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How to defeat Naglfar Cypher

Valkyrie Elysium Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Nagalfr serve as chapter bosses in the game and will really test Valkyrie and her party’s mettle at that point. These hideous abominations are made from transformed souls; however, some special and powerful souls give birth to even more powerful nagalfrs. Defeating these transformed souls will reveal the powerful soul of a warrior within - a perfect candidate to an Einherjar.

The second major Nagalfr you’ll encounter is Cypher. He’ll eventually become an ally after finding all his relics though you’ll have to overpower his equally challenging nagalfr form. In this page, we will discuss the strategies on how to defeat this boss. You can also find our YouTube video to see what the actual combat looks like.

Valkyrie Elysium is the latest title of the renowned Valkyrie series. Play as the Valkyrie as she purifies the land from evil in a collapsing world as Ragnarok looms. Summon the souls of chosen warriors called Einherjars to assist you in combat and unleash the power of Divine Arts to smite your foes.

You’ll meet this boss halfway in the chapter, while Armand is leading you to a forest of Soul Trees. This boss’ form is a multi-headed sea serpent. For this battle, make sure that you have Fire Storm and Heal equipped since this boss is weak against Fire. Make sure to summon Eygon as well to act as a distraction and deal additional damage. If your Divine Art gauge is full, you can keep your distance and land Fire Storm at least three times. That should be enough to inflict Crush on the boss. Focus on one of the heads until it is cut off completely, dropping a lot of gems and some healing orbs.

With one of its heads gone, the boss will start using its new attacks. Now, watch out for ice spikes that will burst from the ground. These are unguided so as long as you keep moving, you’re most likely not to get hit by it. Next, the boss also has a black cloud that will head towards your position. If you get caught by it, multiple snake heads will erupt and damage you. The smaller heads on the rear end of the boss can also unleash a barrage of homing missiles. However, these do not have true homing capabilities since you can just evade out of the way once they start raining down. You can block some of the ice missiles but you have to evade most of them anyway since they can easily shatter your guard stance.

Like before, keep hitting the boss with Fire Storm from a safe distance then use your Soul Chain to grapple one of the heads and perform a combo to build up your meter. Be careful not to stay in melee range for long since the boss can still counter using its main and rear heads. You’ll need a good mix of aggressive strikes and defensive maneuvers to avoid taking too much damage while reliably building your art gauge.

You also need to know which attacks can be reliably blocked or avoided. For example, the multi-strike lunges of the rear heads can be mitigated by a combination of blocking and evasion. Watch out for the unblockable “red glint” attacks - it’s highly recommended to avoid them entirely. One good way of countering red unblockable attacks is by using a divine art; remember, you’re invulnerable during the casting animation which is very helpful when used at the right moment.

Finally, just keep pummeling the boss with Fire Storm and combos and you should be able to defeat it before you can even trigger its second Crush state or cutting off any of its head. To watch the actual battle, please check out our YouTube video below:

That concludes our guide for defeating Naglfar Cypher in Valkyrie Elysium. Please check out our online guide for the game and other articles for more Valkyrie Elysium content!

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