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Wrapping up some Odds and Ends in Castelia

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Wrapping up some Odds and Ends in Castelia

Before you step through the gate open your City Map and you will notice that each of the towns that we have visited and explored are marked with blue dots, while the towns we have yet to reach are marked with grey dots...  You will also notice that Castelia City is a crossroads that splits into two distinct paths – north will take you to Nimbasa City via Route 4 and Join Avenue, while to the east is the Skyarrow Bridge that will take you to Nacrene City and points east... 

It may seem like you have to make a choice here, but actually you do not – the bridge is currently closed so you can only go north, but the thing is you want to go ahead and head all the way back to the south side of town and then enter the gate to the east, leading to the bridge, because there is a trainer inside the gate house who will gift you with a Quick Claw, which is a hold item that sometimes allows your Pokemon that is holding it to make the first move in battle even when the enemy they are facing is faster than they are.

The guard at the exit tells you that the bridge is being inspected and you will need to come back later, which is fine, we knew that the route to the east would be blocked until we obtained some more badges anyway...  Be sure to read the news ticker in the gate house just for the fun of it, and then exit back into the city.

– The Castelia Docks –

If you take the first dock, that leads to the Sewer entrance, while the second dock is where the Royal Unova is docked.  The attendant there will inform you that it only operates at night, and tell you to return later...  The third dock is where the Captain is and where you catch the Ferry back to Virbank City...  The fourth dock is where the Ferry to Unity Tower docks, and the fifth dock is where the Ferry to Liberty Garden docks.  That is where we want to go! 

Note: If yo have a Victini from your previous games and you have traded it into Black/White 2, make sure you put it in your party!  Really - to see why, watch the video!

The Story of the Liberty Pass Event and Victini

– Liberty Garden –

In Pokemon Black and White you had to have a special pass to come here called the Liberty Pass, which in addition to allowing access to the island, also allowed you to capture the Legendary Pokemon Victini.  In the base of the lighthouse is a bedroom in which Victini used to live – and if you bring your Victini here from Black/White, they will ask you to let them out of their ball and talk to you about their memories of the time that they lived here.

If you chat with the tourists outside you learn that Victini used to live here, but a trainer came and joined it to their party – that would be YOU if you did that in Black or White!

With this pleasant side-trip out of the way, it is time to take the Ferry back to the city.

– Adding a Funfest Mission –

Now that we have visited Liberty Garden head back to town and make your way north to the square, where you will find an older trainer dressed in brown who, when you chat him up will share with you some advice and then unlock a new Funfest Mission – "Train with Martial Artists!" – adding to the fun you can have with these missions.

Unless you have skipped over any of the items in the previous section, this should complete your exploration of the city and you should have everything that you can get here, so it is time to head to the north gate and Route 4, and the battle that awaits you there!

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