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The Road to Nimbasa City

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Road to Nimbasa City

Just as you enter the gate you will be stopped by Bianca, who has a new gift to give you – a Dowsing MCHN – with which you can locate hidden items in the world!  She reminds you that you can “register” commonly used items so that they are accessible via the 'Y' button.  Just saying.

As you exit onto Route 4 you will notice that the area has been built up with buildings – and you are challenged to a battle by Pokemon Breeder Irene, who has a Level 16 Drilbur and a Level 16 Marill, and pays you $512.

Colress is standing directly ahead so go chat him up and then battle him!  He brings out  a Level 21 Magnemite and a Level 23 Klink, and he pays you $2300 for the lesson.  As a parting gift he gives you a Protein, which is a consumable that raises the Base Attack Stat of the Pokemon you feed it to.

If you need to heal you can head back to the Center to do that before you explore...  Either way you will notice an alley on the left and, if you go down it, you will find yourself on the dark sand (you don't find Pokemon on the light sand), where you can capture Level 14 to 17 Darumaka, Sandile, Scraggy, and Trubbish.

You will also find Policeman Braven here, who as a Level 16 Growlithe and a Level 16 Herdier, and pays you $640 for the battle lesson.  Down the stairs on the beach you find Fisherman Hubert who has a Level 17 Basculin, and pays out $544.  Nearby is Fisherman Andrew, who has a Level 16 Psyduck and a Level 16 Basculin, and pays you $512.  Grab the Mystic Water from the Treasure Ball nearby, then head back to the main road and continue on the Route.

Bearing in mind that at least half of your goal right now is to bring your team up to Level 38, in order to prepare them for the next Gym Battle, but under the circumstances getting them to Level 36-37 by the time you arrive at the next city is reasonable.  That way you can use a lot of the trainer battles that are available there to level easier...

– Back on Route 4 –

In the first building on the right there is a female trainer who wants to see a Pokemon with a Speed Stat of some random amount or higher, and when you show her one, she gifts you with a Health Wing, which is a consumable item that slightly increases the base HP of the Pokemon you feed it to.  In the  second building on the right there is a trainer who will trade you a Petilil for your Cottonee – so if you like hit the Center and grab your Cottonee, bring it to her and trade for the Petilil, which is a Grass-type that comes to you with an item called the Power Anklet which is a held item that promotes Speed gain on leveling, but reduces the Speed Stat...  Something to think about.

Upstairs in this building is a Treasure Ball with a Wide Lens – a held item that slightly boosts the accuracy of moves. 

In the building on the left, upstairs, you will encounter a trainer who gifts you with Sitrus Berries, and in the next building on the right is a girl who will mimic the sound of one of your Pokemon makes – then ask you which it was?  If you guess right (or you know the sound) she rewards you with a Poke Toy!

– The Construction Site –

Outside at the crossroad you can battle Policeman Dell, who has a Level 21 Riolu and a Level 21 Growlithe, and pays you $840.  At the end of the road heading west is a rest shack in which you can take a nap and rest your Pokemon – which beats the heck out of heading back to town, right?  Outside of the shack is a vending machine with drinks, and as you head down into the Construction Site you will find dark sand with the standard Route 4 Pokemon in it.  There is also a trainer named Policeman Neagle who has a Level 22 Herdier and pays you $880.

At the bottom of the path it splits left and right – to the left are some trainers to battle so head that way first and take on Roughneck Joey who has a Level 21 Venipede and Level 21 Sandile and pays $504.  Roughneck Silvester has a Level 22 Darumaka and pays $528.  Biker Stanley has a Level 21 Zubat and Level 21 Timburr and pays $672.  Youngster Sinclair has a Level 22 Pidove and pays $352.  There are two Treasure Balls in the area, containing a Stardust and a Grip Claw.

South of this small area is a double battle with Hooligans Rob & Sal, who have Level 21 Cottonee and Petilil, and pay $1344.   If you use your Dowser you can grab a Green Shard and a Yellow Shard nearby, and then a Stardust, and on your way to the lower area to head to the right path you can find a Hyper Potion.  If you need to heal keep the Dowser armed as you can grab a Red Shard on the way back!  At the end of the path on the right side is a Treasure Ball with TM28 Dig that is absolutely worth the effort to get!

The Dowsing Machine and Hidden Items

– Desert Resort –

North of the Construction Site is the Desert Resort, in which you can find the Relic Castle and experience your first sandstorm.  In the dark sand ahead you can find Level 18 to 21 Darumaka, Dwebble, Sandile, Sandshrew, Scraggy, and Maractus.  Ahead along the entrance is a pair of trainers you can chat with, and then you head through the gate into the Desert Resort area.

