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How to Defeat Charybdis

Valkyrie Elysium Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Nagalfr are hideous abominations made from transformed souls. While some special souls turn into Einherjar, most nagalfr are just monsters waiting to be slain. However, some of them serve as bosses at the end of the chapter.

You’ll encounter Charybdis at the end of Chapter 4. This is a story battle so defeating this foe is mandatory in order to proceed with the storyline. In this page, we will discuss the strategies on how to defeat Charybdis. You can also find our YouTube video to see what the actual combat looks like.

Valkyrie Elysium is the latest title of the renowned Valkyrie series. Play as the Valkyrie as she purifies the land from evil in a collapsing world as Ragnarok looms. Summon the souls of chosen warriors called Einherjars to assist you in combat and unleash the power of Divine Arts to smite your foes.

In this battle, you’ll be facing Charybdis and several annoying minions. These guys can easily disrupt your flow of combat through their nasty combos. As such, start by summoning Cypher and Eygon immediately to help distract and damage them. Use Mortal Suppression to easily pull in the boss’ minions into one convenient ball before blasting them with Fire Storm, since they’re all weak with fire. As you build up your combo gauge, the faster your Art gauge will fill up as well so you should be able to use this skill combination more often.

As for the boss itself, it’s a dark-element so light-elemental attacks will work wonders against it. For its attacks, it has nasty AoE attacks up to its sleeve. The first one involves several purple circles that will appear on the floor and will shortly be followed up by consecutive upward energy blasts. Simply staying away from these circles is enough to avoid this attack.

Next, the boss will form a large circle around it using lightning arcs. Shortly after, the circle will blow up, damaging all foes around it. There’s only a short amount of time before the summoning and explosion so you have to get out of the circle as soon as the boss starts summoning it.

The boss can also summon several dark orbs that will shoot homing projectiles towards its target. These are hardly blockable so a good way to avoid getting damaged is by dashing or using divine arts consecutively to take advantage of the invulnerability window when casting. Near the end of the battle, she’ll activate a winding water beam that will be followed up by launching the floating water orbs towards you. The boss can also summon three airborne lightning orbs, then fires them consecutively. Just continue moving and dashing at the last second to avoid getting hit.

Thankfully, the boss doesn’t re-summon its minions so prioritize taking them out first while looking out not to get severely damaged by the boss’ attacks. The Mortal Suppression + Fire Storm combo described above should be more than enough to take them out. Once the boss is the only one remaining, you can focus on its attacks and keep the offensive, as you chip away its HP.

To watch the actual battle, please check out our YouTube video below:
Against Charybdis and its minions

That concludes our guide for defeating Charybdis in Valkyrie Elysium. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Valkyrie Elysium content!

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