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The Road to Conflict Resolution

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Road to Conflict Resolution

So now that we have obtained the 8th and final Gym Badge, hit the Pokemon Center to heal, replace any needed supplies, and save our game, it is time to continue the story...  In previous games once we reached this point we would ordinarily be making haste towards the Elite Four in order to secure our place as the Regional Pokemon Master, but as Hugh explained, right now there is a lot more going on and more important things for us to be doing!

So let's start out by following his advice (I do not really consider it an order) and make our way to Route 22, which we reach by heading onto the docks behind the Gym and then left, crossing over and around to reach the far beach, which is where the Route begins.

– Route 22 –

First and foremost despite the fact that we are technically on a mission there is still the matter of the mundane concerns we are always facing with each new area, and those are trainer battles, hidden items, Treasure Balls, and of course Wild Pokemon.

Using our Dowser on Route 22 gains us a Carbos, and a Green Shard.

A sharp look around for Treasure Balls on the Route will secure a PP Up, Poison Barb, Rare Candy, Red Shard, and Max Potion.

The Wild Pokemon to be found here include Level 39 to 45 Amoongus, Delibird, Golduck, Lunatone, Marill, Mienfoo, Pelipper, and Solrock in the grass, while in the shaking grass we will find Audino, Azumarill, and Emolga.  In the water using Surf we will find Basculin and Marill, and in the blue holes in the water, Azumarill, Basculin, and Marill.  Of these Pokemon, the only ones that we should actually need for our collection are Delibird, and Mienfoo assuming that you have been following the guide.

Once you have collected those two, our battles include:

Ace Trainer Shel who has a Level 47 Starmie and a Level 47 Drapion and pays $2820.

Backpacker Myra has a Level 45 Vanillite and a Level 45 Bouffalant and pays $1080.

Capturing the Legendary Pokemon Terrakion

– Capturing Terrakion –

As you reach the next rise you find yourself confronting the Legendary Terrakion and your old friend Colress shows up both to talk about that Pokemon and your situation, and to gift you with the Colress Machine (Colress MCHN) – a Key Item that according to Colress will energize Pokemon.

Remember that the idea here is to capture him, not kill him, so try not to use a move you know will KO him, right?  With Terrakion now safely occupying a slot in your Storage System it would be an idea to head back to the Pokemon Center to heal, re-supply, and save your game!

– Back on Route 22 –

Pokemon Breeder Addison has a Level 45 Camerupt and a Level 45 Grumpig and pays you $1440.

Hiker Justin has a Level 45 Nosepass and a Level 45 Steelix and pays $1440.

Backpacker Lowell has a Level 45 Swinub and a Level 45 Darmanitan and pays $1080.

Ace Trainer Lucca has a Level 47 Arcanine and a Level 47 Excadrill and pays $2820.

– The Giant Chasm –

The large cave opening is sure to draw you in, and while you only have limited access to the Chasm at this point – a pair of Plasma Grunts you cannot battle are blocking the way – you do have access to what constitutes the first path, and that means you have access to Wild Pokemon from the Chasm!  The duo of Grunts lets slip that the others are coming via Route 21, so bear that in mind and go ahead and scare up some Pokemon.

Head inside to grab Level 44 to 47 Clefairy, Delibird, Lunatone, Piloswine, Sneasel, Vanillish in the main area and Excadrill in Dust Clouds.

In the Dust Clouds you can also find Dark Gems, Flying Gems, Normal Gems, and Water Gems.

Of the Pokemon that you can capture here, Clefairy, Piloswine, Sneasel, and Vinillish are the obvious ones you need to get, and maybe Delibird if you did not get him before.  Once you have them though, that pretty much wraps up what you can do here, now, so exit the Chasm and return to the city, and then head out onto Route 21.

– Route 21 –

The only Pokemon that you are going to find here are all in the water, and there will be a mix of other events to be undertaken as well, so head back to town and hit the Center, heal, re-supply, and save, and then head down to the beach to the south and Surf in!

Wild Pokemon on the route include Level 32 to 45 Frillish, Mantine, Mantyke, and Remoraid in the Surf, and in the water holes you will find Alomomola, Jellicent, and Mantine.

