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The Giant Chasm

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Giant Chasm

Now that we are back you will notice that the way is no longer blocked!  For the most part we obtained the bulk of the Pokemon we could previously, but you should be aware that there are some others here, including some very desirable ones deeper into the Chasm...  But we will cover that in a moment.  The part of the Chasm we are in now is the Main Cave, and as we have all the Wild Pokemon already in our collection here, we will make our way through the cave to the next area of it, having our fun as we go!

Make sure you turn on your Dowser, and then head south after entering the Chasm to the spot where the pair of Grunts are blocking the path, and Hugh appears, and then another Grunt comes to collect the pair blocking the path, telling them that everything is all set, whatever that will turn out to mean...  The messenger turns out to be Rood's Spy...  So first thing first, you will be exploring as well as working your way towards resolving this part of the story, so keep in mind that you are still in explore mode, right?

The Dust Clouds offer you Dark Gems, Flying Gems, Grass Gems, Normal Gems, and Water Gems.

You will find Treasure Balls that contain TM13 Ice Beam, Max Repel, and a Star Piece.

You will find Wild Pokemon that include Level 44 to 47 Clefairy, Delibird, Lunatone, Piloswine, Sneasel, Solrock, Vanillish in the main area and Excadrill in Dust Clouds.  In the water via Surf you will find Basculin and Seel, and in the water holes, Basculin, Dewgong, and Seel.

Pushing the boulder into the pit gives you access to the water, which you should head north up to the end in order to grab TM13 Ice Beam from the Treasure Ball at the end.  Doubling back you reach the long set of stairs going down – but before you use that head south and west to find the Star Piece using your Dowser, then head up and around, push the boulder into the pit and grab the Max Repel from the Treasure Ball there.

Follow the path north, ignoring the Grunts and continuing until your Dowser signals to look right, and grab the hidden Ultra Ball, then continue around and push the boulder into the pit to grab the Star Piece from the Treasure Ball.  Continue to follow the path all the way east and follow your Dowser to the Ice Gem that you have to push a boulder into a pit to reach, then follow the path all the way back to where you entered, continue all the way south and west, and look for the exit along the bottom of the area, which leads to the Route 13.

– Route 13 Giant Chasm Annex –

First thing you need to understand is that the area that is just outside is NOT Route 13, it is the Route 13 Giant Chasm Annex, but that is OK there is a reason we are going here...  Outside you will spot a Treasure Ball with a Yellow Shard - be sure to collect that - and then if you follow your Dowser you will find a Max Potion in the grass.  Down on the coast (which is on Route 13 proper) there is a Treasure Ball with a Hyper Potion you should grab, then use the Dowser to get a Heart Scale nearby.  Head back to the Annex area now, as you already have all of the Pokemon from Route 13 from our earlier visit.

The Wild Pokemon here include Level 47 to 49, Clefairy, Delibird, Lunatone, Pelipper, Solrock, Tangela, and Vanillish, and in the Shaking Grass you will find  Audino, Clefable, Tangrowth, and Vanilluxe.

Of the Pokemon here the one you should need is Clefable, as you should already have all of the others.  If you do not, now is a good time to grab them, but either way we are going to assume that you have them all in your collection by the time you return to the Giant Chasm to continue this adventure!

– The Giant Chasm Forest –

Return to the Chasm and head down the long set of stairs, exiting below into an outside area in which the Team Plasma crew is gathered and you find Hugh watching them!  Talk to Hugh and then watch as Rood tries to convince the crew not to fight.  That does not work, then Hugh gives a speech and Team Plasma attacks!

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Weezing and a Level 47 Muk and pays $1880.

After the battle Rood gifts you with some Max Revives, then Hugh takes off.  You should grab the Razor Claw from the Treasure Ball in the bottom corner and the Moon Stone from the Treasure Ball in the top corner, and then take a few minutes to work the area for Wild Pokemon because there are some important ones here...

The Wild Pokemon here include Level 45 to 50 Clefairy, Delibird, Ditto, Lunatone, Metang, Piloswine, and Solrock.  In the Shaking Grass you will find Audino, Clefable, Mamoswine, and Metagross.

