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Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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SSBB Character Guide - Zelda


First appeared in: The Legend of Zelda
Veteran fighter: Yes. SSBM.
Class type: Light
Fighting type: Ranged/Mid-ranged
Clone: No.

How to unlock:
Starting Character

Moveset: Zelda
A set:
    Damage: 6
    Damage: 13
    Damage: 11
    Damage: 7

A charged set:
    Damage: 17-23
    Damage: 15-20
    Damage: 12-16

B set:
  B: Nayru's Love. Creates a large crystal shield around her as she spins. Can deflect projectiles.
    Damage: 3-9
  Side-B: Din's Fire. Launches an orb of fire magic. The longer you hold B, the longer it travels. Can be controlled with the control stick.
    Damage: 9-14
  Up-B: Farore's Wind. Disappears and reappears. Can control where she reappears with the control stick.
    Damage: 6
  Down-B: Transform into Sheik.
    Damage: None.

Grab set:
    Damage: 3
    Damage: 12
    Damage: 11
    Damage: 10

Aerial set:
    Damage: 5
    Damage: 20
    Damage: 15
    Damage: 5

Final Smash - Light Arrow:
Fires a light arrow straight across the stage. Can hit multiple opponents if they are lined up. Does 42 damage and sends them up at an angle. Sheiks is different in that it sends them straight to the side. In either case, this attack is almost a guaranteed KO.

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Comments for Zelda

15 comments, latest first.
Aug 9th 2014 Guest
I love zelda she is a strong player people thinkshe can not fight but so not true if you play her right she is the strongest character so people zelda is awesome and she is a player u should use more often
ID #433804
Apr 13th 2014 Guest
A trick I found in SSBB is that when a character (lets take Olimar, for example) uses their final smash, if you transform into Sheik or Zelda at the right time, then the damage dealt to you will be reduced greatly. It's very effective. Then, just use your smash move to KO the other fighters.
ID #374545
Jan 3rd 2014 Guest
What's the strategy to defeating her?
ID #338715
Jul 9th 2013 Guest
i find that her generally slow attacks and limited movement give her a counter-offensive play style
ID #296311
May 30th 2013 Guest
[b][u][spoiler][strike][size=12][size=12][color=red][size=12][i][b][/b] I'm awesome with Zelda she has good powers you have to know how to use her tho. Like using just any of here smash attacks can reflect suff. Her bomb is good when u wanna get the smash ball. And when you use a smash they last for a while. [b][/b] [/i] [/size] [/color] [/size] [/size] [/strike] [/spoiler] [/u] [/b]
ID #286383
Apr 7th 2013 Guest
Don't get me wrong, Zelda is powerful. Personally, however, I suck at playing her! (hint the reason why I am on this site in the first place)
ID #271521
Oct 15th 2016 Guest
ID #687528
Feb 27th 2013 BOOM444
I can tell she is great because every time I play basic brawl there is players using zelda and they dont fight they just taunt.
ID #259172
Jan 12th 2013 GARCHOMP101
ID #242021
Oct 13th 2012 Guest
There was something where she held them up and did something... What happened to that?
ID #195634
Aug 13th 2012 Guest
Zelda's my main character! But you've gotta know how to use her. Her up magic attack really has helped me KO so many times. Din's fire can really tick people off too. Her kicks can end the battle as well.
The only problem I have with her is that Farore's wind really doesn't go too far and is hard to control. It has killed me many times...
Other than that, she's a great character and people really underestimate her too much...
ID #175675
Jun 25th 2012 MadiTheGreat
My favorite character no doubt! I usually use a combo of grab-down and then up-smash, easy way to do some damage.
ID #156947
Mar 25th 2012 Guest
In the summer, I will do Princess Zelda Music Video Tribute Karaoke called The Way We Were on Alpha/Nan Hsing, Honstar and Ming Heng Musical.
ID #126286
Aug 19th 2011 Guest
Zelda's super powered kicks can really be devastating. People really underestimate her and don't give her credit for how powerful she really is. I kick ass with this girl! Not to mention, she's hot.
ID #68502
Jan 31st 2011 Guest
Din's fire is really useful and irritating. It hurts other people and easily gets the smash ball from a distance.
ID #27560