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Lacunosa Town

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Lacunosa Town

As you enter the town you run into the Professor and Bianca – Bianca thanks you for your help in the Mountain and the Prof tells you that just past Lacunosa Town you will find Opelucid City!  She then has you follow her and hear a tale about Lacunosa Town from an old woman who lives there...  She sits down and tells you about the mighty big hole called the Giant Chasm, which is presently not accessible to you due to the road being blocked.  The old woman tells you that the Chasm was created by a Meteor, and that inside the Meteor was a nasty Pokemon. 

It is a spooky tale, and how much of it is actually true, well, who can say?  When you get back outside the Prof asks if you remember the story of Zekrom?  If you do, fine, but if you want to hear it again, say no.  After filling you in the discussion continue and the Prof makes a connection between the Meteorite and the Dark Stone from which the Legendary Pokemon were found...  The Prof asks you to bring the matter to Drayden's attention, and then they both go their separate ways.

Right, so, first thing firs, let's head to the Pokemon Center to heal, re-supply, and then save the game.  With that managed, and then if you like you can chat with the girl in the Center who will ask to see your badges and then tell you what your team was when you won them. 

– Exploring the Town –

Talking to the people outside is an idea, and hey! One of them is your Rival Hugh!  And guess what?  When you talk to him it advances the main plot, with Team Plasma showing up in the form of Zinzolin and a Grunt!  You join Hugh in battling them, and the pair brings out their Level 39 Golbat and Level 42 Cryogonal, followed by their Level 44 Sneasel and Level 39 Garbodor, and they pay you $9480 for the lesson you give them.

After you defeat them they run off, and Hugh gives chase, but we have fulfilled our obligations, at least for the present time.  As you explore you can chat with trainers and, at the end of the upper section you will find a Treasure Ball with a Full Heal in it.   Inside the house on the upper right area is a Treasure Ball with a Metronome in it, so be  sure to grab that – and the Old Woman is outside with her grandson and will tell you the folk tail again if you ask her to...

That wraps up everything that we need to do here, so it is time to head out through the west exit to town and onto Route 12!

– Route 12 –

This is a rustic and wooded route that has quite a bit to offer you, from Pokemon to trainer battles as well as loot!  You will want to fully explore this area rather than take the quick route through it...

The Wild Pokemon you find here include Level 35 to 40 Combee, Heracross,  Roselia, Sewaddle, and Tranquil, and in the shaking grass Audino, Dunsparce, Emolga, Leavanny, Roserade, Unfezant, and Vespiquen.

Using your Dowser you will find a Rare Candy, Ultra Ball, and a Max Repel.

In Treasure Balls you will find a Timer Ball, PP Up, Yellow Shard, and a Max Potion.

The trainers you can battle begin with Battle Girl Azra, who has a Level 41 Gurdurr and a Level 41 Mienfoo, and pays $1312.

Black Belt Jeriel has a Level 42 Heracross and pays $1344.

With all that managed it is time to head through the gate to the west!

– The Village Bridge –

When you exit the gate turn left and head south, and you will find your first trainer battle and a Treasure Ball!

Smasher Lizzy has a Level 44 Whimsicott and pays $4400.  The nearby Treasure Ball has a Carbos in it.

Smasher Amy has a Level 44 Lilligant and pays $4400. 

Head west and under the bridge to battle Artist Gough, who has a Level 42 Sunflora, and pays $2016.  Use your Dowser after this battle to locate a Big Mushroom in the dark grass on the side of the bridge, and then grab the Rare Candy from the nearby Treasure Ball.

Now it is time to check out (and grab) some Wild Pokemon – you will find Level 36 to 41 Golduck, Marill, Seviper, and Zangoose.  In the shaking grass you will find Audino, Azumarill, Dunsparce, and Emolga.  In the water Basculin and Marill, and in the water holes, Azumarill, Basculin, Lapras, and Marill.  In theory the only ones you should need for sure is Azumarill and Lapras, and if you had a hard time before, Seviper and Dunsparce, but probably not...

With that mischief managed it is time to head up onto the Bridge – which if you have not noticed is actually a town...  You know, with houses built on the bridge.  You think that is odd?  What would you say if I told you that back in the day (which is a way to say a looonngg time ago) that was the case with the bridge in London?  Seriously, it had structures on it like this, so this is like totally historical tourism and stuff.  Really! 

