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The Journey Back

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Journey Back

So we know that we need to head for Victory Road, but we also need to clear Route 23 and train up our team, since it would be a really good idea to have them all at around Level 75 for the upcoming battles, especially considering the challenge we are facing will include Pokemon that are very likely off-type to us and so can do some serious hurt.  Bearing in mind that a lot of the XP we need can be had from trainers on the Route we really do not need to stop to grind levels at this point - but it would be a good idea to start this journey with your lowest level Pokemon in the hot seat so that you raise it as quick as you can, right?

First thing first though, as you exit the caves you will notice that the Frigate is gone, and while it has left destruction in its path there is also the opportunity to access parts of this particular zone we were not able to reach before.  So let us start with that, shall we?

Working your way through the broken trees you can get items from the Treasure Balls scattered around, including a PP Up, Carbos, Sun Stone, and TM03 Psyshock.  On the clearing to the south you will find Rood waiting for you, and chatting him up reveals the events that took place out here, starting with Colress appearing and explaining that you showed him the proof of what he needed to know, so with that managed, he was disbanding Plasma and with that, he flew away!  N is safe, you have accomplished the mission that the cabal assigned you, and as far as they are concerned this whole adventure is now over.

You now have a choice – you can walk back through the Chasm caves if you want, or you can simply use Fly to return to Humilau City, where your first stop should be the Pokemon Center to heal, re-supply your kit, and collect any Medals that the Medal Man has for you.  Save your game and then head outside and east and north through the stilts city to the entrance to Route 22.

Make your way west to the entrance to the Giant Chasm and follow it south then west and then along the west wall north to the exit that was previously blocked by Grunts but is now open and accessible!  Welcome to Route 23!

– Route 23 –

Right then, we have a fair bit of work to do here mates, starting with collecting a fair number of Pokemon that are not presently among your collections!  So with that in mind, bypass the house here (unless you need to heal) and go south to cut the tree and grab the Heart Scale, the cross the bridge and battle the trainer above.

Battle Girl Brenda has a Level 53 Throh, and pays you $1696.

Farther up the path Ace Trainer Grant has a Level 53 Emolga and a Level 53 Jellicent and pays you 80.

Hiker Don has a Level 51 Piloswine and Level 51 Probopass, and pays $1632.

Just past Don is a set of stairs going up – do not take them.  Instead Surf to the east to the other side of the river and visit the trainer in the house there, who gifts you with TM35 Flamethrower!  Outside his cabin is a patch of Dark Grass you can find some Pokemon in, so let's pause here and get what we can!

Among the Wild Pokemon in the Tall Grass that you will find here are Level 54 to 55 Amoongus, Bouffalant, Gligar, Golduck, Mienfoo, Sawk, and Vullaby, while in the Shaking Grass you will encounter Audono, Emolga, Gliscor and Throh.   Through Surf you will encounter Basculin and Buizel, and in the water holes, Basculin, Buizel, and Floatzel. 

Of these Pokemon you should only need to capture Bouffalant, Sawk, Vullaby, and Throh, as you should have all of the others if you have been following the guide.  So once you obtain all of them, head up the stairs and have you another battle!

Ace Trainer Juliet has a Level 53 Swanna, and a Level 53 Galvantula, and pays you $3180.

After the battle follow your Dowser to the east and grab the Rare Candy from the flowers across the bridge, and then take the bridge south to find a Treasure Ball that turns out to actually be an Amoongus for you to slay. 

Black Belt Luke has a Level 53 Sawk and pays you $1696.

Continue south following your Dowser to obtain a hidden Star Piece, and then continue all the way south to grab the Iron from the Treasure Ball here.  Head north and west across the bridge to the tree and cut it to reach the Treasure Ball with another Star Piece.  You have cleared this area so backtrack all the way to the split where you battled the Black Belt, and then take the south route over the bridge, where you will encounter your first ninja-hidden trainer!

Pokemon Ranger Steve has a Level 52 Stunfisk and a Level 52 Amoongus, and pays you $3120.  As is often the case with Pokemon Rangers, after the battle they gift you with a berry – in this case a Sitrus Berry.  Behind the trainer is a Treasure Ball containing TM05 Roar, so be sure that you grab that!

That completes this area so head north all the way to the top to rejoin the main path and continue west for a battle with Pokemon Ranger Lena, who has a Level 53 Floatzel and a Level 53 Lucario and pays $3180 and gifts you the traditional Sitrus Berry.  Thank you Lone Ranger... Err...

She tells you that the Badge Checking Station is up the stairs, so in theory we are really close to reaching Victory Road – but that is just in theory, as we have a bit more to do on this Route first...  So head west past her instead of up the stairs and you will find a tree to use Cut on, and as you work your way through that area another tree to use Cut on.

Follow the path up and right to allow the Dowser to lead you to a hidden Ultra Ball, then follow the cliff wall all the way west to get a Repeat Ball from a partly hidden Treasure Ball there.  Finally head back and west along the middle path for a trainer battle.

Ace Trainer Tom has a Level 54 Magmar and a Level 54 Mamoswine, and pays you $3240.

Following the lower path all the way west and south takes you to a battle with Black Belt Benjamin, who has a Level 53 Gurdurr and a Level 53 Scrafty, and pays you $1696.

Taking the path to the north and west leads you to a Treasure Ball with an HP Up in it, and then you double back to the east, a little south, and take the next path west to have another trainer battle.

Hiker Doug has a Level 53 Boldore and a Level 53 Aggron and pays you $1696.

Cut the tree here and head to the Treasure Ball nearby only to learn it is an Amoonguss, which once you have battled, you can head south from here allows you to make your way beyond the Black Belt that blocked the way to here from above.  Cut the tree to access the path south along the cliff face and thus obtain the Calcium from the Treasure Ball at the bottom.  Backtrack to the start of this path and head south to the boulder puzzle.  Don't worry if you mess it up, you actually wanted to approach it from a different direction anyway...

There is a Treasure Ball that turns out to be an Amoonguss ahead, and as you follow the path another with a Green Shard.  Remember that the Healing House is at the start of the Route if you need to heal, and continue to work your way through clearing the Route!

Head back in to this restricted area via its entrance by the Ranger, and head south, pushing the boulder into the pit.  Grab the Full Heal from the Treasure Ball here, then head down and around to work through the boulder puzzle.

Ace Trainer Miki is waiting for you with her Level 54 Scolipede and Level 54 Arcanine, and pays you $3240.

Once you solve the boulder puzzle you open the way through here, so follow your Dowser to the Yellow Shard, and then head up the stairs to the new area you gained access to thanks to the boulders and have a battle!

Battle Girl Tiffany has a Level 53 Gurdurr and a Level 53 Mienshao, and pays you $1696.

As you work your way along this path be sure to grab the Max Potion from the partly hidden Treasure Ball, and then cross the bridge and follow your Dowser to the PP Up.  Continue along the path west over another bridge and you will find a Treasure Ball containing TM12 Taunt.  Nice one!  Double back and return to the Ranger, as we have pretty much cleared this area and it is time to move on.

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