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5-03 - Shattered Paradise

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 5-03: Act V Chapter III --  Shattered Paradise

Now to be fair considering what you are up against, restricting the Op to just Delta core is a good idea...  With KR-06 providing air support follow the path ahead and you will encounter resistance.  The air support was nice while it lasted, but...

Taking over the Catapult, destroy the three gas barges to learn that there are more Catapults deeper into the base that you have to take out.  Now, this hall you are in?  Head to the end and carefully search around the left side until you get a "Hmmm" from Marcus, then use 'X' to reveal the hidden compartment and the (MONEY STACK -- COLLECTIBLE 5 of 12).

Shattered Paradise

Head through the area and out the big door into the courtyard, battle your way around to the Catapult and use that to destroy the dam, which will take out the other two Catapults which leaves only one more that you need to take out thus clearing the way for reinforcements to finally land. 

You now enter a room with a large marble angel statue in the middle -- look on a table between to of the sofas here to grab (DIARY -- COLLECTIBLE 6 of 12).  Now head out of the doors into the large atrium and head down the right-hand branch of the center raised hallway you will find (COG TAG #14 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 7 of 12).  That is the last one for this chapter, so no more hunting around!

Finish the battle and head down the main hall and through the gate to find the last Catapult!  Finish off the last of the defenders and then push the Catapult into the ocean to end this part of the mission -- but lookout there are some surprises awaiting!  Lambent stalks!

Making it into the building ends this chapter.

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