The first house to the north is the rest house, where a Pokemon Nurse lives and who will heal your team any time you ask.  Cool that.  In the second house you can chat up the trainers to hear complaints about the local rock band, while the third house is empty - but it has a great TV so hey, settle in, watch a few programs, hit the fridge, they won't mind! 

When you reach the center of the bridge you run into a trainer who claims you are his 1000th opponent!  Whoa!  Epic number!  He has had 999 wins in a row and he plans to wipe the bridge up with you!  Umm, sorry mate, but we don't do “lose” when it comes to Pokemon Battles, because we are the Man (or Woman if you are female)!  Gentleman Stonewall has a Level 43 Durant, and a Level 43 Lucario, and pays you $8600 for breaking his winning streak!

In the fourth house is a family of trainers and it looks like mom is not happy about the way things are going, and in the fifth house you battle with Baker Chris who has a Level 42 Heatmor and pays $1680.

In the last house you meet one of the men who helped build the bridge and that pretty much wraps up the bridge! 

As you step off of the bridge head south and your Dowser will ding, leading you to a Max Ether.  In the grass here you meet Youngster Karl, who has a Level 42 Sandslash and pays you $672.  Deeper in the patch is a Treasure Ball with an Ultra Ball in it, and by the water is a trainer who will sing to you.

Head all the way to the north and gran the Blue Shard form the Treasure Ball, then Surf out to the island and grab the Big Pearl from the Treasure Ball there.  Backtrack to just before the bloke that sang to you and there is an entrance into the bridge base – go in and you will spot a girl trainer practicing her singing, but when she sees you she throws you out.

Head back to the bridge and north to grab the PP Up from the trash can next to the vending machine, then chat up the trainer here just for kicks, then head out onto the court and battle with Hoopster Derrick who has a Level 42 Electrabuzz and a paid of Level 42 Elekids who he brings out in a Triple Battle, and pays you $4200.

Hoopster Nicolas has a Level 42 Magmar and a pair of Level 42 Magby that he brings out in a Triple Battle, and pays you $4200.

– Route 11 –

Now that you have finished the Bridge, it is time to head through the gate house and on to Route 11, where you will find that once again there is a lot to do and a few new Pokemon to add to your collection because hey, you gotta catch 'em all mates!

Pokemon Breeder Magnolia greets you with her Level 41 Emolga and Level 41 Altaria, and pays you $1312.

Inside the RV ahead is a trainer who will gift you with a Favored Mail. 

Pokemon Ranger Crofton has a Level 42 Tympole and a Level 42 Palpitoad, and pays you $2520.  After the battle they gift you with an Aspear Berry.

Capturing the Legendary Pokemon Virizion

– Capturing Virizion –

When you reach the other side of the bridge here you will encounter the Legendary Pokemon Virizion, who jumps down from the cliff above and confronts you.  This is it mates – a chance to capture another epic and Legendary Pokemon!  Sweet! 

Virizion is Level 45, and like the previous member of the trio Cobalion is a bit on the difficult side to capture...  As with Cobalion we will need to weaken him to capture, so try to do that without actually killing it, right?

As you can see in the video it took 8 throws to grab this one - I hope that you were as fortunate!

With a second Legendary captured, you may need to head back to the Pokemon Center or the Bridge to heal up, but once you do be sure to surf off of the bridge and then jump onto the shore and grab the Full Heal from the Treasure Ball here.  Bearing in mind that as you do not yet have the HM for Waterfall you cannot head to the lower falls area here, but that's OK as there is still lots to do! 

To start with let's grab some Wild Pokemon, as you will find Level 36 to 39 Amoonguss, Gligar, Golduck, Karrablast, Marill, Seviper, Shelmet, and Zangoose in the grass, and in the shaking grass Audino (of course), Azumarill, Emolga, and Gliscor.  In the water you will Surf for Basculin and Buizel, while the blue holes have  Basculin, Buizel, and Floatzel!  Now of these chances are that the ones you actually need are Amoongus, Gligar, Karrablast, Gliscor, and Buizel.  So grab those now!

With those few Pokemon added to your collection it is time to head into the gate house and on to Opelucid City!

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