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2-04 - Trench Run

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 2-04: Act II Chapter IV -- Trench Run

We start out this chapter inside a trench that runs through the Locust base -- and above us is the airship, but sadly it is not landing, instead it begins to bombard us!  Running from cover to cover we follow the trench, making sure to be undercover with each attack, and eventually we reach a raised gate.  When you do, you will pass some crates on your right before the gate (don't go through the gate yet).  Go behind the crates and grab (LOCUST HAMMER -- COLLECTIBLE 6 of 9) to add to your set.

Now head through the gate and you trigger a CS that reveals your next objective.  Baird seems to have covered the basics, so all that is left is getting to the tower, right?  Right!

The team votes to sneak around the main base, so you go through a gate only to discover that it is the skitter storage area!  Once you reach the next checkpoint you learn how Tickers are made, and then you  battle your way through the factory only to be trapped by a Locust who has set a Corpser loose to kill you!  Well, there is nothing for it, you will have to take out the Corpser!

Working your way to the Tower

Once it is defeated some reinforcements show up, kindly opening a door you can exit through, so you kill them and do that.  There are a variety of weapons as well as an AMMO BOX to grab, so doing that would be smart.  Once you are as supplied as you like, continue along the path to the ladder and climb it.  This leads to the Corpser nursery and a battle with first the young and then, once you wake her up, the Mommy!

This is actually a multi-stage battle that is basically controlled by your success in taking out her eyes.  You take a few and then you face waves of hatchlings and young Corpsers -- take another eye, face another wave, and so on.  Once you get the last eye she goes nuts and starts bashing through the supports holding the ceiling, and you get a timer and the need to get to the door before it runs out!

When you reach the door you trigger a lengthy CS that gets you up the lift and outside, where you encounter the Queen herself, riding on a flying bug!  Now you know that she is not dead, and while you don't really know it in the sense that your character knows, we get to hear the Queen issue orders, so we (the player) know that something else is going on here.

The CS ends the chapter, so good on ya mates!  It is time to head into the next chapter!

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