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4-02 - Crater

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 4-02: Act IV Chapter II -- Crater

As the chapter begins you find yourself outside and looking at a devastated landscape.  The Hammer attack on Char really did a number on the city, and Anya has a personal stake in the guilt over that, as you now discover...

Ahead and down the slope to the right you will spy a wooden set of doors -- head over there and go inside, where you will find (JOURNAL -- COLLECTIBLE 2 of 8) which also happens to be the only one in this chapter, so good on ya!

Heading for the Tower

Now continue along the path and defend against a major Lambent attack, then get through the low structure before it collapses on you and as you reach the tower, defeat another Lambent and Stalk attack.  The thing is, this Stalk is a little different -- for one thing it spawns MORE of the pods after you take out the initial ones, and it spawns the higher-level Lambent -- so have fun!

Once you finish off the pods and their spawn, use the gate to get into the tower, grab the AMMO BOXES, and then go in search of a generator to power the lifts!  Now calling the lifts gets them to your level, sure, but they are filled with Lambent Humans and it is battle time!  Oh yeah!  Now fortunately they had the decency to break open the doors to the stairs for you, so now you have a way up!

In the stairwell you find an old-fashioned lift designed to use a car as the counterweight and so bonus!  A way up without walking.  Oh, but not so bonus... You see the crate on the lift?  Yeah, Big Ugly Bug-Eyed Lambent Monster inside!  Once the lift reaches the top, you have also reached the end of another chapter!

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