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3-04 - Ghost Town

Gears of War 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Part 3-04: Act III Chapter IV -- Ghost Town

When you arrive in Mercy you discover it is abandoned and the pumps are shut down, so you decide that you need to check out the town.  As you progress along the path you meet no resistance until you discover a motion-activated bomb set on the pipeline!  Well, there is nothing for it but to defuse it, so go ahead and do that, but don't set it off, right?

As you progress there are more charges to disarm and then you get attacked by and meet a madman -- who tells you about a fever that is in the town.  Well that explains the missing residents! 

From inside you will head down a short flight of stairs and, if you follow the path you turn right, but you are not going to do that just now...  Instead head down the stairs to the far corner on the landing below and grab a (PANICKED NOTE -- COLLECTIBLE 6 of 9).

Now head back up the stairs and along the designated path and exit the building to get a view prompt for the Deli ahead -- break down the boards blocking the path and then, before you continue on, go into the room behind the counter and, in the immediate left corner grab (COG TAG #10 of 15 -- COLLECTIBLE 7 of 9).

Delta makes a horrible discovery

Following the path takes you into the sewers where you find the body of the crazy old man and trigger a CS.  Well, now you know what the fever is!  Lambent Humans! Not good news.

Continue along the path lowering the ramp, and then follow it into a courtyard where there is a building with a pair of ladders that you cannot reach -- yet.  On the ground is a chaingun and you should get it because you are about to be attacked by a bazillion Lambent Humans!  After you fight them off, someone inside yells for you to come in, and drops the ladders.  Take the left-hand ladder up and, when you get to the top, head left.

At the end of this hall you will find (MESSAGE -- COLLECTIBLE 8 of 9) so go ahead and grab that and then follow the marker to the next plaza and battle your way through the Lambent until you trigger the next CS and the chapter ends.

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