You will find trainers here to battle, starting with Nurse Mariah who has a Level 22 Cleffa and pays you $880.  After your battle with her she heals your team, and then you can fight with Pokemon Ranger Anja, who has a Level 23 Magby and pays $1380.  After you beat her she gifts you with a Rawst Berry.   A man in black to the north gifts you with Soft Sand, and in a Treasure Ball east of him you can get a Yellow Shard.

Psychic Tommy has a Level 22 Woobat and a Level 22 Yamask, and pays you $704.  A Treasure Ball north of him has a Heart Scale, and to the west you find Backpacker Walt who has a Level 22 Sandile and pays you $528.  Nearby is a Trainer in red who unlocks the Funfest Mission “Get Rich Quick!” so that is worth the effort to unlock!  To the west of her is a Treasure Ball with a Nugget, and nearby is Psychic Future who has a Level 23 Munna, and pays you $736.

South and east is Backpacker Clara who has a Level 22 Sandshrew and pays $528.  West of her in a depression is a Treasure Ball with a Blue Shard, and way south is another Treasure Ball with a Green Shard.  East of there is a Treasure Ball with a Stardust, and a battle with Pokemon Ranger Jaden who has a Level 23 Darumaka and pays $1380.  After you beat her she gifts you a Rawst Berry.

All the way to the west is a passage that leads to a small area, and just outside of this passage is Backpacker Sam, who has a Level 22 Dwebble and pays $528.  Above him is a Treasure Ball with a Red Shard.  Head through the passage to battle Backpacker Tami who has a Level 22 Drilbur and pays $528.  To the southwest is a Treasure Ball with a Max Ether, and a narrow passage north leads back into the main area.

In the deep sand throughout this area you will find Level 18 to 21 Darumaka, Dwebble, Maractus, Sandile, Sandshrew, Trapinch, and Sigilyph.  The Sigilyph can be a bit hard to find and a bit hard to catch, but it is worth it as it is the oddest looking Pokemon you have ever seen...

– Relic Castle –

Now that you have battled all of the trainers and captured the new Pokemon that can be had here, it is time to head down into the Relic Castle and talk to the trainer inside to get a warning about quicksand!  As you make your way around you will a battle with Psychic Perry who has a Level 23 Sigilyph and pays $736. 

Falling through the quicksand is a fast way to get to the next level down and have a battle with Psychic Low who has a Level 23 Solosis and pays $736. 

You will find Level 19 to 21 Sandile, Sandshrew, and Yamask.   You will notice after you catch the Yamask that you did not complete the Habitat and get the stamp for the Relic Castle – the reason for that is that this is only one entrance, and when you eventually find and enter the other entrance later, there are additional Pokemon to be had there.

It is a good idea to turn on your Dowser as there is a Heart Scale to be had on one of the sand piles on the bottom level.  After you get that head up the stairs and out the entrance and keep your Dowser armed, as there are a number of items to be had in the Desert, including a Ground Gem, Red Shard, Super Repel, Blue Shard, Star Piece, and a Fire Stone.

That completes our adventures here for the moment, so backtrack to the entrance and outside to the Construction Site and head back east to the main drag of Route 4, then continue north and you will arrive at Join Avenue!

– Join Avenue –

Inside you meet the owner, and he asks you to manage the place for him – saying yes means picking a greeting phrase (be aware that this phrase will be sent to other real-world players you play with, so keep it clean! – after which you pick another phrase for what warms the heart, and then tell the assistants what they are supposed to call you.  The assistants explain to you that part of your duties as manager here are to find people who have dreams and invite them to become resident in the Avenue and open shops...

A trainer passes by and you invite them to join and they do!  Opening a cafe called Deli Janus, you can now patronize that business and have your Pokemon fed there!  How cool is that?  Another trainer happens by after you talk to the assistants again, and you get to recommend the new shop to them – you are quickly learning the ropes to being a good Avenue Manager! 

The room on the left is your office, and inside are staff who you can ask about how to do a good job as Manager – you should probably do that...  Just saying.  There is also a PC in your office so you can manage your Pokemon and do other PC things if you need to.  Now would be a good time to sort out any Pokemon in your Incoming Box...  If you hang around in the hall outside any real-world trainers you have previously met or traded/battled with will show up and you can make recommendations to them to help boost the popularity of your Avenue – and another NPC should show up who you can make resident who will open a Beauty Salon...

Head through the north exit when you are done and you will enter Nimbasa City!

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