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The Aftergame

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Aftergame

So, first congratulations on your victory, Pokemon League Champion for the Unova Region, and well done!  You really did well so good on ya!  Have a soda on me!  Or at least have a soda, right?  Now that you are League Champion you and you have seen “The End” you can feel good about your victory, but that announcement of The End was a bit premature, as there is still plenty for you to do in the game.

This guide is intended to cover the main game, which it has, but there are some aspects of the aftergame we need to address as well, just so that you have all of the tools that you need to continue!  Bearing in mind that in addition to the remaining story-line items and all, there are online, multi-player aspects to the game, just like in all modern AAA Action-Adventure RPG games today!  More on that in  a bit...

So, shall we get to the aftergame items? Yes?  Excellent!

First our game resumes with us in our bedroom, well rested and ready to face the world.  As you walk into the living room your Mum greets you and then you are paid a visit by Professor Juniper, who has a n upgrade for your Pokedex, to enable the National Dex!  Excellent!

Your Mum gifts you with some Max Revives – woulda been nice to have those earlier, but still...  A quick look at the National Dex should have your mind slightly blown – 649 bloody Pokemon!  Sheesh!  But hey, as long as you have some Gen IV games you can easily complete this or as near as near can be!  But first you should catch all of the Unova Pokemon, right?  Ah, but no, first we need to do a few brief missions to obtain some kit we need....

When we exit the house Hugh and his sister are waiting for us outside, where she thanks you for finding her Pokemon, then she shares a dream that she had about a Pokemon called Zoroark...  It is calling your name...  And that it is now on Victory Road...  Interesting!

Hit the Pokemon Center next to speak to the Medal Man and receive the remaining Hint Medals, re-supplying your kit, and sorting the captured Pokemon from your Incoming Box.  With that done, save your game, right?

When you access the PC to sort your Pokemon out you will get a notice that new wallpaper has been awarded to honor your victory.  Sweet!

Returning Home for the Not-Realy The End Ending

– Fishing Rod –

Yeah, we really really need one of those for our kit mates, so let us take care of that first, shall we?  Yes!

Using Fly, head to Castelia City, and then take the east gate exit to the Skyarrow Bridge and cross that to reach the other side, making your way along the route, battling the minimum trainers you need to in order to make your way to Nacrene City, passing directly through it as we are on a mission, and exiting via the east gate, proceeding along Route 3 – note the location of the Pokemon Day Care Center as that will be important to you later when you are ready to breed Pokemon – and entering Striation City, which happens to be the location of the Dreamyard, a factoid you should file away for later use! 

Use the South Gate to exit the city and follow Route 2 to Accumula Town.  If you need to heal up hit the Pokemon Center, then take the south exit onto Route 1 and follow that to Nuvema Town – and you have arrived!  Now look for a bloke named Cedric Juniper who is in his father's Pokemon Lab – and after he takes a look at your Pokedex he remembers that he forgot to give you something that he was supposed to give you – the Super Rod!  Excellent!  Just the piece of kit we NEED.  Well done!

There are additional locations you can explore here – Routes 17 and 18, the P2 Lab, and you are welcome to do that if you like – in fact you are going to want to really explore the rest of the world, including the areas that we have already visited!  You will want to do that so you can fish, so you can use Waterfall in areas we couldn't, and in some of the really early areas, Surf (since we did not have that then either) – the point being you are going to want to have a lot of fun, do a lot of exploring, and catch a lot of Pokemon!  But for our purposes we still have two things left we need to do – unlock the last two cities so you can reach them!

Capturing the Legendary Pokemon Cresselia

– Capturing Cresselia –

So Fly to Nimbasa City and use the East Gate exit to reach the Marvelous Bridge which previously was closed for repairs.  Head into it now and as you work your way towards the center be prepared for a surprise!

As you reach the center of the bridge that Lunar Wing you obtained oh so long ago will start to glow – go ahead and activate it and you will summon the Legendary Cresselia!  Excellent!  Obviously we want to capture this, not kill it, so you will want to weaken it into the red and then start chucking balls and, with any luck, it will not take too too many of them to capture!

