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4-05 - Bon Voyage

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 4-05: Act IV Chapter V --  Bon Voyage

As this final chapter for Act V begins you will be prompted to make a choice -- search for the rotor or look for fuel -- you want to choose Right Trigger, Look for Fuel.  Trust me on that...

After the ambush head towards the back of the Hanger and up the stairs, then left and you will see a red shipping container with the COG spray painted on in red -- head down to that and look in the corner where the red and blue containers meet to find (COG TAG #12 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 6 of 8).  Now head to the gate where your team is waiting and go through.

As you enter the next cargo marshaling yard Jace points out the Silverback Storage shed in the nearby wall -- go ahead and grab that and have some fun with it -- in my opinion there are not enough of these in the game or enough opportunities to use them!  If you like you can even use it all the way onto the ship with the fuel since as you are mounted your team will pull the switches that need pulling.  And how cool is that?

After you have your fun with the Silverback head into the control room and use the crane to unload the fuel, then fight off the new attack, and head into the Sub Hanger.  Easey-peasy Lemon-squeezy! Entering the hanger triggers a CS of the fuel being loaded, and a new objective -- finding the rotor.  Note the pile of AMMO BOXES on your right -- resupply as needed.


Two More Collectables


-- Finding a Rotor --

After you go through the door and down the hall and enter the machine area, you get attacked by a combination of Wretches and Tickers -- battle them off and you will move outside.  Now there are two ways you can do this: Audie Murphy balls-to-the-wall assault, or you can use your Hammerburst iron sights and simply pick-off the turret gunners from a safe distance.  I say pick-em-off!

Once you get the all-clear head to the marker and through the doors into another machine area -- use the lift to go up and head outside for another epic battle -- the MULCHER that you get from dropping a Locust here is really effective at handling Part-2 of this battle, I am just saying...

You get a View Prompt to head into the Maintenance Bay -- score!  So head in and you will find yourself looking at another minor battle.  Once you finish that continue on the path down the stairs and immediately to the left there is an open door -- go inside and look to your left to find (BULLETIN -- COLLECTIBLE 7 of 8).

-- Moving the Rotor --

Your next task is to move the Rotor from the Maintenance Bay to the Sub -- to do that you need to grab the loader mech and carry the Rotor with it.  When you get through the second gate you will be attacked and you need to protect the Rotor at all costs, so park the loader behind some cargo where it cannot be targeted and hop off, then start fighting -- but stay close to the loader because eventually an enemy will try to run up and smash it and you need to take them out!

Now back on the loader and head for the Sub Hanger -- and a nice CS!


A Final Collectable


-- Escorting the Sub --

Our next challenge is to escort the sub to the water -- but it seems that the Locust have figured that out and have salted the route with soldiers, so we will need to clear the way!  Working your way along through the doors, take out the Locust that you encounter, and when you pass through the second door you find yourself facing a squad of the Queen's Guard!

After you battle them, run up the stairs on the left and through the door of the room marked with the big '1' and, inside on the left you will find (CONTRACTOR REPORT -- COLLECTIBLE 8 of 8) which is, of course, the final collectable item for the Chapter, and the Act!  Well done!  There is also AMMO here so grab that, and then go out and finish this battle!

Use the VULCAN here to make short work of the enemy, and then head outside to face Mr. Nasty himself!  We have never faced this armored thing before and there are three or four for us to kill.  Your best tactic is to use the grenades you have to take out the first one, then pick up the FRAG GRENADES from the AMMO CACHE on the left and take out the second one.  Finally pick up the BOOMSHOT on the right and take out the last armored Locust, and then switch to your regular weapon and take out the Centipede and any resistance that remains.

After you kill the last of the them you issue the order to flood the dock and get on the boat!  Opening the valve triggers the CS and you see yourself boarding the sub as Anya radios in and talks to Cole, who is not aware that Dom is dead.  They arrange the meeting and that concludes the Chapter, unlocking the Achievement 'Baird's Favorite Kind of Toy' (10 GP).

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Sep 29th 2011 Guest
during the "finding a rotor" potion there is a third and far safer and quicker way to take out the two turrets. There are two carts on tracks with artillery shells in them these can be pushed taking out the turrets as a result.
ID #77310