Of the Pokemon here the ones you still need to add to your collection should be Ditto, Metang, Mamoswine, and Metagross.   This will require a bit of effort on your part, but it is well worth it.  With respect to the Ditto, you will want to capture more than one, since you need to obtain at a minimum a pair with natures that are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but you can do that later when you are actually ready to breed, so for now just grab one – or not, your call...

Once you have captured the Pokemon you are ready to follow Hugh for another confrontation with Team Plasma – so head through the grass to the steps leading up to the ice, and when you reach the top you will have another go at the Team Plasma Frigate!

Navigating the Ice to reach the Team Plasma Frigate

Negotiating this path is really wicked simple – from the bottom steps go north to slide all the way to the top, then east up the stairs and slide, then north, slide west, slide south, then west again, then just head up the stairs here and east onto the gang plank.  Simpatico! 

– Team Plasma Frigate Again –

As you go aboard you will once again see Hugh challenging a large number of Grunts – head over and give him a Wutsup?  Hugh lets you know that he is going to force Plasma to tell him about his sister's Pokemon, and asks that you go on and search the Frigate – so why not?  Heading south to the open hatch as we walk through we get jumped by a pair of Grunts who – for the first time in our experience – have a FULL team of Pokemon for us to face!  This should be intersting!

The pair of Team Plasma Grunts send out a Level 46 Trubbish and Level 46 Scraggy as their openers, and follow them with a Level 46 Scrafty and Level 46 Garbodor, and close with a Level 46 Whirlipede and Level 46 Golbat, paying $3680 for the lesson.

Using the teleport pad here sends us to the area with the force fields, and instant combat with Rood's spy, who spends a few minutes complaining and then fills you in on the fact that the floors are a maze of pipes and you need to step on switches to get past the barrier.  Let's start on the left-hand-side of the passage and begin battling our way to the switches, shall we?

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 45 Skorupi, a Level 45 Foongus, and a Level 45 Golbat, and pays you $1800 and gives you a hint about the password you will need – The password is a numeric code.  The second number is 2.

Heading south you walk out onto the first pipe and close the first switch, which changes the pipe configuration.  Head west and north down to the lower level for another battle.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Scrafty and pays $1880 and gives you the hint: Three of the four digits are the same number.

Head east for another battle with Team Plasma Grunt, who has a Level 46 Trubbish and a Level 46 Zangoose, and pays you $1840 and gives you a Plasma Card, which is required in order to enter the password.

Head back to the stairs and up on to the pipes above, and follow the path to the center and then north to get a Zinc from the Treasure Ball there.  From there head all the way south and then west to battle another Grunt.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Krokorok and a Level 47 Krookodile, and pays you $1880.  Nearby are Treasure Balls with a Max Revive and Max Elixir.

Step on the next switch and then make your way to the first one you stepped on and close it to restore access to the first area, then head up there and battle the Grunt on the right side of the passage.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Krookodile and pays $1880.

Head south and trip the switch, then head east and down to battle a Grunt.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 46 Grimer and a Level 46 Seviper, and pays $1840 and the tip that the first number is 2.

Head back up the steps onto the pipes, to the center and south, then east to battle yet another Grunt.

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Raticate and a Level 47 Watchog and pays $1880.

Nearby is Doctor Jullius who has a Level 49 Leavanny and pays $2940 and heals your team after the battle ends.

Now head out on to the right pipe, close the switch to reset the pipes, then run west and south back to the south platform and use the stairs to go down, as you now have access to the eastern path – there is a Treasure Ball with a Power Band there, and of course a Grunt!

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Drapion and pays you $1880 and provides the hints that the password is a four-digit number, and the last number is 2.

The last Grunt left to be battled is the one on the bottom right corner of the area – and you can reach that with the pipes in their present configuration, so head over to have that battle!

Team Plasma Grunt has a Level 47 Scolipede and pays you $1880 and tells you that his favorite number is 0.  Hmm...

With all of the battles and clues down, head back over the pipes to the first area where the force fields are and you will notice the terminal on the left side of the fields – use that to enter the password:

– Password Hints –

(1)    The password is a numeric code.
(2)    The second number is 2.
(3)    Three of the four digits are the same number.
(4)    The first number is 2.
(5)    The password is a four-digit number.
(6)    The last number is 2.
(7)    The favorite number is 0.

