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5-01 - Home Away from Home

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 5-01: Act V Chapter I --  Home Away from Home

As you arrive you end up sailing through a pool of dead bodies, and then you get off the sub, ordering Sizzy to submerge just in case it is attacked since it is your only way out of here.  Heading along the docks you should spot some arches ahead -- after you battle your way up the main stair of the center arch take a quick look in the left corner to find (PAMPHLET -- COLLECTIBLE 1 of 12).

Continue the battle up to the train station platform and take out the reinforcements that arrive on the train -- sadly that means taking out the train itself, as well as the enemies.  You then get a CS in which you chat with Adam Fenix!  Amazing!  It seems that there is a timer ticking here -- the Doc needs to get the emulsion destroyed -- and he knows about the Lambent Humans.

You need to take out the Maelstrom -- the Doc opens access to the tunnels for you and you head inside...  The Doc advises you to find a Silverback, and you should, but we need to talk about that for second...

Home Away from Home

The Silverback is absolutely critical for you to get the next collectable items.  You have to get it through the upcoming battles and onto the beach, then into the cavern still functional.  You can NOT leave it in the tunnel and come back for it because when you go out onto the beach the tunnel gate closes, so you have to (1) get the Silverback, and (2) keep it from getting badly damaged until you reach the door you need it to break open in the cavern on the other side of the beach and the other doors in the next chapter.  Are we clear on this?  OK!

Now head into the tunnel and grab the Silverback in the left-hand alcove by throwing the switch that releases it from its service mount.  Climb in and head in to the tunnel through the gate that opens ahead, and be careful as you engage the enemy to target the ones that can hurt you the most.

As you come out onto the open area of the beach there will be a Reaver attack from the left -- that is the direction that you want to go in, and sticking to the left to avoid the mortar attacks, head into the cavern on the left and using the Silverback, kick down the metal bar door, go inside and pick up (ASSAULT PLANS -- COLLECTIBLE 2 of 12) now!  That takes care of all of the collectable items in this chapter!

Now mount the Silverback and continue along the designated path, only to find that the door into the next cave is blocked by an obstruction that the Silverback cannot penetrate -- so you have to keep searching the caves and a pair of Boomers will open a gate you can use to get in!  Take them out and head inside!

-- The Train Station --

The gate leads to the train station -- use the lever to open the track gates and then follow the track to the  next station, where you have to get off to avoid the oncoming train!  It is critical that you get the Silverback to the platform and off of the tracks so do that FAST.  Head up the stairs behind you and down the other side to flank them, and get a mini-CS that ends this chapter!  Be sure to keep the Silverback with you when you do this!

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