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Pokemon League

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Pokemon League

The first thing that you should do is spend a moment to appreciate how far you have come...  You have not only trained up a great team, and reached the pinnacle of the world of the Pokemon Trainer – as you are about to challenge the Elite Four and the Regional Champion – but you have also saved the world.  Heady stuff that.  So taking a few minutes to revel in your success is surely warranted and deserved.  Now that you have done that, it is time to kick some Elite Four butt, ah, but before you do that, it might be an idea to be ready, and that means reviewing your team and their moves, and your kit, being sure you have adequate supplies, and the testicular fortitude that is required for the next steps!

First, your team...  Level-wise anything above 70 is going to give you an incredible edge for most of the battles you will fight – but not all of them.  Depending on the makeup of your team you may run into trouble with a few of the opponents you are about to face - fair warning.  The battles that you are about to fight require careful team management and battle, as the trainers you are about to face are in theory the best of the best.  The important thing to remember is that they possess a variety of types and that the moves that they use are often targeted towards peak type performance.

As for your kit, you will want to lay in an adequate supply of two basic healing agents – Hyper Potions and Full Restores – and an adequate supply of Revives.  The basic strategy is that you use the Hyper Potions to heal any team member who is damaged but without a status ailment, and you use the Full Restores (which are basically a Max Potion and Cure All Status Ailments in one package) to heal any team member who also has a status ailment.   

If the case is such that you need that team member back in action, well then the Revives are there for when things really go pear-shaped and you just cannot control the damage that is coming in.  In that case you want to shift to a tank-class team member who is strong to type so that they can survive several attacks while you revive and heal your downed team member, but under normal circumstances you will only be using those Revives after the battle is completed and you are putting your team back together for the next battle.

In addition to those very useful kit items, you also are going to need whatever Elixirs you have of each type and (Elixir and Max Elixir) as well as any Leppa Berries you have – as each of those restores PP to your moves.  You may also want to use any PP Raising items on strategic moves for your team so that you go into battle with more PP for those moves already available and banked.

Remember, once you start your quest to take on the Elite Four, you cannot turn back.  You have to beat each of them in one go, so be prepared!

When you are ready approach the trainer that is guarding the entrance and chat with him to be admitted – he will warn you about how you have to keep battling until you win or are defeated – saving the game now, before you enter is a really good idea...  The Elite Four are located in separate buildings in the main staging area, and you can take them on in any order you like – but the order that I chose is 1 O’clock, 5 O’clock, 7 O’clock and 11 O’clock.

Battling with the Elite Four - Elite Four Caitlin

Elite Four Caitlin

She opens her battle with a Level 56 Musharna, followed by her Level 58 Gothitelle, and then her Level 56 Reniclus, and closes with her Level 56 Sygilyph.

You will find that physical attacks like Crunch work really well on her team, so leading with your physical battler is a good idea here.

After you defeat her she pays you $6960 and sort of wishes you luck...  Use the teleport pad to get back to the lobby then repair your team as needed.

Battling with the Elite Four - Elite Four Marshal

Elite Four Marshal

Marshal opens with his Level 56 Throh, then his Level 56 Mienshao, then his Level 58 Conkeldurr, and finally his Level 56 Sawk.

These are battlers who like physical attacks, and you will find that many of your AOE attacks like Earthquake work very well against them.

Marshal pays you $6960 for the lesson and congratulates you on the battle.  Use the pad here to return to the lobby and repair your team.

Battling with the Elite Four - Elite Four Shauntal

Elite Four Shauntal

She favors Ghost-type Pokemon, and by now you should know how to deal with those pretty well, with Dark moves like Dark Pulse being particularly effective.

She leads with her Level 56 Cofagrigus, following with her Level 56 Drifblim, then her Level 58 Chandelure, and finally her Level 56 Golurk.

She pays you $6960 as your reward for beating her, and thanks you for the lesson.  Use the pad to head back to the lobby and your kit to repair your team as needed.  Check PP at this point, as you may need to refresh it.

Battling with the Elite Four - Elite Four Grimsley

Elite Four Grimsley

Grimsley favors mixed mode Pokemon, so your strategy will be a little varied here...  AOE moves like Surf are effective against his Pokemon, as are battle DD moves.

He leads with his Level 56 Liepard, then his Level 56 Krookodile, and follows with his Level 56 Scrafty, and closes with his Level 58 Bisharp. 

Your reward is $6960 and you astonish him with your skills!  Hit the pad, repair your crew, and get ready for the final phase...

Battling with the Unova Pokemon League Champion

– The Pokemon League Champion --

Once you have recovered your team step up to the statue and trigger it to ride it down to the main battle arena, then proceed north up several very long steep sets of stairs to confront.... Iris, the Pokemon League Champion for Unova.

For the flying dragon types Ice attacks work really well, but for Aggron not so much.  For him straight-on physical attacks work well.  For Haxorus Ice works well again, but for Lapras you may want to switch back to physical attacks.

Iris opens with her Level 57 Hydregon, then trots out her Level 57 Druddigon.  Next up is her Level 57 Archeops, and then her Level 57 Aggron.   Her Level 59 Haxorus is next, and then she closes with her Level 57 Lapras.

Your reward for winning this battle is $11800, and of course you assume the mantle of the Pokemon League Champion for the Unova Region!  She opens the path to the Hall of Fame and you head inside with her so that you victory can be recorded in the official records – a traditional aspect of the act of winning the title.

After your team is entered into the Hall of Fame your game is saved and then the credits role – you will need to sit through the entire credits naturally, but it is worth it to see some of the snaps they show, including one of you getting a tickertape parade!  At the end you see yourself returning home where you are welcomed by your Mom, and you go into your house, and that, friends, is The End.  Or is it?  Well, no, not really, there is plenty left to do!

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