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3-02 - Rescue

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 3-02: Act III Chapter II -- Rescue

The chapter begins with news that Anya and Sam are in trouble and pinned down outside of the base -- and they need a rescue.  That would be you!

As you head out for the rescue mission you are asked to make a choice -- Left Trigger to provide covering fire from the fort walls, or Right Trigger, to go out in the truck to rescue Sam and Anya.  It really does not matter which that you choose in terms of game progression and obtaining the collectable items, so go with what your gut says...  They both reconnect in the same place, the second Berserker Battle, so no worries, mates!

This starts out bad and gets worse, since as you arrive the Locust take out the truck, and you get to watch as one of the men gets his arm ripped off before taking out the Locust that did it.  Now once you have defeated the enemy here you will be prompted to head for the fort -- but that really means to a second battle area in front of the fort where a Berserker will appear.  Take out the pods on the Lambent stalk that appears -- huh?  The Lambent are here too... Then proceed to the new area to spawn the Berserker.

Baird gets the Hammer fired and you run into the fort to avoid being killed by it because it is not as controllable as you would like!

Saving Sam and Anya

You cover from the walls but still see some of the same CS action.  Most of your work is defending and this is by far the easiest option...

Here is the rub, you have to collect the items before the Hammer Strike or you end up getting killed.  So first thing is head along the left side of the area to get the


As you gather inside the fort the CS plays and then a second Berserker appears, jumps over the wall, and you scatter like roaches.  This is the part where you have access to the collectable items, but you need to get them prior to fulfilling the objectives so start by heading to the wall where you will find (COG TAG #9 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 4 of 9) and then head to the round breastworks where you will find (JOURNAL -- COLLECTIBLE 5 of 9).

The trick here is to not get dead, but even if you have to replay this part after you snag the collectable items, well, that is worth the hassle.  So grab those (the video shows you where they are) and then take out that Berserker!

To kill it you aim for the glowy spot on its chest when it is glowing -- it does take a but of effort, but once you kill it it triggers a CS that shows you the results of Baird's hacking and you unlock the Achievement 'Was It Good For You?' (10 GP) and the satisfaction of finishing another chapter and getting information you did not have before!  How about that?

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Jul 5th 2012 Guest
thank you exactly what i needed to see straight away if only i found this page first
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