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1-05 - MVP

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 1-05: Act I Chapter V -- MVP

As you make your way through the stadium you will be asked to choose the route that you take -- you want to choose the high route (Upper Level) because it leads to your next collectable item... 

On the right-hand side as you reach the T-Juction ahead is the old Gift Shop, and inside is an AMMO BOX, FRAG GRENADES, and your next collectable item, (COUGARS SEASON PROGRAM -- COLLECTIBLE 13 of 19) so pick that up!

As you head down from above you face some Lambent, including one of the ones with the long punching arms that goes nuclear when it dies that is standing at the East Gate.  Once you have it dead enter the East Gate and immediately turn to the right and walk along to the vending machines, where you will find an AMMO BOX, and your next collectable, (COUGARS PLAYER HANDBOOK -- COLLECTIBLE 14 of 19) that you should pick up.  Wow, you really make this look easy mate, I should play with you more often!

Most Valuable Player

Smash open the two sets of doors to trigger the CS in which you talk to the leader of the survivors who have made the stadium their home.  Cole checks out his old locker, which has his old helmet in it, and he gets a flashback to better days.  Except it is not so much a flashback as it is a psychotic break!

You run down the field, killing the enemy with blocking moves and grab the bomb, then you run the bomb up the field and plant it, pretty much thinking you are playing a game it seems.  I have to admit that this was a humorous and special diversion from the bleak existence in the game, and it was rather enjoyable to be playing as The Cole Train in his glory.  Still, I am glad we did not end up dead, right?

Now before we go looking for the leader, there is something we need to retrieve off of the pitch while we are here -- if you head back down the pitch near where you grabbed the bomb there is a woman's corpse on the ground, and beside that a box (COLE'S CHAMPIONSHIP RING -- COLLECTIBLE 15 of 19) that you need to grab before leaving the area to talk to the leader, since you will miss it otherwise.

With the ring now safely in hand, head towards the marker and open the gate to trigger a CS, only to find yourself confronted by a crazy lady...  She blames you for the fresh Lambent attacks though that is just crazy...  And you decide to head for the bridge even though she suggests that is suicide.

When the lift gets to the top you get attacked by one of the nuclear Lambent -- and you need to kill it before it smashes the cables, and the lift plummets with you in it to your death! To keep that from happening, when your teammate yells "Gunker!" move to the outer edge and use the 'Y' vision button to see the gas tanks you need to shoot -- then shoot them to kill it and save the day!

Doing so ends the chapter, unlocking the Achievement 'My Turf! Cougars Territory!' (10 GP) that you get for completing this chapter!

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Comments for 1-05 - MVP

2 comments, latest first.
Oct 4th 2011 Guest
Actually no, I mean East Gate. That is why I wrote "East Gate" -- the gate you pass through before turning right to pick up the Handbook has big bloody letters on it that spell out EAST GATE.
ID #78368
Oct 4th 2011 Guest
you ment right befor the "SOUTH GATE " for the HANDBOOK
ID #78329