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Nimbasa City

Pokemon Black 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Nimbasa City

As with every city we visit, when we first arrive we make a visit to the Pokemon Center to heal up and re-supply, then we set out to explore and chat up the trainers we find...  In the Pokemon Center you will find the Medal Man waiting for you, so collect your Medals and then talk to the trainer in brown on the right of the counter and learn about finding shards in caves – and receive a Red Shard from him as a gift.  Shards can be exchanged to a move tutor to teach your Pokemon moves, as he explains.

Exit the Center and head left to visit the Battle Institute, where a trainer will emerge and explain to you that you need to beat the Champion before you will be allowed to enter the Institute...  Bummer!  Heading behind the center you chat a Hiker who explains triple battles, and you can enter the two buildings here as well.  In the left-hand building you can chat up the trainers to learn about the town, and one will give you a Soothe Bell, while in the building on the right in addition to talking about Shiny Pokemon there is a trainer upstairs who will gift you with a Sun Stone.  Sun Stones are evolution items – there are several other types – as some Pokemon can only evolve by consuming a stone with Cottonee being an example... 

Heading to the right brings you to the Subway Station entrance, and if you chat with the trainer standing by the two bosses you will be invited to join in a doubles battle – why not?  Subway Bosses Imgo and Emmet have a Level 26 Boldore and Level 26 Gurdurr, and pay out $5200!  Your battle partner gifts you with a special item called the Vs. Recorder as thanks for partnering with her for this battle – the Vs. Recorder allows you to record battles on the Battle Subway!  For the moment ignore the Subway and continue to explore the town...

– The North Road –

Along the north road that runs along the back of the city you will find the Musical Theater, the Big Stadium, and the Small Court, as well as gates to the east and the west.

Inside the Musical Theater you will meet the owner and be invited to use props and play Dress Up with your Pokemon – that conversation will result in him gifting you the Prop Case Key Item, which is where you will store any props you own.  You then need to pick a Pokemon to use, and that will start the Dress Up Mini-Game...

You see a set of props you can pick from – use the stylus to drag the props you want on to your Pokemon to dress them up!  You are then invited to join in the Pokemon Musical and chat up the receptionist to learn the details.  Step forward and talk to the girl in the middle to get started and select your Pokemon – then pick the Musical you want to participate in, and you will head inside.  Dress your Pokemon and then the Musical plays out!  You get to watch the Pokemon preform and the crowd react, and then you have the option of snapping a photo of your Pokemon from the Musical.  The owner thanks you and rates your Pokemon performance and that pretty much is that!

Be certain that you talk to the trainers inside the lobby, as one will gift you with TM49 Echoed Voice, and if you look upstairs on the balcony you can view the photo you took of the performance...

Inside the Big Stadium you will be able to battle with the trainers (the football players or other sportsman) for the XP and fun of it – so warp on in and have some battles!  Linebacker Dan has a Level 25 Darumaka and a Level 25 Timburr, and pays you $2500 and gifts you with a Potion.   Linebacker Bob has a pair of Level 25 Timburr and pays you $2500 and gifts you a Potion, and Linebacker Jonah has a Level 26 Dwebble and pays you $2600 and also gifts you a Potion.

At the Small Court if there is a game in progress you will not be permitted to enter the court, but you can return later and battle trainers here if you need the XP to get ready for Gym Battles...

– The Amusement Park –

Just inside the Park to the south is a Treasure Ball with a Dropped Item – be sure to collect that.  It turns out to be an Xtranceiver and its owner, Yancy, rings it up and asks you to hold on to it for them until they can meet you later to get it back...

In Black and White the Amusement Park was the base for the Gym in Nimbasa, with the Gym Leader based out of the Roller Coaster – things have changed a bit since then, as today the Gym is based out of the Fashion Show, but you cannot actually engage the Gym Leaders until you visit the OLD Gym and clear it, so why not head to the Amusement Park now and pop into the old Gym...  But before you do, retrieve the Revive from the trash can outside of it!

– The Shining Roller Coaster (Old Gym) –

Inside you will need to ride the different coasters to reach the platform containing the trainers you need to battle, so work your way through and battle with Rich Boy Rolan who has a Level 24 Blitzle and pays you $3840.  Lady Colette has a Level 24 Flaafy and pays you $3840.  When you get to where the Gym Leader used to be there is a stand-in who tells you that the Gym Leader has gone to the Gym and gifts you a Paralyze Heal.  Exit the old Gym now and head next door to have a battle with Clerk Trisha, who has a Level 24 Minccino and pays you $960.  She then asks you to ride the Ferris Wheel with her and you do!

The Fourth Gym Battle with Leader Elesa and the Bolt Badge

– The Nimbasa Pokemon Gym –

The door to the Gym is now accessible to you as you have completed the required advance work, and thus cleared the way!  Heading inside, you find the Greeter and say hello, and he gifts you the usual Fresh Water – which is nice of him – and he tips you off to expect Electric Type Pokemon inside!

Your first battle is with Assistant Gym Leader Beauty Nikola, who has a Level 27 Elekid and a Level 27 Flaaffy, and pays you $1512.  Next you face Assistant Gym Leader Beauty Fleming, who has a Level 27 Flaaffy and a Level 27 Blitzle and pays $1512.  Next you face Beauty Ampere, who has a Level 27 Blitzle and a Level 27 Elekid, and pays you $1512.  That finally clears the way to the Gym Leader herself, so you may want to go and heal at the Pokemon Center before you proceed here...

Strategy wise you will find that ranged (ie non-contact) moves work best here, because contact moves often result in your Pokemon getting paralyzed due to the contact with Electric-type Pokemon that the Assistant Gym Leaders and the Gym Leader use here...

Gym Leader Elesa is waiting for you, and strikes a pose as she trots out her Level 28 Emolga, followed by her Level 30 Zebstrika, and finally her Level 28 Flaaffy.  She pays off $3600 and the Bolt Badge – your fourth Gym Badge and good on ya!  She also gifts you with TM72 Volt Switch.  You can now command all Pokemon up to Level 50 including those obtained in trade and they will obey!

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