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4-01 - Ashes to Ashes

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 4-01: Act IV Chapter I -- Ashes to Ashes

The mission to Mercy was a total failure, obviously, and a tragedy, very obviously.  Now we are in Char, and we have some work to do: obtain fuel, get to the shipyard.  Right.

After the CS ends head up the path and you will quickly encounter dead people who were carbonized by the Hammer Strike.  While Epic does not usually go into the whole Secret Achievement thing, they did for one -- this one -- so move along the path but do not damage ANY of the bodies in order to unlock the Achievement '

As you enter the first building someone tries to drop a piano onto you!  Be aware of accidents, as the boss says and continue along the path, where you will experience a firearm trap and an explosive trap, followed by having a box of Polyps dropped on you!  Now, this is where we make a side-trip, but be sure not to damage any of the Ash People, right?

Head to the building on your left from the Polyp Box and inside, where you will find a wooden crate turned on its side, and inside is (COG TAG #11 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 1 of 8), so be sure to grab it as it is the only one in this chapter.

Continue across the plaza, open the gate and go inside, and follow the path around to the outside on the highway deck for a second Polyp attack!  Shortly after that you arrive at the ramparts of their base and they attack again!

In the middle of this a Lambent Stalk appears and you have to battle off that attack as well, and then you get a CS with the Ash Man, who tells you that you are not welcome.  Well duh?!

Another chance at getting Fuel

-- Seeing Griffin --

The Ash Man lets you onto the lift and briefs you as it rises, and then escorts you into the stronghold.  Now BEFORE you follow him to see the Chief (Griffin) after the guard opens the door move inside and down the hall to the barred door to the right to meet the acolyte of the weapon stash.   If you did not damage ANY of the Ash People she will reward you with access to the stash, telling you to take what you need -- which basically means a BOOMSHOT or a TORQUE BOW -- and the Achievement 'Respect for the Dead' (5 GP) will unlock. 

I just want to say good job on that one.  A lot of the blokes I have played Ranked Versus with and then later compared Achievements with did not manage to unlock this, so getting it is sort of special.  Well done!

Now it is time to go to see the Chief, who is sitting in his office and... Wait!  Whaaaaaaaattt?!  Ice T?!  No Freakin' Way!  Iced Freakin' T!  Well how about that?

Griffin explains what he wants -- a quid-pro-quo deal: You get his fuel back and you get to keep some.  But he is holding Dizzy and the truck hostage to make sure you keep your end of the deal!

Back on the lift you head down and find AMMO BOXES so go ahead and resupply now.  Use the gate to end the chapter.  That is one more down!

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