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Mistralton City

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Mistralton City

Our first stop is obvious, the Pokemon Center, where we heal, re-supply, and save the game.

Outside you can chat with some trainers to learn about the town and about Join Avenue, and in the house beside the Center a woman gifts you an HP Up for showing her your TM collection.  As you head to the road behind the Center you are stopped by Professor Juniper, who examines your Pokedex and gifts you with a Master Ball as a reward for your hard work so far.

A word about the Master Ball: this is the ultimate Pokemon Ball mates, and you want to be wicked choosey about how you use it, because it will capture ANY Pokemon, sure thing!  Most trainers save it for capturing a Legendary, and you may want to do that as well!  At this point Skyla appears, the local Gym Leader, and it seems she is ready to fly the Professor to her destination but the Prof has something she wants to do first, so the trip is delayed.

Skyla asks you if you are going to challenge her or do some training first...  Well?  Which is it?  If you need to level your team you may want to do some training, but I suspect that the two caves we cleared went a long way towards leveling, but either way get your team leveled and return here.  I will wait.

– The Misralton Gym Battle –

The Gym is located in the hanger at the north end of the runway, so when you are ready, head there and take out the Assistant Gym Leaders first.   When you enter the Greeter is blown into you, and he says hello and gives you the traditional Fresh Water, explaining that you need to hide behind walls when the wind starts blowing from the wind machine.  And he mentions that the Flying-type Pokemon here are weak to Rock and Electric-type as well as Ice-type moves.

You start with Pilot Flynn who has a Level 37 Swoobat and pays $2220.

Pilot Winslow has a Level 37 Sigilyph and pays $2220.

Pilot Elron has a Level 36 Archen and a Level 36 Unfezant and pays $2160.

Pilot Ewing has a Level 37 Unfezant and pays $2220.

Pilot Chase has a Level 36 Ducklett and a Level 36 Swoobat and pays 2160.

– Gym Leader Skyla Battle –

Once you work your way to the back of the Gym it is time to take on Skyla for the sixth Gym Badge – she opens with her Level 37 Swoobat, then her Level 37 Skarmory, and closes with her Level 39 Swanna.  After you beat it she pays you $4680, and gives you the Jet Badge, along with TM62 Acrobatics.  Pokemon up to Level 70 will obey you, including those obtained in trades.

To leave you simply step on to the center launch pad and you are blown out of the gym.  When you get outside Skyla asks you to go and get the Professor and tell her that the flight is ready.

The Sixth Gym Badge Battle with Gym Leader Skyla

Before you do that take a moment to appreciate what you have accomplished and how far you have come.  Open your Dex and review your sightings and captures – you are very close to 100 which is a third of the Pokemon in the regional Dex.  Checking the Habitat System reveals a fairly impressive completion ratio, and with any luck that includes having captured an Eevee in Castelia City.  A brief look at the map shows you a visual record of your progress, with the Blue starting to catch up on the Gray.  Well done mates!  But your adventure has only reached the half-way mark at this point.

With all that in mind I have an important piece of information to share with you – all of that hard training to get your Pokemon to this level has now paid off, because at this point even if you had to face the Elite Four and the Champion, they are now at a level where they could survive and win the battle right now!  What that means is that any levels you gain from here on out are gravy, and will just make your path that much easier as you battle the final two Gym Leaders, those idiots from Team Plasma, and the Elite Four and Champion!  So while it is a bit early, I just want to say well done! 

The strategy that we used in this guide was to make you a powerful force, and we have certainly managed to do just that.  From here forward you are going to grow more and more powerful as you progress, so settle in and really get to know your team, its strengths, and its weaknesses.  If you need to make any changes now is the time to do it so that you have the chance to bring a new member up to team level.  Just saying...

– Collecting the Professor –

Before we pop off to collect the Prof we should pay another visit to the house behind the Pokemon Center and chat up the lad in the red cap, who will reveal to you the location of their treasure now that you have obtained the local Gym Badge!  Head out to the end of the runway and you will find TM40 Aerial Ace, whose Treasure Ball is now revealed to us.  With that in hand, the kids appear and confirm that they are gifting you with this TM.  Very nice of them.  If you check between the green houses below you can find another Treasure Ball with a Max Repel, and if you use your Dowser in the center of the runway above you can grab a Flying Gem, and with that managed it is now time to head back to and through town, then up onto Route 7.

– Route 7 –

A bit of a puzzler as you make your way over the grass on the platform paths, Route 7 provides you with a bit of fun and adventure in Wild encounters, trainers, and items. 

Wild Pokemon encounters on the route include Level 30 to 36 Audino, Deerling, Emolga, Foongus, Seviper, Tranquill, Unfezant, Watchog, Zangoose, and Zebstrika.

The Treasure Ball take is made up of a Zinc, Leaf Stone, TM81 X-Scissor, and an Elixer.

Your Dowser will lead you to a Revive, and a TinyMushroom.

Starting with the trainers, head to the left along the path and up the stairs to have your first battle.

