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Humilau City

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Humilau City

Hugh is waiting for you outside, and suggests that you focus on beating the Gym Leader here and obtaining the final badge first, which is a good idea...  The Gym is right in front of you, but before you head in there, why not explore the town first? 

To the north is a series of docks with buildings on them, and as you approach the first one Gym Leader Marlon pops out of the water and introduces himself.  He lets you know he will be waiting for you in the Gym... Cool that.  In the first house is the Master Move Tutor, who will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for Yellow Shards.  He will teach them:

Bind (2 Shards) Binds and squeezes target for four turns.
Snore (2 Shards) An attack that can only be used by a sleeping Pokemon.
Heal Bell (4 Shards) Heals status problems.
Knock Off (4 Shards) Slaps down target's held item.
Synthesis (6 Shards) Restores the users HP.
Roost (6 Shards) Restores the users HP by as much as half.
Sky Attack (8 Shards) A second-turn attack that may cause the target to flinch.
Role Play (8 Shards) Copies the target's natural ability.
Heat Wave (10 Shards) A hot breath attack.
Giga Drain (10 Shards) Restores the user's HP by half the damage taken.
Drain Punch (10 Shards) An energy-draining punch.
Pain Split (10 Shards) Adds the users HP to the targets and then shares the total.
Tailwind (10 Shards) Creates a turbulent whirlwind that speeds your team for four turns.

You can learn about Stunkfisk in the second house, and on the sandbar below you will find a Heart Scale in a Treasure Ball.  Head back to the start of the docks and left to reach the other side.  On the far dock is a trainer who will unlock the Funfest Mission Memory Training, and in the nearby house is a trainer who will trade you his Tangrowth for your Mantine.  You should already have Tangrowth so this is more or less an optional trade.

In the house at the far corner is a trainer with a Mienfoo she asks you to walk for her – inside her house – and if you agree it will follow you as you walk around, and after you do that for her she gifts you with a Pearl.  Nearby on the dock is a Treasure Ball with a Protein so be sure to grab that.  Follow the Dowser to obtain a Heart Scale.  Surf to the area behind the Gym to grab the Shell Bell from the Treasure Ball there to be sure you get that.

Wild Pokemon here include Level 32 to 40 Basculin, Frillish, and Staryu via Surf,  while in the water holes you will find Basculin, Corsola, Jellicent, and Starmie.  There are others (consult the chart) that you can get after you get the Fishing Pole.  If you have been following the guide the only one you should need is a Corsola, so concentrate on opening holes and jumping in until you get one!

The Eighth Gym Badge Battle with Gym Leader Marlon

– Humilau City Gym & the 8th Badge –

Right mates, so, yeah, the time has finally come hasn't it?  Yes, yes it has!  The time for you to go for the final Gym Badge – and you should be aware that Marlon, the Humilau Gym Leader, as well as the Assistant Gym Leaders here all favor Water Pokemon, and that is going to have a significant impact on your choices here.

Basically as you are facing fairly strong Water-type Pokemon you will not want to bring Ground, Fire, or Rock types for sure, and you will find thanks to some of the moves that the trainers you will face have that Flying and Bug types as well as Ice types will also be at a disadvantage here...  The strong types for this Gym and its battles are Electric and Grass-type Pokemon, of which you should have both on your team.  Personally I was at a disadvantage here because my main team was basically set up for any battle EXCEPT this one...

Once you have decided which team members make the best sense it is time to head into the Gym and get the Assistant Gym Leaders out of the way, so head in and say hello to the Greeter, and collect the traditional Fresh Water, then make your way using the very large green lily-pad-like thingies.

Ace Trainer Doyle has a Level 47 Floatzel and a Level 47 Mantine and pays $2820.

Ace Trainer Melina has a Level 48 Alomomola and pays $2880.

Ace Trainer Santino has a Level 48 Walrein and pays $2880.

Ace Trainer Jeanne has a Level 47 Pelipper and a Level 47 Wailord and pays $2820.

Ace Trainer Enzio has a Level 46 Basculin, a Level 46 Azumarill, and a Level 46 Basculin, and pays $2760.

Ace Trainer Sable has a Level 47 Golduck and a Level 47 Starmie and pays $2820.

– The Gym Leader Battle with Gym Leader Marlon –

Gym Leader Marlon opens this epic battle with his Level 49 Carracosta, followed by his Level 49 Wailord, and then sends in his Level 51 Jellicent in the hopes of really putting the boots to you!  After you win – and you did win, right? – Marlon pays you $6120 as well as awards you the Wave Badge, which is of course the 8th and final Pokemon Gym Badge for the Unova Region!  With the Wave Badge now in your Badge Case, you can control all Pokemon up to Level 100 including those obtained in trades, and considering the fact that Level 100 is the top Level, well then that means there is not a Pokemon in the world you cannot control!

As is the tradition, Marlon also gifts you with a TM – in this case TM55 Scald, which he just demonstrated for us when we battled him.  A man of few words, and perhaps feeling a bit chagrined at you having so easily beaten him, Marlon dives into the water and swims off, as you head for the exit, having managed to obtain all of the badges that are required to gain access to and challenge the Elite Four and, after beating each, the Pokemon Regional Champion!  Well done you!  Excellent!  Good on ya!  Yeah!

– Back in the Real World –

As you exit the Gym Hugh steps up to congratulate you, and then Marlon appears, asking about Team Plasma.  Hugh asks you to check Route 22 while he looks elsewhere – and then he takes off.  You should hit the Pokemon Center to heal up, re-supply if you need to, and save your game. 

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Comments for Humilau City

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Jan 18th 2014 Guest
My serperior and magnazone destroyed him easily
ID #345187
Nov 23rd 2013 Guest
i defeated marlon only with ampharos and swanna
used items , revive , hyper potions

ID #321435