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Paint Job

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This side op becomes available after completing the main operation: Cyberdriver.



Meet Sitara on the roof near Pier 39. To get to the roof, you have to use the Climbax remote control platform in the parking lot near the building. After the cutscene, Sitara will mark the locations in the map where you have to apply graffiti. Apply the graffiti on the billboard in the same rooftop to complete the first objective of this mission. You’ll get followers per objective so might as well complete all objectives to get more followers.

First Steps


There are a total of 12 spots you need to reach in order to spray the various DedSec graffiti on. This usually involves figuring out a way to reach the marked empty wall or billboard with the use of various climbable structures and interactive objects. You need to physically interact with the marked space but you’ll still need to rely with your jumper (preferably with the Enhanced Springs upgrade) and quadcopter to do some of the basic hacking and interaction that’s out of your reach. You can check out these locations in any order you want.

Spot 1: Haist-Astbury Legs

This location is found near Painted Ladies in San Francisco, on top of a street building with a roof garden. Circle around the back alley parking of the line of buildings to the east to find a stack of bottle trays.

Spot 2: Kodaprint Building

This large building is found in the southeast of the St. Gianna Salt Farm. There’s a Climbax scissor lift in the parking lot in the northern part of the building. Use that to reach the roof of the lower building, the remotely lower the window washing lift so you can reach the spot where you need to apply your graffiti on.

Spot 3: Parking building, southwest of the Nudle complex, Silicon Valley

To reach the billboard, you have to find the ladder at the back of the smaller building to the west then use it to circle around to the main building where the billboard is located. Deploy the Jumper and have it go through the opening by the fence and use it to interact with the CCT inside to unlock the door. Once done, you need to simply head to the billboard and apply the graffiti there.

Making the Mark


After putting the graffiti on all three high spots, a second set of new high spots will be marked in your map. Like before, each objective gives you followers so might as well complete them to gain more research points. There are five points you have to reach and paint this time.

Spot 4: Building southwest of Palo Alto, directly north of the pawnshop.

First, use the scaffolding in the northern corner of the building to reach the roof of the lower party of the building complex. Next, position yourself near the vent at the side of the building where the billboard is located then use the jumper to enter the vent. Control it and find a way to reach the rooftop where the window washing lift is located.

The CCT is located right beside it. Hack the CCT then lower the lift so your can hop on it and use it to reach the billboard.

Spot 5: Tall building, southwest of Haum Data Center

The CCT is located behind an iron fence at the base of the building. You can have your jumper jump over the fence or you can destroy the fence yourself using an explosive or driving a small vehicle there. After hacking the CCT, you can remotely control the window washing lift and use it to reach the billboard on the roof of the tower.

Spot 6: Lombard Street

To reach the rooftop, you have to use the crane in the eastern side of the street. Use it to reach the roof of the building within its range then make your way to the building where the spot is located. Finally, use the window washing lift to reach it.

Spot 7: Clocktower, north of Oakland Superior Court

Use the Climbax scissor lift nearby to reach the nearby building’s rooftop to the north. From there, climb the ladder and cross the walkway to the south and vault to the roof of the next building. Now use the wooden walkway to go around that corner part of the building and vault over the other objects until you reach the rooftop of the brick building.

Next, get to the right distance and sprint then jump over the gap to the next building. Use the scaffolding to reach the tower’s balcony then remotely lower the window washing lift and use it to reach the spot.

Spot 8: Unmarked office building west of Blume Arena, near the freeway

Find the reachable ladder in the corner of the building, in the back alleys. Climb the ladder and find the opening near the locked gate where you can have your jumper enter. Now carefully drive your jumper on the vent and use the objects to reach the rooftop. The CCT is found past the solar panels, by the door. Once done, jump over the gap to the adjacent building to reach the spot.

Master Class


After successfully making your mark on the five marked locations, this mission will be updated again and you’ll have to do the same thing on four different locations.

Spot 9: Restricted area east of Pacific Renaissance Plaza

While the area itself is restricted, you don’t really need to sneak around. Simply take control of the crane and lower its platform to where you are and lift yourself up to the spot where you can work on your art.

Spot 10: Building beside the parking building by the freeway, east of Port of Oakland

This is one of the tougher ones to reach. The parking building you have to go through is restricted. You can access the rooftop level by going through the stairs in the parking building but unfortunately, it will be locked. So, you have deploy your Jumper with enhanced springs upgrade then have it jump on the roof of the booth by the parking entrance then jump again on the parking sign so you can reach the second level of the parking building.

Once done, have the jumper use the stairs and infiltrate the restricted area, where the CCT is located. Once the CCT has been hacked, you can now use the stairs yourself and you can sneak around the hostiles or get rid of them. Don’t forget to grab the cash pickup under the walkway then make your way to the access gate in the adjacent building. The CCT that you hacked earlier is also connected to that gate so it will be unlocked as well. Now simply make your way to the spot where you can put another DedSec graffiti.

Spot 11: Low-rise Brick building, near the clocktower.

Find a Climbax forklift in the parking lot under the freeway north of the building. Drive it to the back alley near the marker, then sit on one of the wooden pallets there. Have the forklift raise that pallet you’re in so you can reach the building’s rooftop. Make your way to the billboard to change it to art.

Spot 12: Church

Go to the back alley of the church so you can reach the window washing lift by the residential houses. Ride it up then circle around the rooftop to find another window washing lift. Ride it down this time to reach the spot.

Yeah, Right


This is a very straightforward final leg of this lengthy side operation. Drive to the Golden Gate bridge and find the lift on the side of the marked part of the bridge. You may need to deploy your quadcopter to get in hacking range of the lift. Once you lowered it enough, ride it up then interact with the spot where you can apply the graffiti. There are four levels of the bridge that you need to paint and each of them simply requires you to lower the lift and ride it up. Continue doing this until you reach the top of the bridge.

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