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5-05 - Ascension

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 5-05: Act V Chapter V --  Ascension

With the Lambent on your heels and the Locust out for your blood, you still need to get to your Dad!  So head along the path and work your way along to the lifts.  They are snafu'd but you tell Baird to fix it and get a CS with your Dad... 

While Jack is fixing the lifts you need to deal with a Lambent Stalk attack and all that that entails.  Your best strategy is to concentrate upon taking out the Pods you can hit (there are more than two per Stalk) and then, when the lifts arrive, bail.

You split up into different lifts and head up -- you end up jumping to the top of the other lift when yours gets fubar'd and so you arrive a floor above the others.  Following the path would take you up the circular stairs but BEFORE you do that, head down to the floor below using the stairs your mates came up and, look in the hallway behind the pillars and planters for (BROCHURE -- COLLECTIBLE 10 of 12).

Now head up the stairs again and then up again and as you battle who should arrive but the Queen herself!  Whoa!  Just keep going up the stairs until you get another CS of her telling you which way up is, and then do your best to cut the three cables to crush the Queen and her bug!

Once you manage that you get another CS and you get in the lift.  When you get to the top you will spot the access hatch and have Jack stop the lift.  Open the hatch and go inside -- it is dark here so use the Left Bumper to see -- ahead are some boxes and a barrel and, if you shoot them up you will find a weapons rack you can resupply Ammo at.

In the next room are more crates you can destroy to reveal (COG TAG #15 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 11 of 12) the taking of which will also unlock the Achievement 'Remember the Fallen' (15 GP) which you get for finding all 15 COG Tags.  Good on ya! That was no easy hunt!


-- The Rest of the Way --

Now follow Jack up the hall and to the stairs, and then up the stairs...  The Grubs are not expecting you to arrive from this direction so when you go through the door, quickly ambush the ones here.  Take out the rest and the turret and then you reach the door but it is protected by a security grid.  The controls are in the rooms on either side -- so head in to the one on the right, take out the defenders, and use the console to shut that side down, then do the same on the other side.

When you arrive at your Dad's lab you find...  Your Dad!  Yay!  Now enjoy the CS. 

By the way that your Dad is talking something is clearly wrong here -- he seems to be saying all the things you say when you think you are not going to be around long...  And then he unloads the information about E-Day and totally freaks Baird out.  More answers...  Answers...

Before you leave walk over to the small table by the telescope and pick up the last collectable item (FENIX RESEARCH -- COLLECTIBLE 12 of 12) to unlock the Achievement 'Hoarder' (15 GP) for finding and collecting all 42 items in the series.  Wow, you really did that!  Good on ya mate!  Well done!

Now, less talking and more walking indeed!

Using the turret take out the Pods on the Stalk and then the attacking Lambent, and when they are all dead, head down the hall to the lift and get in, unlocking the Achievement 'OK.  Faith.  Yeah.  Got It.' (10 GP) for competing the rescue of your father and this chapter!  Good one!  Now there is just one small chapter left...

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