Pokemon Breeder Marcus has a Level 34 Ducklett and a Level 34 Tranquill, and pays you $1088.  As you progress on the path you will get another call from Yancy, but that does not last long.

Deep in the grass you will encounter Youngster Cody,  who has Level 33 Deerling, Stoutland, and another Deerling, which he trots out in a Rotation Battle.  Defeat him and he pays $528. 

Nearby in a small clearing are what appear to be Treasure Balls, but as it turns out the top is a Level 36 Foongus, while the bottom one actually IS a Treasure Ball, which contains a Zinc for you to pop into your bag.

In the house past the first grass patch is a trainer who will trade you a Gigalith for an Emolga – so you may want to catch one to trade to him...  If you decide to go for that trade, remember that Emolga, just like Audino and Unfezant, are obtained via the shaking grass, not the regular grass, so you will need to work pretty hard or be really really lucky to get one relatively quickly.  Just saying...

Lass Flo has a Level 33 Ducklett, Unfezant, and another Ducklett that she brings out as a Triple Battle, and beating her pays you $528.

Nursery Aide Holly has a Level 34 Cleffa and Level 34 Cinccino and pays $1360.

Preschooler Greg has a Level 34 Sunflora and pays $136.  In the clearing nearby is a Treasure Ball with a Leaf Stone, and above on the path a Treasure Ball that turns out to be a Foongus.

Following the side-path leads you to a rest house where a trainer will heal your team, and where you can see pictures of a Tornadus, Thunderus and Landorus shown you by a trainer here, with each getting an entry added to your Pokedex as a result.  Note that the entries in your Dex are partial entries, not full entries, so you will still have to capture them to get the full entries. 

After you leave the rest house you get a call from your Mom, who reminds you that you need to take good care of your Pokemon.  Thanks Mom!

The Pokemon that you obtain in in-game trades level faster...

Twins Sola & Ana have a Level 33 Zangoose and Seviper and they pay $528 for the lesson.

Harlequin Pat on the raised path has a Level 35 Baltoy and pays $1120.  In a Treasure Ball on the opposite side of that raised path is a Treasure Ball with TM81 X-Scissor in it.

Harlequin Ian has a Level 35 Baltoy and pays $1120.

At this point since we do not yet want to explore Twist Mountain, turn around and head back, hit the rest house to heal and save, and then make your way back to the main path and clear out the small area above to the right where you battle Preshooler Chrissy and her Level 34 Darumaka and she pays you $136. Nearby her is a Treasure Ball with an Elixir so be sure to grab that.

With that managed, continue west from here to reach the Celestial Tower.

– Celestial Tower –

As you enter the Professor is not hard to find – she is standing in the center of the tower on the first level – so just walk up and chat her up to get gifted with a Lucky Egg, which is a hold item that increases their XP gain.  The Prof departs – but before you do we have some exploring and capturing to do!

In the tower you will encounter Level 27 to 30 Elgyem, Litwick, and Golbat.

You will also battle some trainers, starting with Psychic Joyce who has a Level 36 Musharna and who pays you $1152.  The nearby Treasure Ball contains a Hyper Potion so be sure to claim that.

School Kid Alberta has a Level 35 Litwick and pays $700.  Near her is a Treasure Ball with TM61 Will-O-Wisp.

Pokefan Jude has a Level 35 Clefairy and pays $2240.

Pokefan Georgia has a Level 35 Cubchoo and pays $2240.  Nearby her is a Treasure Ball with a Revive you will want to grab.

Psychic Micki has a Level 36 Espeon and pays $1152.

Psychic Bryce has a Level 35 Elgyem and a Level 35 Duosion and pays $1120.

Nurse Dixie has a Level 35 Leavaany and pays $1400 as well as heals your team for you!

Socialite Grace has a Level 35 Roselia and pays $7000.

Psychic Sarah has a Level 35 Yamask and a Level 35 Gothorita and pays $1120.  Nearby is a Treasure Ball with TM65 Shadow Claw, and you want to be sure you grab that.  At the opposite end of that path is another Treasure Ball containing a PP Up.

Gentleman Daniel has a Level 35 Umbreon and pays $7000.

That clears the way for you to climb to the top level where using your Dowser you will find a Ghost Gem – so be sure to grab that – then head up on the platform and ring the bell and summon . . . Nobody!  Heh.  Yeah, maybe later?

Head all the way back to the ground level and outside, then make your way back to town, hit the Pokemon Center and heal and save, then re-supply if you need to before heading over to the Freight Services slash Control Tower Building.  Inside before you chat up the Prof go ahead and talk to the other trainers here, and you will score a Sharp Beak hold item, and the opportunity to use your Pokemon that has Fly to help the bloke at the far counter to get some items that were too high for him, which nets you some Net Balls – see how I did that?  Nets you Net Balls?  Heh.

Now just talk to the Professor and then Skylar, and she will ask if you are ready to leave?  Ready to leave?!  Well, yeah!  You get to fly with the Prof all the way across the region and land in Lentimas Town.  Before you depart though Bianca appears, lets the Prof know about her plan, and then we get to see a wicked cool animation of the plane taking off!

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