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5-02 - Blackout

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 5-02: Act V Chapter II --  Blackout

As the lift arrives you realize you are not on the top level -- exit the lift down the hallway that is marked with the '3' and enter the alcove on the left, using the Silverback to kick down the red door here, and enter the room beyond it, to get (COG TAG #13 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 3 of 12).  Mount the Silverback and head the rest of the way down Hall 3 and into the next area, take out the flamethrower Locust and wait while one of your team pulls the switch to turn the lights on!  Much better!

Backtrack to the lift and follow the marked path down Hall 1, all the way to the end, where you find the ladder.  Sadly this is the end of the line for your friend Silverback, as you must abandon them here! 

Outside you suffer a Reaver attack, and head into the rainy night, take out another Reaver and get a CS showing the generator.  Battle your way along the path and take out a pair of the armored Locust before hopping onto the lift to head for the first of the three generators you need to turn off.

When you enter the office, after the battle approach the desk in the center of the room from behind and push the button, then look for the painting that opened and the safe that also opened, go to it and get (SCHEMATICS -- COLLECTIBLE 4 of 12).


Head into the next room to trigger a CS that shows you the generator --  your dad tells you how to shut it down.  The end of that CS was a little on the spooky side wasn't it?  Did you see the bottle of emulsion next to the syringe?  Wonder what that is all about?

And now for something really strange: when you fight your way down the hall and take out the two groups of flamers, go into the room on the left and you will find a football game -- use the controls on both sides to hear someone familiar -- Cole!

Now back on the path, as you reach the switches you get rat-packed, so fight them off and throw all three switches to shut the first generator down!  Entering the control room triggers a CS in which the Doc tells you it did not work.  He tells you to go cut the coolant supply to shut down the generators -- there are 5 valves to close.

The first pair of valves are on this level and turning them off is easy -- the third you need to go one level down to do, but it is guarded by an armored Locust, as is the last two another level below that.  The easy strategy is to let your mates deal with them and keep them occupied while you turn the last pair of valves, at which point you get a timer and you need to run like hell!

When you reach the office from earlier you get a CS, the generator blows, and you find yourself in a nice sunny day at the beach!  Anya makes contact with Baird, and Cole, and you see them arriving!  Oh yeah, Jack's back!  You break the news to the team that Dom is dead, and you send the rest of your non-team members back to the ship to brief the reinforcements.  The rest of this op is a Delta Op.

You unlock the Achievement 'Look at That, Instant Summer' (10 GP).

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