial Blizzard

Version Obtained From
Glacial Blizzard I Complete “Cypher's Belief (1)”
Glacial Blizzard II Complete “Cypher's Belief (2)”
Glacial Blizzard III Complete “Cypher's Belief (3)”

Ifrit Caress

Version Obtained From
Ifrit Caress I Complete “This Flower for Thee (1)”
Ifrit Caress II Complete “This Flower for Thee (2)”
Ifrit Caress III Complete “This Flower for Thee (3)”

Extreme Void

Version Obtained From
Extreme Void I Complete “Woes of a Gallant Princess (1)”
Extreme Void II Complete “Woes of a Gallant Princess (2)”
Extreme Void III Complete “Woes of a Gallant Princess (3)”

That concludes our Divine Arts List and Locations for Valkyrie Elysium. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Valkyrie Elysium content!

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