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Chasing Lord Ghetsis

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Chasing Lord Ghetsis

Just to sum things up, you have defeated the Shadow Triad, restored the Pokemon that was stolen from Hugh's sister to Hugh, and you have Lord Ghetsis on the run...  Well, maybe not so much on the run as much as running to complete his plan.  As you exit the Frigate and head down the forward gang plank you find yourself back in the frozen forest of the Giant Chasm – there is another ice patch ahead you will need to navigate, and here are the directions...

From the gang plank just do the following:

Head south down the stairs to the bottom;

01. Slide east to a stop;
02. Slide north to a stop;
03. Slide east to a stop;
04. Slide north to a stop;
05. Slide east to a stop;
06. Slide south to a stop;
07. Slide west to a stop;
08. Slide south to a stop;
09. Slide east to a stop;
10. Slide north to a stop;
11. Head east down the stairs and slide east to a stop;
12. Slide south to a stop;
13. Slide east to a stop;
14. Slide south to a stop;
15. Head east down the stairs and that is the end!

Be aware that you already have all of the Pokemon for this area if you have been following the guide, so there is no reason to hang around in the tall grass or otherwise seek out Wild Pokemon!  Just head north, then west, then north again to find the entrance to the Giant Chasm Caves and go inside!

– Back inside the Giant Chasm Caves –

Again there are no Wild Pokemon here that you need to capture if you have been following the guide, because you already have them!   So it is just items and trainer battles from here for now, so make your way through the cave to the north, exiting to the next area, and you will confront Ghetsis again!

He reveals that this is the spot in which Kyurem has the most power, and will be able to cover the world with ice, and then he summons that Legendary Pokemon, and then he proceeds to order it to freeze you into a solid block of ice!  But as that move is being unleashed something unexpected happens!  N appears, and issues a command to his own Legendary that negates the attack, as Zekrom pounces to your rescue!

N relates how Zekrom told him of how Kyurem was suffering – remember, N can actually talk to Pokemon – and so he has come to deal with the matter for himself.  It look s like all is well, but then Ghetsis plays his ace in the hole, the DNA Splicers!

The result of this is a battle in which Zekrom is trapped inside a black orb, and then Ghetsis orders Kyurem to absorb Zekrom, and he does! 

Ghetsis then challenges you – offering you one last tiny sliver of hope – allowing you to battle his newly fused Kyurem.  He does not believe that you can win of course, and he warns you that you cannot capture the Legendary fused Pokemon because his cane blocks all Poke Balls, but that does not mean that you cannot kick its ass!

A Confrontation with Lord Ghetsis

– Battling Kyurem –

As the battle starts you are facing a Level 55 Kyurem, who uses the move Freeze Shock to good effect.   He follows that with Fusion Bolt, which is a strong move, and then unleashes Dragon Breath.  What I found was that I was able to unleash Surf three times before he KO'd my Water-type, and then I was easily able to finish it off with my Tyranitar who is named Crazy, who basically just chomped it to death with Crunch!

By defeating it you end up reversing the fusion, and the two Pokemon are separated again, and Ghetsis is really torked-off at you!  So angry in fact that he attacks straight away!  Fortunately N healed your team, so you begin this battle on even terms, one full team vs. another full team.

– Battling Ghetsis –

He opens with his Level 50 Cofagrigus, followed by his Level 50 Elektross – which Ghetsis will use a Full Restore on if you damage it into the orange.  He follows it with his Level 50 Seismetoad, and then his Level 50 Drapion.  Next up is his Level 52 Hydreigon, and he closes with his Level 50 Toxicroak.

Ghetsis freaks out at being defeated, unable to believe that some random trainer could do this to him and spoil his plans – and then he pays you $9360 for the battle lesson. 

Ghetsis really has lost it, so the Shadow Triad appears to take custody of him, teleporting him away but leaving his cane (and the Splicer) behind.  N tells you that you should head to the Pokemon League and do battle to prove yourself and your Pokemon and then he rides off on his Pokemon, and Hugh appears.

Hugh tells you where the entrance to the route that leads to the Elite Four is located, and you are welcome to look at the cane but you cannot take it.  Hugh asks if this is over, and yes, yes it is!  Well, the story part anyway!

So all that is left is for you to head for the Elite Four, right?  Well, no, actually, our adventure is nowhere near being over!  We have a LOT of stuff to do – after we beat the Elite Four and the Regional Champion that is! 

There is a large area of Unova we have yet to explore, and the matter of more than just a few Wild Pokemon to be added to our collection, not to mention people to meet, things to do, items to find.  Yes mates we have a lot to do yet, but before we can do it there is the matter of Victory Road to be managed, and before we can do that, we need to clear Route 23, collect a few more Pokemon, and get our team ready for the massive battles that are coming.  So let's get to it!

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Comments for Chasing Lord Ghetsis

3 comments, latest first.
Jun 17th 2013 Guest
why does ghetsis stand i the middle of the steps in undella town
ID #290928
Jun 2nd 2013 DialgaX
Ghetsis seems to like the physical attacks, so give your Pokemon a Rocky Helmet!
ID #287333
Apr 19th 2013 Guest
To defeat kyurem I used 50 heracross with
Close combat one hit finished him really easy

ID #275555