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1-04 - Helping Hand

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 1-04: Act I Chapter IV -- Helping Hand

Securing More Ammunition

Now that the food has been delivered to the chopper it is time to head to the stadium and check it out -- remember Cole used to be a professional athlete and this is both his home town and where he played sports -- so it is more than just a scavenging expedition for him, you see? 

As you move forward you spot locals at the stadium defending themselves from a Lambent attack and you come to their aid.  Move around the left side of the area and take out the Lambent and the pods on the stalks here, until you hear one of your team call out all-clear, then move towards the building marked for your destination and approach for a CS.  Remember to scavenge ammo on the way to the gate.

-- The Survivor Base --

Cole gets recognized and you are invited in to trade, so follow the leader into the building and through a set of doors and a small area, then another set of doors into a larger area.  In this area look right sort of behind you for the shipping container with the white COG Symbol painted on it and walk around behind that to the other side of the rusted container that is past it, and you will find a newspaper laying on the ground here.  Pick it up (CLIPPING, TIMES-TRIBUE -- COLLECTIBLE 11 of 19) to add the first of two collection items for this chapter to your collection!

Inside the rusted container is a BOOMSHOT if you want it, and when you rejoin the leader there is a GNASHER and an AMMO BOX immediately to the right before you go through the gate she opens.  Outside again, she leads you to a rolling pallet that is just loaded with lots of ammo -- sweet!  You call in the chopper to pick up the ammo stash, and Cole declares it is time to check out the stadium.

At the end of the dock area is a gate that the surviors open to let you out -- when you exit head to the left to the small broken pier where you will find a body with the second collectable item for this chapter (COG TAG #4 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 12 of 19) which you really should grab!

Take out the pods on the two stalks that spawn ahead, then clear away the Lambent that arrived with them before you continue along your way, forcing open the gate ahead and entering the warehouse.  At the far end you can get some LANCER AMMO and a BOOMSHOT if you want it, and then exit the warehouse on the left side through the open door.

-- The Stadium --

As you are about to open the gate, some stalks pop up through the bridge you just used -- you know the drill by now, take out the pods, then the Lambent, and finally opening the gate to end this chapter!  Sweet!

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