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How to reach the difficult Hollow Blossom in Chapter 3

Valkyrie Elysium Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Hollow Blossoms are blue flowers scattered in the ruined lands you’ll visit that contain memories of various people. These serve as collectibles in the game and have no other special use (as of this guide’s writing). Hard-to-reach collectibles or those that will require advanced skills or end-game items are some familiar tropes in RPG games so we expect to encounter something like this in Valkyrie Elysium.

There’s one particular chest and hollow blossom in Chapter 3 that will require some specific conditions and maneuvers to reach. In this page, we will show you how to reach this collectible and what are the other options you can try. Please refer to the text instructions and screenshots provided for more information.

Valkyrie Elysium is the latest title of the renowned Valkyrie series. Play as the Valkyrie as she purifies the land from evil in a collapsing world as Ragnarok looms. Summon the souls of chosen warriors called Einherjars to assist you in combat and unleash the power of Divine Arts to smite your foes.

Hard-to-reach collectibles or those that will require advanced skills or end-game items are some familiar tropes in RPG games. In Valkyrie Elysium, one of the first collectibles you’ll encounter are Hollow Blossoms. These are special flowers that contain memories of various (presumably) dead people. Normally, hollow blossoms and chests are out in the open, while others may require you to find an alternate route, like a grappling point where you can connect your Soul Chain, or simply locating an alternate path.

There’s one particular hollow blossom near the end of Chapter 3 that’s sitting on a ledge with a treasure chest beside it. It can’t be reached by normal double-jumping or by sprinting and double-jumping. Please refer to the annotated map below to know its exact location. There’s also a Save Point here so you’ll know when you reach the spot we’re talking about in this article. If you missed picking this up during the course of the Chapter 3 (main quest), you can conveniently go back to it by doing or replaying the subquest "An Old Man's Discerning Eye".

To reach the ledge, we’ll have to do the following (summary):
1. Gain momentum for sprinting (Valkyrie does the “Naruto Run”)
2. Jump from the balcony - as close to the middle as possible
3. Double-jump
4. Perform a weapon combo mid-air then finish off with a ground slam attack.

The type of weapon equipped will also play a major factor in successfully reaching the ledge. In this page, we will use the following weapons:
* Herteitr (quick double-edged spear)
* Baleygr (slow, long spear)
* Alfodr (default weapon)

As much as possible, we can start from the bottom of the stairs then run upstairs until Valkyrie does the “Naruto Run”. Alternatively, you can also keep running in circles until she enters “sprint mode”. Next, aim to double-jump from the middle of the balcony towards the ledge.

Now, depending on the weapon, you have to perform 2-3 normal attacks (Square button for the PS5), then finish with a ground finisher (Triangle for the PS5). If done correctly, the normal mid-air attacks will push Valkyrie forward and the final ground finisher should allow her to land on the ledge. Take note that your initial jump distance will also play a role in reaching the ledge. That’s why I initially mentioned that you have to aim to launch from the middle of the balcony as that point has the shortest distance between the ledge and the launch point.

Your inputs for the double-jump will also matter so for example, if you launched from the recommended launch point but has a delayed input for the second jump button, Valkyrie would lose a bit of height needed to land on the ledge during the final ground finisher attack.

So far, the most accessible weapon to use for this attempt is the Alfodr - Valkyrie’s default sword. You just need to do the ☐☐☐△ combo after double-jumping to reach the ledge. Take note that some moves are locked behind the weapon’s level so you might need to level up your weapon if you think the moves are not accessible yet.

If you want to see the discussed steps in action, please check out our video for this trick.

That concludes our guide for reaching the difficult-to-reach Hollow Blossom in Chapter 3 in Valkyrie Elysium. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Valkyrie Elysium content!

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