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SSBB Character Guide - Fox


First appeared in: Star Fox
Veteran fighter: Yes. SSB & SSBM
Class type: Light
Fighting type: All-round
Clone: Yes. Falco, Wolf

How to unlock:
Starting Character

A set:
    Damage: 2-14
    Damage: 6
    Damage: 8
    Damage: 8

A charged set:
    Damage: 15-21
    Damage: 17-23
    Damage: 14-19

B set:
  B: Blaster. Can be rapid fired.
    Damage: 3 per shot.
  Side-B: Fox Illusion. Dashes very quickly across the stage.
    Damage: 4
  Up-B: Fire Fox. Creates flames around him, then thrusts up into the
        air like a flaming bullet. Outer flames can damage people. Can
        also control the direction of the shot by initiating the
        attack then pressing a direction on the control stick.
    Damage: 1-28
  Down-B: Reflector. A shield comes up around Fox. If close enough, it
          can damage people when first activated. Its main effect is
          to reflect projectiles.
    Damage: 5 or the projectiles power.

Grab set:
    Damage: 1
    Damage: 8
    Damage: 8
    Damage: 9

Aerial set:
    Damage: 6
    Damage: 5-20
    Damage: 16
    Damage: 1-10

Final Smash - Landmaster:
He calls in a Landmaster Tank. When in the Landmaster Tank, Press A to fire energy rounds, use the control stick to move, and hold X or Y to activate your thrusters and hover. Shots do 16, running into someone does 15. Press down to roll and shake people off.  KO potential is moderate, depending on your enemy's damage. Whole thing lasts 15 seconds.

Fox is an all-round type, opening your options quite a bit. He is lightweight however, and not horridly powerful. Rely on his speed for quick attacks. Use the reflector when possible, and don't forget about your blaster, its not much but every bit helps. Your standard and smash attacks are good, but getting in that close means exposing yourself. When you do get in close, attack quickly, use Fox Illusion to get some distance, then go back for more.

Defense Strategy:
Fox is easier then Falco do to his lightweight class. Rush him and get in close. He'll be fast, but his close range attacks wont do much damage. Focus more on getting in one or two hard hits compared to 5 or 6 light hits.

From Forum:

Here are some extra comments from the members of our forums for Fox...

While normally seen piloting an arwing, Fox returns to Smash Bros. with his incredible agility and formidable melee combat. Unlike before, Fox keeps his blaster out at all times instead of taking it out when needed, which could possibly alter his moveset. He now sports a look that seems loosely based off his StarFox Assault appearence.

Special Attacks
Standard: Blaster. Fox fires his blaster at opponents. While having no knockback and only doing small damage, it has rapid fire capabilities, allowing easy K.O. steals.

Side: Fox Illusion. Fox dashes forward, attacking opponents with an illusion of himself. This can be used for recovery purposes.

Up: Fire Fox. After a brief charge, Fox wil - while surrounded by fire - charge in the direction of the control stick. This can be used for recovery.

Down: Reflector. Fox puts up a shield that reflects projectiles. The move can injure opponents the instant it is activated, but cannot reflect physical hits or injure afterwards.

Final Smash: Landmaster. Fox summons and jumps in to his Landmaster - scaled much bigger than before - and attacks from within it. Opponents can stand upon the tank, although by pressing down, Fox can perform a barrel roll to knock off and damage opponents. The jump button allows the vehicle to hover, while the attack button fires the canon, causing large amounts of damage. Because of the Landmaster's size, it is slow to turn.


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Fox is the best character

Added 27th Mar 2014, ID #368866

i need an actual cheat for him. just for fun of course, but that would be awesome

Added 17th Aug 2013, ID #305219

Fox is the best character! Anytime someone uses a super scope he reflects it which is awesome :D

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231236

Fox is my favorite character but I have to admit he is not too good.

Added 1st Dec 2012, ID #214264

falco is betta

Added 27th Jun 2012, ID #157680

Fox is awesome

Added 20th Jun 2012, ID #154759

IM good with Fox

Added 6th May 2012, ID #139999

jump and tight after press forward A and u can super jump

Added 18th Feb 2012, ID #116219

i know a great guide it is on gamespot scroll down to the bottom it says fox guide

Added 1st Nov 2011, ID #84522

fox i OK and i win a lot of games with the cpu lvl 9 but other times they get me so i need a better guide

Added 24th Oct 2011, ID #82609