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This side operation starts after completing the main operation “Limp Nudle” and shortly after beginning the following main operation “Hacker War”.

Hubs and Authorities

Meet with Josh in the main Hackerspace for a cutscene. Once done, you have to travel to Oakland to meet up with the social worker.

M$ Dollar Block

Find your contact in Oakland and talk to her to get the mission started. For this mission, you have to access the ctOS junction box you have to hack. This is a restricted area but there aren’t any enemies yet. After hacking the ctOS box, you have to profile the evidence to know where the guards will be hanging around and where the vehicle will be parked. You have to prepare an ambush but with carefully placed traps as to not to damage or destroy the car which will result to a failed mission. First, clear the path in front of where the car will be parked so you can just nab it and open the gate ahead or the garage door on the right side.

Then, place traps where the armed guards will be hanging around. You don’t need to activate their proximity triggers yet but you have to make sure that they’re just in the right range to stun or kill the guards without damaging the car. You can even place an explosive near the gate where the enemies will be coming in then detonate them before they get out of the vehicle to get rid of all of them. When you’re ready, find a good hiding spot then deploy your quadcopter so you can remotely trigger any traps you placed. Press and hold X for them to arrive. Get rid of the guards then drive the car away. When you have no pursuers or hostiles, Wrench will mark a spot on the map where you can leave the vehicle. Park the vehicle there then leave it to complete the objective.


For this mission, head to the marker in Jack London Square to meet up with Miranda.

Talking Smack


After the cutscene, fast-travel to the marked location in northern tip of Oakland. Once you’re in the area, you have to profile the evidence spots in the area first. This will give you a reconstruction of the illegal dealing that will go down in the refinery. There are several ambush points in the area and thankfully, there are several explosive containers as well. You can activate proximity triggers on them. Unlike the previous objective, you don't have to avoid damaging any vehicles here so destroying the vehicles while the targets are still inside is the best way to do it.

Also, there are forklifts carrying explosive containers as well. You can place them along the path of the enemy vehicles then activate the proximity triggers or just place them in the spots where the vehicles will be parked so you can trigger them yourself. This task will be whole lot easier with the quadcopter’s ability to drop IEDs from the air. This will make your ambush more efficient. Destroy the three trucks containing the illegal shipment then leave the area to complete this objective.

EM Tezcas


Head to the port and go to the marked location. Hack the ctOS box there to start the mission. The area is also a confirmed gang territory so you can use that to your advantage.The meetup location is quite small so you have to find a spot where you hide. You have to avoid damaging the ambulance so I’ll suggest to avoid activating the proximity triggers of the explosives or ESDs you’ll be placing along the projected path of the vehicles.

Like before, you can basically clear the area with your quadcopter alone. If you want a more hands on approach, it’s good to activate the traps and other interactable objects after the hostiles disembark from their vehicles. When ready, press and hold X to start the engagement. After clearing the hostiles, steal the ambulance and drive it to the marked location a few blocks away to complete the mission.

Jailbird Blues


For this objective, you have to travel to Alcatraz. Fortunately, you can fast-travel using the tourist kiosk there. You have to reach the roof so head to the northern tip of the prison building to find the window washing platform there. Use it to reach the ctOS box on the rooftop.

After reviewing the footage, you’ll be in the restricted area. You’ll have to free the witness inside so you have to make a way to sneak inside the prison building. There are quite a few open roof hatches where you can drop in but I’ll suggest use the NetHack view first then switch to different cameras to tag the enemies inside and get the access key.

You can try different approaches here; if your drones are capable of dropping IEDs and ESDs, then this will be a lot easier. After tagging all possible enemies inside the prison building, you can then start setting up the traps. There are two staircases that you can booby trap with explosives or ESD so deploying your drones to place them there will be a good course of action. If you still want to be more aggressive, you can use the Distract hack, close in with your drone to drop an IED or ESD, get to a distance, and detonate it to kill/stun your target.

It is recommended to approach this with stealth since there are a lot of hostiles here who can call for reinforcements or has a long cooldown if ever the cops spot you. At least with drones, even if they spot them, they’ll just attempt to destroy them and not aggressively search for you. Having at least one silenced weapon will allow you sneak in and make some stealth kills if necessary. After getting in, you have to personally free the witness. You don’t need to escort him; just find the nearest ladder leading back to the rooftop and make your escape.

Now this is the hardest part of this mission; after exiting the building after rescuing the witness, the police will hot in your tail. There will be a helicopter hovering near the rooftop as well, making your escape from Alcatraz a whole lot harder. If you have the skill to hack the chopper and drive it away, then that’s a great burden off your shoulders. Otherwise, you’ll have to avoid attracting its attention by moving behind cover.

Find the window washing platform and slowly go down. Take note that the place will crawling with police officers so don’t carelessly wander around. There’s a small dock to the northwest with a boat to use but there are at least two police officers there. They’ll be aggressively looking around the area so don’t go out carelessly. You can run towards the boat if you want but that will be very risky and chances are you’ll be gunned down by the police on foot or by the patrol boats. Carefully move around and ride the boat. Once you have successfully escaped the police, the mission will be over.

Escape from Alcatraz
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