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2-02 - House of Sand

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 2-02: Act II Chapter II -- House of Sand

After the rather lengthy CS's we find ourselves near the wreckage of the airship we shot down earlier, and while we are looking that over, spot another in the distance.  Now clearly the plan is to steal it, but as we are about doing that, I want to address the one sole collectable item in this chapter, which is (so far) one of the more complicated to get.  In fact, unless you are really lucky or already know where it is, the chances of you finding it are pretty low to start with.

As you move ahead you have to deal with the Corpser that attacks as you reach the cage tree -- now pay attention -- there are other weapons in the area and you may be tempted to swap out your Longshot for one of them -- DO NOT.  You need to keep that particular weapon for later.  Killing the Corpser just means hitting the soft squishy bits not its legs and claws, which are armored and which it uses quite well as its shields.

Tracking the Airship

Once you have it dead, grab the AMMO BOX and proceed to the bend ahead where there is a second AMMO BOX and a LANCER if you still need ammo.  You drop down a ledge and battle some Grubs ahead, and then work your way up and around to the next ledge and open a door, where you are confronted by an artillery attack!

This is actually fairly challenging -- make your way along the path to the left running the whole way until you encounter the turret and take out the crew manning it and defending it.  After that move to the ladders ahead and go up, using the catapult to take out the mobs ahead -- or as many as you can in three shots.  Do not forget to grab the AMMO BOX just past the catapult, and the LONGSHOT which you can swap for your shotgun.

Your immediate goal is to defeat the reinforcements, and once you have accomplished that goal, to continue along the path to the end where there is a LOT of AMMO.  Fill up!  If you did not get the LONGSHOT before -- or even if you did -- grab the one here since it will add ammo.

Now continue along the path to trigger the CS that ends the chapter!  Note that there were no collectable items in this chapter -- but there is one in the next and it is one of the more difficult to find in the game...

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