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4-06 - Watery Grave

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 4-06: Act IV Chapter VI --  Watery Grave

The Chapter opens with us on the sub, manning the gun pods -- as we progress through the sunken city we get the chance to test-fire our pod's flechette guns on the obstruction ahead before Dizzy powers them back down and we move through a mine field!

As we progress we spot some Lambent whales?!  And they attack so you have to take a few out before you end up going dark and deep to avoid them... Only to end up facing something worse: a Leviathan!

The trick to dealing with this thing is to target its mouth -- though that will not become important until after you go through the first arch, but once you do, immediately and aggressively target the thing in the mouth and keep doing so until you reach the checkpoint and it is gone!  In the midst of your battle with it you will pass into the minefield, and you will need to take out the mines that are ahead of you...  Fail to do that and you are sunk.  Fail to target its mouth and you are sunk.  So don't get sunk!

Entering the Base

After you deal with the Leviathan you end up sucked into a rip tide -- target the mines that are in the rip tide with you to protect the sub, and eventually Dizzy will battle the sub clear of the tide and you will start to surface, thinking you are through the bad bits and then -- yes!  More attacks only this time from the automatic defenses that were laid out to protect the facility!  

You need to take out the torpedoes before they hit you and the turrets that are launching them, and then the door to the facility.  Inside is another pair of turrets that you need to take out as well as the torps they launch, and when you finally do take them out, there is a brief CS and you unlock the Achievement 'Welcome to -redacted-' (10 GP) and you have completed yet another Chapter and another Act!  Good on ya!

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