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2-06 - Airborne

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 2-06: Act II Chapter VI -- Airborne

In spite of our destination being on the other side of the planet, it seems like we are there in no time at all!  Air travel is so convenient!  As you arrive you hear radio chatter and it is someone you know!  Dizzy!  And he needs a rescue...

Take out the pair of gas barges with the mounted weapon on yours, and then you land and battle your way to Dizzy -- which means taking out a Reaver but hey, why not?  Clearing the enemy triggers a CS, and you have a reunion with your mate Dizzy.

Inside the storage area are a variety of weapons -- including a HAMMER OF DAWN that allows you to call down death from above -- take what you want and begin to work your way back to the barge -- and shortly you will be ambushed by Locust.  This is good, because it means we are almost to the point of another collectable item!

Reunited with Dizzy

After you fight off the ambushing force go into the door that they came from and you will find yourself facing a fairly large number of enemies including a wave of Reavers!  The best way to deal with them is to get up above by climbing the ladder by the gate and fighting them from the catwalk above.  Once you have the Reavers managed you can start picking off the regular Locust.

When you get the all-clear for completing that task head down and through the gate, and follow the road all the way to the left where there is a crashed tractor-trailer next to which you will find (MANIFEST -- COLLECTIBLE 8 of 9) which also unlocks the Achievement 'Pack Rat' (10 GP) for recovering 20 collectable items.

Now turn around and look for the yellow container -- orange container on the left with stairs next to it.  Go up those stairs, then up the next set and you will see an open shed with a plywood front.  Inside on the left you will find (COG TAGS #8 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 9 of 9) which is also the final collectable item for this chapter and the Act!  Excellent!

Backtrack to the barge now and it will trigger a CS in which you get schooled by Baird and continue your journey as the chapter ends.  One last chapter to go and Act II is complete!

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