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1-01 - Anchored

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 1-01: Act I, Chapter I -- Anchored

The Chairmen Arrives

-- Prologue --

Your adventure begins with a dream-sequence that is part flashback, part nightmare, as you are freed from prison to rescue a father you thought was dead, and then relive the scene of his death and the decision that caused you to be imprisoned for life in the first place.

After you get your kit back from Anya, and you armor up, DO NOT immediately follow her!  Instead exit your cell and step to the right, turn and kick the next cell door in (the cell to the left of yours when you are facing them) and pick up the (COG TAG #1 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 1 of 19) first!

Thankfully you eventually then wake up on board your new floating home to a call on the 1MC for you to appear in the CIC with your team.

Note about Collectables: Each of the Acts has a set number of collectables scattered throughout each of its chapters.  To help you with keeping track these include a count for each listing -- for example the first collectable above is the 1st of 15 missing COG Tags, as well as the 1st of 19 collectables for this Act, so it has both counts appended to it.  The other collectable items only have the second count for the Act.

-- Chapter One --

The 1MC wakes you up -- you are to report to CIC, but before you do that, stand up and turn to the left and look on the corner of the table here for the glowing (TWENTY DOLLAR BILL -- COLLECTIBLE 2 of 19) and pick it up as soon as the game will let you.  Note, collection items always glow and flash dimly -- they are easy enough to find that you will not need a video guide to locate them, just follow along with this guide and you will get them all!

Leaving your compartment head up the passage where a female crew member will ask if you are looking for Dom?  Follow her into the compartment on the left, and go to the back left of that, and on a table you will see a file -- pick it up (DOM'S PSYCH REPORT -- COLLECTIBLE 3 of 19) to score your third collection item!

To hook up with Dom, leave this compartment and continue down the hall to the hatch on the right -- open that and you find Dom, who is in his compartment tending to his plants, and who clearly would rather not come but you convince him to...  There is nothing in there for you to get but if you want go look at his plants, you might have been eating those radishes!

Continue down the hall and enter the open hatch on the left -- walk straight in and on your immediate right is another collectible (REQUISITION FORM -- COLLECTIBLE 4 of 19) for you to grab!  Now exit the compartment and go up the stairs at the end of the passage, walking around the center to hook up with Jace, who is trying -- and failing -- to get an ancient packet of mints out of a vending machine.    If you want go ahead and slam your elbow into the candy machine -- you will succeed in getting the mints to fall LOL.

Head up the stairs now and if you like, go ahead and play the piano ahead -- yeah, you are not very good at it -- then enter the passage to the right to meet up with Anya, and learn that the former Chairman, Prescott, is evidently not dead! He is arriving by chopper in just moments...

After the CS with Anya ends, head down the hall and, when the hatch opens battle off the Polyps, those spider-like Lambent who are coming out of the ventilation pipes!  Take out the small number of Lambent on deck out and, as you approach the open pit for the landing lift pad do not miss your chance to do a chainsaw attack on the last Lambent here!

Now what you need to do is go into the control hut here and throw the switch that raises the pad so that the chopper can actually land.  On your way in notice the AMMO BOX -- you should grab that.  Use the switch inside to raise the platform so that the chopper can land and you get the CS with the Chairman.  Prescott is his same old bossy self, but on his way to meet with the Captain he hands you a data disc, commenting that you will want to see it, and then disappears below.

As you head for your next destination to view the disc there are some more Lambent to be dealt with, and the mini-tutorial for picking up objects to resupply and change weapons for you to master.  As you move through the area towards your objective, look out for the crate with the COG Symbol spray-painted in red paint.  This is an important spot for you, as it will take you to the last Collectible for this chapter -- the only one that is actually semi-hidden.

At the crate with the COG Symbol all the way forward on the far left you will see that it is in front of a scaffold you can walk under, and when you move around to the back and look up -- you will see that there is a corpse hanging over the edge of the top.  Shoot this to knock down a collectible (MISSING COG TAG #2 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 5 of 19) from the deck. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Achievement Note: You are probably wondering why the first Achievement (Collector) did not unlock when you picked up the COG Tag here.  The reason that it did not unlock is that it considers the entire collection of 15 COG Tags to be part of their OWN collection. 

Note that the Achievements descriptions are for 5, 20, and 42 Campaign Collectibles and these basically are the items that are NOT the COG Tags.  If you actually count them individually there are 57 in total, not 42, but when you deduct the 15 Tags and count them as their own collection (they have their own Achievement) the total matches up.  So no worries, your game is not bugged!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When you get to the CIC and play the disc you learn your father is actually alive -- or he was when he made that disc anyway...  He tells you he is the prisoner of the Locust -- who have a solution to take out the Lambent -- and he needs your help.  You only get to see part of the message, so you do not know what it is that he actually wants you to do, but just knowing that he survived and that he might be alive is enough to cause you to vow to rescue him!

The attack on deck intensifies, and the now self-styled Chairman Prescott begins calling out for help from the Captain's Cabin, where the Captain has been wounded and the Lambent are attacking.  Of course you run to help -- it is what you do after all -- and that means battling your way to the cabin.

-- Below Decks --

As you approach the hatch to go below someone on the 1MC announces that there is fire below -- so when you get down you need to grab the fire extinguisher on the right and put out the three fires on the deck ahead of you -- but mind the Lambent who attack as you are putting out the third fire, right?

When you reach the cabin you find that the Captain is dead, and Prescott, though slightly wounded, is still giving orders.  And he needs you to defend the choppers from attack and get them launched -- which you realize you need to do anyway, his opinion not included!  Ordering him to remain in the cabin you head out to do your duty.

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Jan 28th 2012 Guest
Where do i get the cluckshot at?
ID #110256
Jan 21st 2012 Guest
Is there something wrong with my game- doesn't seem to leave that dream state no matter what I do. Something I'm not understanding maybe??
ID #107957