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2-01 - Shipwrecked

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 2-01: Act II Chapter I -- Shipwrecked

And now for something completely different -- you find yourself on the ground in a swampy area and you need a weapon -- but luck is with you, there is a weapon ahead...  The question is, will you get to it and pick it up before the wild Tickers eat it?  Yes!  Or at least I hope so...

Before you head out into the open area that is strewn with wreckage see that brown shipping container?  Kick in its door and grab yourself (TOMATOES: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE -- COLLECTIBLE 1 of 9) and you have officially started the collections for Act II!

As you move into the next area you will drop down a small ledge and get a checkpoint, followed by a fresh Locust attack.  After you defeat them continue to the right and you will see three containers and a crashed helo -- near the helo is your next collectable item, (OCTUS MEDAL DIPLOMA -- COLLECTIBLE 2 of 9) so grab that now!

Ahead you get another checkpoint and a CS in which the rest of the team is brought current on events, and then you dispatch part of your team to help Anya with Prescott, and suddenly face a pair of Boomers who you need to kill because hey, that is what you do mates!

Finding Answers from Prescott

-- The Siege Beast --

The route that you will take basically goes up the slope, and as you progress you will be facing Locust defenders until you arrive at a small ledge you must drop down.  Despite the fact that it is not a high ledge, this is a point-of-no-return so make sure you have the first two collectable items before you drop down and, if you need the ammo in that AMMO BOX you should grab it before dropping down, though there is a second AMMO BOX ahead if you failed to do so.

Take out the crew around the Seige Beast ahead and then, using the Siege Beast, take out the other two Siege Beasts to your left and right, and the mammoth Brumak Locust to the left when it appears.  Easy-peasey Lemon-squeezy!

Now before you go brazenly ahead, there is a rather tricky collectable item you need to get so carefully follow the right-hand side of the path, sticking close to the rocks and you will encounter an alcove in the rocks where there a trio of Locust will pop up for you to kill and there is a LONGSHOT laying on the ground.  If you stand there and look up to the right you will see a crate above you on the rocks -- shoot that to knock loose the book -- and then pick up (CAPTAIN'S LOG -- COLLECTIBLE 3 of 9) number three for the Act.

This is the Captain's Log and, interestingly, the ship is named the Bounty...  You should read this, it has some interesting info in it.

When you reach the area where Jace and company are dug-in there will be a few more poppers appearing, so once you take them out and watch the CS in which you talk to Prescott (and who finally does die), and a massive battle ensues, with one of those huge monster Locust at the heart of it.  Here is the thing -- winning that battle ends the chapter, and there is still one collectable item you need to get before you can do that...

So head towards the crate with the COG symbol on it that you were shown from above and, behind it pick up (COG TAG #6 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 4 of 9) another Tag for that collection, and then defend yourself!

Finishing the battle triggers a CS and ends the chapter, unlocking the Achievement 'Okay, Now We Find Hoffman' (10 GP).

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Feb 1st 2015 Guest
I couldn't help but notice you said the ships name is "bounty". That is incorrect. The ships name is Sovereign. The reference in the beginning of captains log to "29th day of bounty, 15a.e.", bounty is simply a month or season. So it's might be the 29th day of fall, 15th year After Emergence.
ID #510262
Nov 16th 2023 zFPWdwPk
ID #782001