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Undella Town

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Undella Town

Emerging from the Mountain you find yourself practically in the middle of town, but before you rush off to explore head east and south around the narrow path that runs below where you entered to get the Berry Juice from the Treasure Ball there, and then make sure your Dowser is turned on as there are a few hidden items to be had here!  North of the entrance by the payloader is a Shiny Stone, while on the beach is a Heart Scale, and two Pearls.

As you approach the gate in search of hidden items your Rival, Hugh, appears for the traditional Rivals Battle to determine who is the best – and that would be you mates! 

Hugh opens the battle with his Level 39 Unfezant, followed by his Level 41 Serperior, and then his Level 39 Simisear.  You can easily deal with the first two by using your battler, but for Simisear you should change to your Water Pokemon to make quick work of it!  Hugh ends up paying you $4100 - sweet!  But having to admit you are better than him?  Priceless.  Of course he cannot just stop there, he has to go on and tell you about all of your responsibilities...  Really Hugh?  Really?!

In the Pokemon Center on the left side is a trainer who will gift you with a Prism Scale, and on the opposite side of the room is a man in black who will ask if you would pay $1K for a Sitrus Berry - just say yes and he will gift you with the unlock of the Funfest Mission “Shocking Shopping” for your effort!  Heal and save and re-supply, then head out to explore the town.

The Marine Tube is closed right now but there is a vending machine in the lobby if you need to replace your beverages.  The house to the right of the Tube Station belongs to Caitlin, one of the Elite Four (you should remember that).

Now that we have Surf and a nice long beach here with the odd blue hole in the water, be an idea to check those out!  After all our sea Pokemon collection is not very large at the moment so making the effort to increase it sounds like a great plan to me!  Bear in mind that the water area here qualifies as part of Undella Town, not Undella Bay, which is a separate area.  To get the blue holes run along the beach in the surf as some of these Pokemon can only be had that way.

Among the Wild Pokemon that you can find ny Surfing here are Level 30 to 35 Basculin, Staryu, Frillish, and Jellicent.  Once you capture the ones you don't have, head back to the beach and follow it to the Bay.

The Sixth Gym Badge Battle with Gym Leader Skyla

– Undella Bay –

Load your Dowser and follow the beach to grab a Heart Scale, and then head all the way north to grab the Draco Plate from the Treasure Ball there.  Heading out into the bay there are sand bars with trainers and items – head east to the first sand bar and grab the Splash Plate from the Treasure Ball, and then have a trainer battle!

Ace Trainer Summer has a Level 40 Pelipper and a Level 40 Starmie, and pays $2400.

Swimmer Matt has a Level 39 Mantyke and pays $624.

Swimmer Arissa has a Level 39 Alomomola and pays $624.

Swimmer Mitzi has a Level 38 Spheal and a Level 38 Wailmer and pays $608.

Swimmer Bart has a Level 39 Basculin and pays $624.

Swimmer Tim has a Level 39 Sealeo and pays $624.

The dark spots you see in the water are there for when you have the HM for Dive, which sadly we do not yet have...  Soon though.

Among the Wild Pokemon that you can find Surfing here are Level 26 to 35 Frillish, Jellicent, Mantine, Mantyke,  Remoraid, Wailmer, and Wailord.

To the north of the area is a small beach with the entrance to Seaside Cave but the way in here is blocked at the moment so ignore that and then head back to town.

– Route 13 –

Head through the gate in the center of town and exit onto Route 13, to find a trainer waiting for you and the first patch of grass nearby.

You will find the following Wild Pokemon in the grasson the route: Level 34 to 35 Absol, Drifblim, Emolga, Lunatone, Pelliper, Solrock, Tangela, and Tangrowth.  In the water you can grab Basculin, Frillish, Jellicent, Staryu, and Starmie.

Using your Dowser you can grab a Zinc, a Heart Scale, Big Pearl, and a Pearl.

Using cut on the tree west and then south of the first patch you can get a Max Repel from a Treasure Ball.  In the area up the stairs just past the first patch (you have to use Strength to move the boulder) you can get a Red Shard from a Treasure Ball.  On the beach below the first area is a Treasure Ball with an Ultra Ball. 

where your first official act is to battle with Black Belt Wesley who has a Level 41 Gurdurr and pays $1312.

Your next battle is with Battle Girl Alize who has a Level 41 Scrafty and pays $1312.

In the surf past the first patch is Ace Trainer Miguel who has a Level 41 Delcatty and a Level 41 Eelektrik, and pays $2460.

Fisherman Leroy has a Level 40 Vaporeon and pays $1280.

Parasol Lady Laura has a Level 40 Castform and pays $1280.

Fisherman Damon has a Level 39 Basculin and a Level 39 Staryu and pays you $1248.

Fisherman Jones has a Level 40 Alomomola and pays $1280.

A trainer on the shore to the west gifts you a White Flute, and tells you that he is there every day looking for treasure so you should check back with him each day.  Inside the nearby house is a pair of trainers you can chat up.  Backtrack to the sand spit and continue north, heading up the stairs and then turning north to find a pair of trees to cut, beyond which is your first proper Legendary Pokemon – Cobalion!

Capturing the Legendary Pokemon Cobalion

– Capturing Cobalion –

First thing you need to do BEFORE you cut the trees is save your game.  Once you have saved your game, go ahead and cut a tree and head in to confront Cobalion – the idea here is to capture NOT kill this Pokemon, so go easy, because even weakened this guy is no easy catch.  Plan on burning through a large number of Poke Balls or getting really lucky and nailing him quickly...

This first Legendary battle will drag on and on as you try to capture it that you will be very tempted to use your Master Ball...  My advice?  Don't do that.  This is NOT the Legendary you need to use that on.  Basically this is a numbers game, so just keep chucking balls at it and if you fail to catch it and run out of balls, so what?  Just re-load your save and take another go at it, because it really is a random number game, and luck. 

From a strategy point-of-view it seems that getting him into the red is really necessary, and that having an good supply of Ultra Balls is also a really good idea...  I easily burned through between 20 and 50 Ultra Balls in the process of experimenting with catching it, and found that having it down to a small amount of red used the least Ultra Balls.

As you will see in the video above I was incredibly lucky and captured it with my third or fourth ball, which is mostly unheard of.  Good one though and I felt very relieved at not having to struggle so hard for it...  I hope you are as fortunate.

– Wrapping up Route 13 –

If you continue on to the north and west from here you will reach the next town - but we have some minor tasks to wrap up on Route 13 first, so let us not do that now, but instead head to the south, for a battle with Ace Trainer Angi who has a Level 41 Lopunny and Level 41 Lampent and pays $2460.

At the end of the route south is a Treasure Ball with a Star Piece, so be sure to grab that, and then head back up and into the area to the right of where you battled Cobalion to have a battle with Pokemon Ranger Dianne who has a Level 39 Larvesta, Flareon, and Vibrave, who she brings out as a Triple Battle, and pays you $2340.  After the battle she gifts you with a Sitrus Berry.  Nearby are two Treasure Balls, one with a Blue Shard, and one with a Max Ether.

Backtrack to the shore and enter the water, heading east to the sand bar where there is a Treasue Ball which contains TM29 Psychic.  Fisherman Vince is at the other end of the bar, with his Level 40 Golduck, and he pays you $1280 for the lesson in battle with you.

In the middle of the nearby island with the large grass patch is a Treasure Ball that has a Luxury Ball in it - grab that.  That wraps up the outstanding tasks, so head back to the top of the stairs and along to the entrance to Lucanosa Town!

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