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2-03 - Forced Entry

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 2-03: Act II Chapter III -- Forced Entry

Before you get too far into this chapter be aware that in order to gain access to the area where the collectable is here, you must NOT allow a guard to sound the alarm.  That means taking them out quickly and carefully, from a distance.  And that is why grabbing the Longshot earlier was important.

So what you need to do is unlimber your Longshot and spot the guards near the alarm horns, and take each out without alarming the others because if you do, they sound the alarm, and you fail this part.  So if you ended up with an alarm you really have no choice but to restart at the last checkpoint.

Now, the first one is ahead, take him out quickly with whatever weapon you prefer.  There are two guards ahead on the upper section to the left of the alarm horn there, and there are two on the upper section to the right as you advance.  You must find and kill them before they can sound the alarm amd to do that you MUST make your reload successfully because if you fail the last guard will sound the alarm before you can stop them.

Some Coordinated Sniping

You may be tempted to use the ONE SHOT that is here, but the reload is much longer on it, so you may find that a problem if you are not playing multi-player...

Your best bet is to work from right to left on the first pair.  The second pair is really difficult because both are close to the horn but on either side of it...  Try not to let your own team distract you...  This is probably the most frustrating level in the game to do single-player, so if you have trouble it is likely a good spot to take a break and come back or better yet, get someone to join your game (either online or local) and do coordinated sniping like in the video here.

With the guards down all that is left is to take out the patrol that emerges -- thus opening the door for us -- and then go inside.  Stick to the right-hand side and you will notice a blinking item on the ground ahead by the crate, so go pick up (COG TAG #7 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 5 of 9) which is the only collectable item in this chapter!

All that is left is for you to clear out the stronghold.  When you have killed the last Locust inside, simply throw the switch to end the chapter and trigger the CS that starts the next chapter!  Good on ya!

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Comments for 2-03 - Forced Entry

2 comments, latest first.
Oct 2nd 2011 Guest
Thanks for that note...I was having the worst time and didn't even think of using the lancer.
ID #78056
Oct 1st 2011 Guest
If you're having trouble doing this segment solo, simply switch from the sniper rifle to the Lancer and fire at the barrels as quickly as you can... I found that this is the easiest way to kill both of the guards on the third horn.
ID #77791