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Route 6 and the Chargestone Cave

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Route 6 and the Chargestone Cave

As we have previously worked our way through Route 6 you should have all of the captures from there, which means that now we are just passing through on our way to the Chargestone Cave, which we have not explored or entered yet.

When we reach the Lab on Route 6 the way is blocked by Leader Cheren, who it seems was waiting for us!  He asks us to come with him and takes us inside the Lab where he tells us about the drop in temperature near Lacunosa Town...  There were other incidents and he feels that they may be connected to Team Plasma – he wants us to investigate, and to help us out he gifts us with the HM03 Surf!  Excellent!  This will really come in handy!

Later you can use Surf to explore the previous areas we have already passed through both to grab the items that are on them that were previously beyond reach, and to obtain the Pokemon that can only be had that way, but until we get a Fishing Rod there is no point in being too serious about retracing to those areas anyway.  You should go ahead and teach that HM to one of your team now so you have it.  In fact a great way to try it out would be to Surf in the river outside, as you can Surf across to an area that was out of reach to grab a PP Up from a Treasure Ball there!

Continue along Route 6 and when you cross the bridge above the pool you will have a brief encoutner with a special Pokemon!  Rood will appear and explain that you just encountered the Legendary Pokemon Cobalion!  The elderly man tells you about Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion.  Rood suggests that you try to befriend Cobalion – sounds like a great idea to me!

Cross the bridge and go immediately to the right instead of heading for the cave just now, and instead hit the rest house if you need to and then head behind it and along that path that you battled the trainer at and Surf into the water there, go across to the fenced off area behind the Lab and grab TM56 Fling from the Treasure Ball there.  Now go back in the water and continue east to the other side and you will find the entrance to a cave – Mistralton Cave to be precise.

– Mistralton Cave –

It is a bit dark in here but if you have a Pokemon that knows the move Flash you can light things up!  This massively expands the areas you can see, so with that new revelation make your way through the cave and you will see that you need to move boulders into pits using Strength.

The Wild Pokemon you can encounter here include Level 27 to 30 Aron, Axew, Boldore, Drilbur, and Woobat.

In the dust you can find Bug Gems, Ice Gems, and Water Gems.

You will find a Treasure Ball with a Blue Shard, Yellow Shard, Dusk Ball, Hyper Potion, Escape Rope,  and TM80 Rock Slide.

Using the Dowser you can find a Super Repel, Ultra Ball, Green Shard, Dragon Gem, and Full Heal.

You will encounter trainers here as well, starting with Hiker Shelby who has a Level 32 Boldore and pays $1024.

Hiker Jebediah has a Level 32 Onix and pays $1024.

On the second level you will find Ace Trainer Geoff who has a Level 33 Tirtouga and a Level 33 Axew, and pays $1980.

Ace Trainer Belle has a Level 33 Archen and a Level 33 Axew and pays $1980.

At this point you have done all that you can do in this cave – note that if you were expecting the Legendary to be found here, well, no, it is out and about as you saw when we were on the bridge and unlike in the last game where it WAS found in the cave that is not the case in this game.  But do not worry, you will get it eventually.

You should have captured all of the outstanding Pokemon if you are following this guide for the cave, so for now head back to the rest house and heal your team and then head for Chargestone Cave!

– Chargestone Cave –

Inside you find Bianca standing by one of the charged stones, and she tells you that the stones float and will move if you push them,  then she heads off to do some research of her own.  We are here to both explore, grab some Pokemon if we need them, and otherwise have a Poke-good time!  So let us get at that, shall we?

You will find Level 25 to 28 Drilbur, Ferroseed, Joltik, Klink, and Nosepass.

In Dust Clouds you can find Dark Gems.

Using the Dowser you can find a Yellow Shard, Hyper Potion, and an Ultra Ball.

In Treasure Balls you will find a Full Heal, Hyper Potion, Max Repel, an Iron, Escape Rope, Thunderstone, and Carbos.

Among the trainers you will battle here are Guitarist Anna who has a Level 30 Emolga and pays $960.

Scientist Ronald has a Level 30 Magneton and pays $1440.

Ace Trainer Corky has a Level 33 Sandslash, Unfezant, and Klink that are all brought out at the same time for a Triples Battle.  After you beat him he pays you $1980.

When you reach the next level down you meet the Nugget Man and Nugget Boy, and they gift you with a Nugget, and a Big Nugget.

Doctor Kit has a Level 32 Solosis and a Level 32 Gothita and pays $1920.  He heals your team after the battle.

Pokemon Ranger Brianna has a Level 33 Minccino and a Level 33 Excadrill and pays $1980.  After the battle she gifts you some Chesto Berries.

Scientist Lumi has a Level 32 Joltik and a Level 32 Golbat and pays $1536.

You run into Bianca again and she explains that she is researching a Pokemon named Tynamo at the request of the Professor, but it seems she is having trouble finding some.

Head down the stairs here and battle Guitarist Beverly who has a Level 33 Zebstrika and pays $1056.

There is an Escape Rope in a Treasure Ball ahead, and then you do battle with Ace Trainer Vicki who has a Level 33 Krokorok, Stoutland, and Ferroseed which all come out in a Rotation Battle.  She pays you $1980. 

Hiker Jeremy has a Level 32 Onix and a Level 32 Boldore and pays $1024.

Ace Trainer Shaye has a Level 34 Archen and a Level 34 Electrabuzz and pays $2040.  At the end of the path is a Treasure Ball with a Thunderstone.

Having cleared this area head out and up the stairs past where Bianca is and up to the next level and you will face Ace Trainer Mary, who has a Level 34 Tirtouga and a Level 34 Magmar and pays $2040.

If you head west from her that will take you back to the part of the cave you already explored, while south takes you down to a battle with Hiker Otto, who has a Level 32 Aron and Level 32 Nosepass and pays $1024.  Behind him is a Treasure Ball with a Carbos.

Heading east leads to the exit and Mistralton City!

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Feb 8th 2014 Guest
Bianca isn't in my cave ??
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Feb 10th 2013 iliksportsgirl
I have been in Chargestone Cave and when i come to Bianca she is with another guy and they say the brigae is still needed to be fixed what does that mean and how to i get passed that to move on.
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