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1-06 - Hanging by a Thread

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 1-06: Act I Chapter VI -- Hanging by a Thread

As the previous chapter ends the CS puts you on a long wire, sliding down towards the bridge deck, so enjoy the ride and the view, because when you get to the bottom you have a nasty bit of battle to do!

-- The Bridge --

Once you take out the nuker and a few lesser Lambent you move along the side to trigger a CS, and your team shares its opinions on how to proceed... Really!  Ahead of you is a set of Locust toll booths you will need to get past, and they have turrets!  So be careful...

One thing to note -- Locust do not explode when you kill them, like the Lambent do -- do looking for them to explode to confirm they are dead well, that does not work.  Head-shots work pretty good though! 

The Locust Bridge

Hop over the center divider and pick-off the Locust on the bridge above, then carefully approach the toll booth ahead, killing the pair of Locust here, and spotting the collectable item on the ground near the booth, which you will pick up (TOLL BOOTH TOKENS -- COLLECTIBLE 16 of 19) to add to your collection.

There are some RETRO LANCERS on the ground in front of the closed gate if you want one, and then as your team finishes making observations, the gate opens and you have some Locust Heavies to take out.  Once you have them dead go through the gate and walk towards the open shipping container on the right-hand side of the bridge ahead.  Go inside and smash the crate to reveal the next collectable item, which you should pick up (BAYONET -- COLLECTIBLE 17 of 19) to add to your collection.

As you move forward you are ordered to flank them and get a vision point -- head to the van and you will see a ladder leading down -- take that, and follow the path along the decking until you reach the middle where there is a low divider -- on the other side of it on the deck is your next collectable item, (COG TAG #5 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 18 of 19) so be sure to grab that before you continue to the next ladder and head up!

-- Bridge Part 2 --

After you climb up you will need to heal one of your wounded teammates who was incapacitated by an exploding skitter Locust -- then continue along the bridge and up the ladder, over the catwalk and through the upper deck area, effectively flanking the enemy!  Team-pass through the Razor Wire and you will be on the other side of the deck, where you find yourself following the pedestrian walkway.

Once you reach the point where you see the CS just inside you are asked to choose your route -- you want to choose the Lower Deck (trust me on this), not the Catwalk.  You now see the Leviathan that is attacking the ship -- and you get to play out the other side of the previous level!  Sweet!

Baird wants to drop Tickers on them -- the exploding skitters -- but first you have to defeat a few waves of them yourself, and then you get attacked by a Locust Mortar Crew!  Fun!  You need to take out the Crew and steal their Ticker stash -- easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!  So head through the open container to your left and, moving from container to container to avoid the mortar attacks, make your way to the end of the bridge and pick-off the Mortar Crew! 

The Locust Bridge

With that done, drop down and then take out the flying Locust gun platform (a gas balloon thingy) before making your way back to the other end of the bridge via the lower deck, with the aid of the Leviathan who smashes obstacles like the van blocking your path out of the way!

When you get to the other end enter the pylon and head up the ladder there and out onto the deck above, where you will find you are back on the pedestrian walkway!  This is good, because there is something that we want there in addition to the Tickers -- so when you exit out onto the walkway turn left to trigger the CS that shows you the Tickers, and THEN reverse direction and go to the stairs on the other side of the Pylon, where you will find (SIGHTSEEING BOOK -- COLLECTIBLE 19 of 19) the final collectable item for this chapter.  Very spiffy indeed!

Now that you have that secured, head in the direction of the Tickers, which the Locust have thoughtfully crated up, and after you defeat the final Locust, drop the container on the ship to unlock the Achievement 'Putting it Scientifically' (10 GP), which you get for completing the chapter -- which you have!  Not only that, you have also finished Act I of the game, so double-grats to you!

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