Swimmer Desiree has a Level 46 Wailord, and pays $736.

Swimmer Kaoru has a pair of Level 45 Remoraid and pays $720.

Swimmer Harold has a Level 46 Octillery and pays $736.

Black Belt Kenneth has a Level 47 Crustle and pays $1504.

On the sandbar is a Treasure Ball with a Big Pearl that you should be sure to grab.

Swimmer Kyle has a pair of Level 45 Wingull and pays $720.

Doctor Braid is waiting at the beach where the cave entrance is located, and has a Level 46 Alomomola and pays $2760 and heals your team after the battle.

– Seaside Cave –

You will recall that we previously visited the Seaside Cave but could not enter – well this time we have found an entrance that we can enter – and not only that, there are a few Pokemon here that we still need to catch, so roll up your sleeves and let's get busy!

The Wild Pokemon you can catch here are Level 35 to 37 Boldore, Golduck, Seel, Tynamo, and Woobat in the main and in the Dust Cloud you will find Excadrill.  In the Surf you can capture Frillish and Seel, and in the water holes Dewgong, Jellicent, and Seel!

Now to my way of factoring and assuming that you have been following this guide, you should only need to catch a Seel, Tynamo, and Dewgong here, so get busy doing that and then explore the cave!

Battle Girl Tia has a Level 47 Heracross and pays $1504.

Nearby is a Treasure Ball with a Full Restore in it, so grab that and then double back and over the ledge for the next battle.

Pokemon Ranger Mikiko has a Level 46 Vibrava and a Level 46 Gligar and pays $2760, gifting you with a Persim Berry as well.

To the south is a Treasure Ball with a Dive Ball in it, and south of that over the ledge is Pokemon Ranger Johan, who has a Level 46 Onix and a Level 46 Lairon and pays $2760 gifting you with a Persim Berry.

Continue farther south and you arrive at the previous entrance that we found that was blocked off, but now that we have approached from inside the trainer will battle with us! 

Black Belt Rocky has four Level 44 Roggenrola, and pays $1408 and he departs, leaving the entrance open and available.  Backtrack to the area above the ledges and make your way over the ledges and down the stairs then under the bridge.

Black Belt Drago has a Level 47 Scrafty and pays $1504.

At this point we are standing on the edge of a large underground pond, and there is nothing for it but to Surf out into it!  Remember that you can get a Dewgong in the water holes, so before you Surf out it might be an idea to run back and forth and spawn water holes to clear until you capture one for your collection!

On the little island in the water is a Treasure Ball with a Heart Scale, so be sure to grab that and then Surf up the strait to the far end.  If you look there is a suspiciously Pokemon-shaped block near the exit up the stairs that, if you use the Colress Machine on, comes to life!  Capture that Crustle to add it to your collection, and then use your Dowser and go north to grab the concealed Calcium.

Ignore the exit here for now, we have some other things to do first...  And remember that in addition to the odd Pokemon the Dust Clouds also have a variety of Gems, including Fire Gems. 

– Level 2 –

Head down the stairs beside the water and you will enter Level 2, in which there are to be found some giant boulders to be pushed into holes as well as a Treasure Ball with a Max Repel.  Push the boulders into the holes to create the path, starting with the bottom one.

That leads you to a battle with Battle Girl Maki, who has a Level 47 Mienfoo and pays $1504.

Carefully push each of the boulders into its proper hole without making any mistakes and you clear the path to the Treasure Ball with the Rare Candy in the center, as well as the exit and a battle with Black Belt Rich who has a Level 47 Gurdurr and pays $1504.

The stairs take you back to Level 1 and an area you could not reach before, at the top of which is a Treasure Ball with TM06 Toxic that was well worth collecting.  If you head south over the ledge here you will be at the entrance you first entered by, and you can go outside and heal up your team.  If you have yet to collect all of the Pokemon you need this is a good idea, and actually it is a good idea to heal your team anyway for the next leg in this journey!  Once you have done so and assuming you have all of the Pokemon you needed to collect, retrace your steps to the place where the stairs lead up to that exit, and head outside!

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