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1-02 - Abandon Ship

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 1-02: Act I Chapter II -- Abandon Ship

Dealing with the Leviathan

As you enter the next frame you are confronted by waves of Polyps (the spider-like Lambent), and after you defeat the waves and head to the other side of the frame, you find the door to the Supply Compartment and force your way in.

There is ammo here, so do not forget to grab it, and a Boltok Pistol (if you want that).  Jump over the crate and talk to the pilot, and then battle your way to the chopper to learn that it needs you to raise the lift.  So battle your way to the control room and do that now!

Another chopper is pinned down on a nearby pad, so work your way in that direction being sure to grab the ammo crate on the way, and just as you reach the controls for the pad lift a Leviathan attacks and destroys the chopper, and you tell the team to take it out.  In the middle of that more Polyps arrive, so hey, beauty!  More targets!

Battle your way to the lift controls and raise the lift to reach the deck, and you hear the abandon ship orders.  The deck is on fire and the fire control system is offline -- you need to locate and activate three irrigation valves to get it back online, and that means battling your way across the deck to each of the valves and using 'X' to engage, and tapping 'A' to turn them on.

Just as you are ready to get the 3rd valve open having put out the fire with the extinguisher the Leviathan starts eating and bashing the ship apart!  You end up falling through the deck several decks below, and find yourself in the Engineering Section...

Working your way along what is basically the only path you come to a full frame that has been broken open from above -- and after a tussle with some Lambent the Leviathan puts in an appearance and, eventually, does enough damage to drop a plate into position that you can use as a ramp to get up to the deck. 

When you arrive you will find a pair of Silverbacks in a storage locker on deck -- when you enter the locker look to the left-hand side for a stack of small boxes which have a the only collectable for this chapter (SILVERBACK MANUAL -- COLLECTIBLE 6 of 19).

Using a combination of their Gatling guns and rockets, you need to break the Leviathan's grip on the ship free three times to maneuver it into the right position for the plan, which is to drop a container of bombs on it?!

While that plan actually works as intended -- the Leviathan's dead -- so is the ship, and you find yourself abandoning ship in a less orderly but more expedient fashion: you jump overboard!

This ends the chapter and unlocks the Achievement 'Swimmin; in Glowie Gravy' (10 GP).  Good on ya, there's your first story line Achievement!  Actually it is your second but since the first one (Marcus, It's your Father 5 GP) was for having a nightmare, well, it doesn't count.

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