With all of those great hints we know that the password should be 2202 – and when we enter that number the Force Field Barrier drops and we now have access to the front of the Frigate!

As we step forward and get a good look at this strange Legendary Pokemon, Zinzolin appears behind is warning that there is no way we will be able to break into the cell and free the Pokemon – time for another battle with Zin!

Zinzolin has a pair of Level 49 Cryogonal, and closes with his Level 51 Weavile, and pays $9180 for this lesson.

– The Frigate Bridge –

Using the right-hand pad you will find yourself teleported to the Bridge, where you are in for a surprise!  It turns out that Professor Colress is there, in control!  Colress makes it very clear to you that he not only knew what he was doing, but meant to do it, and he did not care if it meant the end of the world – his research was simply that important to him.  The man is clearly a nutter.

Colress opens with his Level 50 Magneton, a Level 50 Magnezone, a Level 50 Metang, a Level 50 Beheeyem, and closes with his Level 52 Klinklang, paying you $10400 for the lesson.

After the battle Colress basically tells you that he is still intent upon his quest, but that he respects you, and then tells you where you need to go for the next stage of this battle.  You should have plenty of med kit to reset your team, and before you head into the next area, you will want to use it to restore your team as much as you can, but if you took major damage or you used too much PP, you may want to head back to the Doctor who previously healed your team and have them heal you again...  In fact that is probably the best idea.

Confronting Lord Ghetsis in his Lair

– Confronting Lord Ghetsis –

As you approach the other pad the guard there freaks and runs away, shocked that you beat Colress, and  that clears the way for you to step on that pad, which naturally takes you to Lord Ghetsis and his personal lair!  But he is not alone – there are Shadow Triad here!

Ghetsis departs after learning that the next stage of his plan is completed – the Triad having delivered the news – but before you can get to battling, Hugh shows up and the Triad reveals that he does indeed have the Pokemon that previously belonged to Hugh's sister!  This cannot be allowed to stand!

Shadow Triad unleashes his Level 49 Pawniard, and then his Level 51 Absol, and finally his Level 49 Pawniard, paying you $5100 for the lesson, but surprisingly not using the stolen Pokemon in the battle.  Before you relax though, the other two members of the Triad appear, and you need to battle them!

Shadow Triad (right) has a Level 49 Pawniard, followed by a Level 51 Banette, and then a Level 49 Pawniard, paying you $9180 for that lesson!

Shadow Triad (back) has a Level 49 Pawniard, followed by a Level 51 Accelgor, and closes with his Level 49 Pawniard, paying you $9180.

After the final battle the first Triad gives the stolen Pokemon back to Hugh, effectively allowing Hugh to complete his mission of rescuing his sister's Pokemon!  But as Hugh points out, you cannot allow Plasma to execute this plan...

Depending upon how you did here you may want to have that Doctor heal your team again before proceeding, in fact the large amount of PP you expended in the battles you just fought makes that minor detour a good idea, so why not?

Once you team is healed and you are back in the Lair of Ghetsis, head south in the direction that Lord Ghetsis departed and you will exit the Frigate via its foreward gang plank and find yourself in a different section of the Giant Chasm Forest. 

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Comments for The Giant Chasm

6 comments, latest first.
Jan 6th 2015 Guest
In my game answer which worked as password is zekrom
ID #496989
Aug 18th 2014 Guest
A fire or ground type pokemon are the best to go with, I used arcanine and flygon
ID #437872
Sep 1st 2013 Guest
My password is a name of a legendary Pokemon.
ID #307790
Jun 12th 2013 Guest
For me 2202 doesn't work.

ID #289782
May 9th 2013 Guest
Hey, in this guide, the password given is 2202. But in my game it turned out to be wrong. I did a bit of searching and came to the conclusion that you have to battle the dude on the left side after encountering the spy first to know that the second digit is what(was 9 in my case). Whatever digit he tells, put it in the form of 'xx0x '(Formed 9909 in my case). That is the password. You then ought to get the card and enter whatever the password is.

Hope you find it helpful!!!!
ID #281279
Apr 15th 2013 Guest
ID #274396