For me this was without doubt the most brutal capture of all of the Legendary Pokemon I have ever captured.  My first attempt failed after a brutal 15 minute battle, ending because it ran out of PP and used the Struggle move that basically caused it to KO itself!  On more than one occasion I was tempted to use my Master Ball – but I did not.  I honestly grew to hate and despise this Pokemon for the trouble it caused in being caught...  It was a situation in which it really felt like they had griefed it.

On Route 15 we pass by the Pokemon Transfer Station – which is where you will go to transfer your Pokemon from the Gen IV games into Black 2 – and as you continue you have another trainer battle before heading through the gate to unlock Black City!

– Unlocking the Final City –

From Black City (we can explore it later) Fly to Opelucid City and take the West Gate out and follow Route 9 to the Tubeline Bridge, then Route 8 to Icirrus City!  That unlocks the final city, so well done!  You can now fly all around the world!  Ah, but we still have a visit to make so bear with me...

– Seeking Zoroark to find N and Zekrom –

Remember the odd Pokemon on the upper part of Victory Road that was blocking the cave entrance and the game told us it was guarding something?  That was Zoroark!  So Fly to the Pokemon League and then head south, and as you head down the mountain take the right-hand stairs (you will see him as he has moved away from the cave entrance) and now would be a good time to save your game!

When you confront him he runs away into the cave he was guarding before – so run after him!  When you get inside he is nowhere to be seen, so head down the stairs and out the exit... There he is!  But when you confront him he runs away again!  Chase after him!

Inside he seems to be waiting, but when you approach he runs yet again – and the place he is running to looks oddly familiar...  In fact it looks like N's Castle!  And N is waiting inside!  Whoa!  After you chat with him he tells you that you need to battle with him, that he was waiting here specifically to battle with you!  He asks you to lead him to the destination – which is south, east, north, around up and north – so you do!  

When you get to the top of the area N stops you and challenges you to a battle!  He calls forth Zekrom, and the mighty Legendary Pokemon is there!  He asks if we are prepared to battle – well yeah!  Why do you think we came here?!

Now remember we do not have to capture this beast here, we just have to incap it – and that is a hell of a lot easier than capturing it!  Because it is a Dragon Pokemon his Level 70 Zekrom is particularly vulnerable to Ice-type attacks – and that is the secret to quickly taking it out!  N pays you $14000 for this lesson, and then he does something shocking!  He tells Zekrom to help YOU – and then it turns into a Dark Stone ball!  N takes it and hands it to you, explaining that you need to take it to Dragonspiral Tower...

I know, you are thinking – where is Zoroark?! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Obtaining Zoroark

You will probably not be happy to learn that Zoroark was a special event Pokemon...  And the special event was for Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, and not THIS game. 

Basically several years ago if you obtained one of the Shiny Legendary Pokemon Raikou, Entei, or Suicune for the Generation IV games, during a special distribution event – in North America it was at GameStops – you could then transfer that Pokemon into your copy of Pokemon Black Version or Pokemon White Version to get Zoroark.

In the Lostlorn Forest where we first saw Zoroark there was a trailer and that was where you captured it.  Sadly you cannot capture it in Black 2 or White 2, and sadly just seeing him like you did does NOT add his Dex entry to your Pokedex – not even a partial – which means you cannot go on the GTS and trade for him.  The only way to get it is to either have it on your copy of Black/White or find a trainer that is either willing to trade you one or is willing to temporarily trade you one so you can add it to your Dex...  Sorry mates.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So now that we have Zekrom, it is time to head to the Dragonspiral Tower, so Fly to Icirrus City and then head north and zone through the trees to find Cedric Juniper waiting for you...  He is speculating on the Tower when he notices you, and tells you about the history of the place – and then he notices your Dark Stone!   He then gifts you with an Old Gateau, and takes off.  Well, what are you waiting for?

