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The Aftergame Part 2

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Aftergame Part2

We are getting close to having completed the bulk of the special captures of the aftergame, and we should stay on track here!  Fly to Striation City, heal, re-supply if you need to, and save at the Pokemon Center, and then head for the Dreamyard here! 

– Capturing Latios –

When you go inside you will be jumped by the Legendary Pokemon Latios, who will then run off!  You need to immediately chase after and catch up to him in order to do battle and capture him...  How you do that is run in the direction that he heads in until you encounter him again a few times – when you end up on the top of the broken floor and all the way to the east (right) side, when you step to the very end he will appear and engage you!

Just weaken and capture him as usual...  After you capture it be sure to grab the Treasure Ball that drops behind you – it has the special Hold Item for Latios – called a Soul Dew – that you should recall from the previous generation when this Legendary was introduced to the world of Pokemon with that special hold item...  It would probably be a good idea to head to the Pokemon Center, heal, re-supply, and give the Soul Dew to Latios before sorting it into the Legendary Box.  That way you know that the right Pokemon has the item.

Unleashing the Pixie Trio of Pokemon on the world of Unova

– The Pixie Trio –

To begin the process of capturing the trio of pixie Pokemon you first need to Fly to Floccesy Town, and then head out onto Route 20, as we are headed for the Cave of Being which is off Route 20!  To reach the Cave you need to head along Route 20 to the lower area and then Surf along the river back towards town, head up the waterfall, and follow the river until you reach the island with the cave entrance on it.  Hop on to the shore and head inside the cave, where you encounter Professor Juniper, who is looking around – after you talk to her and then step forward you are approached by one of the pixies – Uxie – then Mesprit, and finally Azelf!  Excellent!  After confronting you the trio flies off – and we need to hunt them down...

– Catching Uxie –

Right so for our first capture we need to Fly to Nacrene City and then head to the front of the Museum there, and then carefully step on the tile in the very center of the open circle of concrete in front of the door, as when we do we are prompted to confirm the special encounter – say Yes – and then capture Uxie!

– Catching Mesprit –

For Mesprit we need to Fly to Mistralton City and then head up Route 7 to reach the Celestial Tower, where we will climb to the roof and stand on the tile that is in the middle of the bottom of the stairs leading up to the bell, at which point we must confirm the special encounter (say Yes) and Mesprit appears.  Capture it in the usual way!

– Catching Azelf –

The third and final pixie Pokemon is located off of Route 23 so Fly to the Victory Road entrance, and then head south to where the Ranger is and left (west) through the grass, Cut the tree, and you will find just ahead a small raised area with the short set of steps leading up to it; go up and you will trigger the spawn question – say Yes – and Azelf apears!  Capture it in the usual way.

– Going After the Regi's –

Right mates, so our next adventure is a major one – we are going after the Regi's: Regirock, Registeel, Regice, and the awesome and elusive Regigigas!  So to start off you need to Fly to Driftveil City and then head up to the north and you will find that the Clay Tunnel is now open!  Excellent as that is where we need to go!

In addition to a few trainer battles, you will also find Wild Pokemon down here, including Boldore, Durant, Nosepass, and Onix, which you should already have...  As well as Lairon,

To proceed here you have to have a Pokemon that knows Rock Smash, but in Black 2 that is a TM, not an HM, and it is a move we own, so go ahead and teach one of your team the move, then talk to the workers at the end of the tunnel and the rocks get smashed through teamwork!  Good on ya!

As you make your way through the area having trainer battles and pushing the odd boulder into the odd pit, you will eventually reach the first puzzle area. Note that if you reach Twist Mountain you have gone the wrong way...  Bear in mind that you can ride the manned mine carts to the different areas – and you should ride the two that lead to the blocked off area with the two pits and boulders, and push those in to open the path and collect the Green Shard and Rare Bone from the Treasure Balls that you access that way.  Use the eastern cart and then head south and take the next east cart.

When you arrive in the next area Surf north and zone to the next area, push the boulder, then take the north cart, push the boulder ahead but then use the northeast passage to zone, head north and you will reach the main chamber outside the ruins.  Head through the large doors (they open for you) and you will be able to read some clues on the statues here.

Capturing the Legendary Pokemon Regirock

– Regirock –

Basically this IS the Puzzle Chamber, but you have to decipher the clues to activate it.  Return to the huge double doors you entered by and stand in the center of the circle, then carefully move six steps south, and nine steps to the east – then hit the Action  Button (A) to trigger the switch.  Now return to the room above through the doors and you will find that the rocks are gone and the Puzzle has been revealed.  You will know it is correctly configured because the circle will change to a red ring.

I don't know how this worked out for you mates, but for me this was another real heartbreaker of a capture session, and it required nearly 90 minutes of throwing ball after ball after ball before I was finally able to capture this bastard.  I have no idea why they do this – I mean making it difficult to capture is one thing, but making it drag on and on and on like this?  After I finally captured it I was so disgusted with the game that I had to take a break from it or risk hating it.  No game should ever do that to you – if a game contains content that ends up making you strongly dislike the game play process, the people who made it did something terribly wrong.

After you capture Regirock you will receive the Iron Key, which unlocks the Iron Chamber, and which then allows you to change the puzzle to reveal Registeel!

– Registeel and Regice –

In Black 2 capturing Regirock also gets you the Iron Key, which is the special item that is required to alter the puzzle chamber in order to catch Registeel.  So change the chamber over and capture it...  In order to capture Regice you are going to need a mate who has Pokemon White 2 and who has completed the game to the extent that they have become the Pokemon League Champion for the Unova Region and also captured Regirock, so that they have the Iceberg Key, and then you need them to trade you the Iceberg Key via Unova Link for you to change the puzzle chamber to Regice and capture it.

– Regigigas –

Once you have obtained all three of the Regi's – Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, you need to place them in your team and then head to the basement of Twist Mountain where the three statues are located, you will then raise Regigigas and be able to capture them – but remember that requires that you trade keys with a mate so you have all three Regi's with you.

– Capturing Heatran –

The final Legendary that is on our list is #485 Heatran – and to obtain this bugger you need to have obtained the Magma Stone, which is situated in the cliffs off of Route 18, which is located to the east of Nuvema Town – so use Fly to jet your way there.

If you need to heal your team, you can actually visit the home of the Trainer you played in Black/White – for a brief moment the Mum there will think you are that trainer – her son/daughter – but then will realize you are not and, once she gets a good look at you, will recognize you since she knows your Mum and you as a child.  Once you get that dialogue out fo the way, you can chat her up and she will heal your team!

To get to your destination take the north exit onto Route 1 and, at the first patch of grass head west and Surf along the river here to the shore, head south and west and you will reach the route and the gate!  Head on through and you are on then Surf across to Route 18, and be sure to turn on your Dowser.  There is a Rest House on the upper levels of the route and those are where you will find the target as well, so work your way through to the Rest House, rest, then make your way to the second cliff section north of it and grab the Magma Stone from the Treasure Ball.

Once you have the Stone Fly to Undella Town and hit the Center to heal and re-supply as needed, save your game and then take the west road and enter Reversal Mountain, then locate the cave that Bianca pointed out before and, when you go in, you are prompted to place the Stone, at which point Heatran appears.  Simply weaken and catch them and you have now captured the last of the Legendary Pokemon!  Well done!

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