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How to Defeat Nagalfr Taika

Valkyrie Elysium Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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At this point of the game, you already have a lot of experience with nagalfrs and how powerful they are. The fourth major Nagalfr you’ll encounter is Taika. Her backstory is somewhat sad and melancholic; and while the remnant of her soul has turned into an abomination that you must purify, at least you’ll know that she’ll have a much better fate as Valkyrie’s ally - her fourth and final Einherjar. In this page, we will discuss the strategies on how to defeat this boss. You can also find our YouTube video to see what the actual combat looks like.

Valkyrie Elysium is the latest title of the renowned Valkyrie series. Play as the Valkyrie as she purifies the land from evil in a collapsing world as Ragnarok looms. Summon the souls of chosen warriors called Einherjars to assist you in combat and unleash the power of Divine Arts to smite your foes.

For this battle, equip the divine arts Hail Shot II and Glacial Blizzard arts if you have them both. Hail Shot will deal higher damage and build up the boss' Crush gauge faster. Glacial Blizzard 1 can hit the boss ANYWHERE in the field. You'll deal trickle damage but at least, it only costs 1 Divine Art gauge diamond and can be conveniently used for keeping your Combo Meter up and give you emergency invincibility (when casting).

Finally, you'll need Cypher in this battle. You can change theAuto-Summon settings if you want but I highly suggest summoning only Cypher to preserve your soul gauge and take advantage of his Ice Reinforce skill by being able to summon him more often in this battle.

Early in the battle, aggressively engage the boss and remember to get out of the way if starts summoning a blast of fire around it. While the fire blast is protecting it, cast your ice-based Divine Arts to build its Crush gauge and stagger it. Once you do, make sure that Cypher is summoned so your weapon gets buffed with the ice element, then use Soul Chain to quickly get up close then unleash your combos.

Continue hitting the boss while casting some arts in between the combos. If you did it correctly, you can even immobilize the boss for a second time, prolonging your opportunity to land free hits. Once it’s about to recover, make sure to move away since it will cause an explosive blast that can damage you and throw you back. The boss can also use its scythe with great effect since it has an excessively wide range that can easily close the distance between you and the boss. Be prepared to dodge and better yet, delay your dodge a bit in anticipation of the last strike.

When it is critically damaged, the boss will start summoning magical circles around it, each capable of firing a powerful flame jet simultaneously. The boss will also be able to summon magic circles directly under your feet so you only have a split second to react and get out of the way. Not only that, the boss can also make several small fireballs to fall from the sky and hit random spots in the battlefield.

In this battle, you’ll be rewarded for attacking with the right amount of aggressiveness. Like other bosses, using Soul Chain to initiate your combos is highly recommended, especially if you use it as a means to escape the boss’ spells and magical circles. Also, unless you’re playing for perfection, don’t hesitate to use items to keep Valkyrie alive throughout this encounter.

To watch the actual battle, please check out our YouTube video below:
Twisted Witch of the Flames

That concludes our guide for defeating Nagalfr Taika in Valkyrie Elysium. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Valkyrie Elysium content!

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