Capturing the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom

– Dragonspiral Tower –

As you work your way through the Tower you will encounter some Golurk, and some Treasure Balls with an Elixir, an Ultra Ball, a Shiny Stone, and a Protein, a Lusterous Orb, Griseous Orb, and Adamant Orb.  On the spiral level is a Treasure Ball with a PP Max, TM02 Dragon Claw, and a Max Revive.  On the next level up is a Treasure Ball with a Comet Shard, and then you head up the stairs for the confrontation you have been waiting for!

As you remove the Dark Stone you see it expand into Zekrom – and if you are thinking of using your Master Ball here, well, don't. You will really need that later, so hold off using it and capture this guy the regular way, right?

Capturing it is rather easy actually, and after you do, N shows up to confirm for you that Zekrom has recognized you as the new hero, and then he tells you about the return of Kyurem in the Giant Chasm.

N departs after delivering that news, and it is time for you to head for Humilau City and make for the Giant Chasm!

– Kyurem –

When you arrive at the Giant Chasm you will find Kyurem waiting for you in the center of the area...  Just capture him in the usual way, weakening him and then throwing balls until he is captured.  The process should be about on par with the battle for Zekrom.

With the battle over Cheren and Bianca show up and remind you that you still have a lot of Pokemon to capture!  Be sure you grab the Treasure Ball here – it is the DNA Splicers and they can be used to change Kyurem's form.

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Comments for The Aftergame

17 comments, latest first.
Mar 16th 2015 Guest
Where do you get the two master balls
ID #529181
May 5th 2014 Guest
how do I get a shiny
ID #381846
Nov 2nd 2013 Guest
O darkrai do abismo gigante(giant chasm) é hack do pokemon "walk with me"
ID #317492
Sep 29th 2013 Guest
You can get Zorua in Driftveil City
ID #311770
Apr 24th 2013 Guest
This may not have anything to do with this, maybe it does, but do you see Hugh, your rival, after the 'ending'? To battle with him, I mean.
ID #277170
Aug 2nd 2016 Guest
Yeah, when you beat the game, go into the building at the top of Driftveil city and you should see your rival inside, and you can battle him.
ID #671853
Apr 3rd 2013 Guest
What the heck are you talking about. While playing pokemon black 2 i obtained Zorua which then evolved into Zoroark. I did not find him in the wild he was given to me by former members of team plasma. While playing the storyline you are asked if you would like to care for one of N's pokemon that helped him previously. I said yes and WA-LA Zorua was bestowed unto me. At the end when N talks to you and if you have his old pokemon he mentions him in the dialogue. Something along the lines of "oh! you helped me before, hi!"

So i don't know why you think you CAN'T get him. I've never played any of the other pokemon games and i got him just by doing the storyline. Do your research before you spread that people can't get him because thats just not true. >:(
ID #270022
Apr 3rd 2013 Guest
>_> !!!!! While you're playing the game (before you beat it) you run into former team plasma members. After talking to them they ask you if you want to have one of N's pokemon that helped him before he went all RAWR dragons. If you say YES you get, or at least i got, Zorua.. Which evolves into Zoroark.

So don't go telling people they can't get Zoroark when they indeed can, they just need to evolve Zorua. >:(
ID #270019
Mar 30th 2013 Guest
So that's where you capture Darkrai. It only took me one quik ball to capture Cresselia.
ID #268936
Mar 10th 2013 Guest
to catch darkrai you need to go to a hidden grotte in giant chasm

ID #262405
Mar 2nd 2013 Guest
ID #260290
Feb 24th 2013 Guest
The Luner Wing In that shrine near reversal mountain
ID #258083
Jan 12th 2013 Guest
ID #241952
Jan 3rd 2013 Guest
i got zorua from rood in driftvail it was lvl 25
ID #235934
Dec 19th 2012 bbbblak
You can get more Master Balls at Join Avenue.
ID #224250
Dec 6th 2012 Guest
You get a Zorua in the beginning of the game from Colres.
ID #215549
Aug 17th 2015 Guest
Not Colres, you get it from Rood in the house on the hill in the Northern part of the city. You can level up and evolve that Zorua to get a Zoroark.
ID #599112