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Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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SSBB Character Guide - Marth


First appeared in: Fire Emblem
Veteran fighter: Yes. SSBM.
Class type: Mid-weight
Fighting type: Close Combat
Clone: No.

How to unlock:
    1) Play 10 Versus Mode matches
    2) Clear Classic Mode
    3) Clear SSE Level 8: Battlefield Fortress

A set:
    Damage: 4-8
    Damage: 10
    Damage: 10
    Damage: 9

A charged set:
    Damage: 14-19
    Damage: 21-25
    Damage: 14-19

B set:
  B: Shield Breaker. Thrusts his blade forward. Hold B to charge.
    Damage: 8-20
  Side-B: Dancing Blade. Press B several times while holding to the
          side for up to a four hit combo.
    Damage: 3-18
  Up-B: Dolphin Slash. Lunges upward.
    Damage: 13
  Down-B: Counter.
    Damage: Counters.

Grab set:
    Damage: 2
    Damage: 4
    Damage: 4
    Damage: 5

Aerial set:
    Damage: 10
    Damage: 10
    Damage: 13
    Damage: 12

Final Smash - Critical Hit:
Dashes across the field. If he connects with someone, it WILL instantly kill them. Problem is, it is linear. Using it in the air causes him to dash to the side, usually killing himself. It also has a bit of warm-up before he dashes, and a fast opponent can use this chance to jump up or dodge behind you. But, if you do connect...

Marth is fast. Really fast. Use this speed to your advantage to perform aerials and get behind them quickly. Most of his moves don't pack much of a punch, however, and he can be sent flying fairly easily. Still, get in close and hit them with the tip of Marths sword (where he has the most power). Dancing Blade works well for inflicting combo damage, and has a fair range. His counter will counter projectiles, but the explosion will still hurt him.

Defense Strategy:
Best thing you can do is keep him at a distance. If you do have to get in close, fear his Dancing Blade and Counter. A skilled Marth user can constantly get you off guard, so watch out.

From SuperCheats.com Forum:

Here are some extra comments from the members of our forums for Marth...

The original star of Fire Emblem and the royal prince of Akenia, Marth returns to Smash Bros. after introducing the world to the Fire Emblem franchise. Marth is - unlike other swordsmen such as Ike and Link - swift on his feet and more powerful with the tip of his sword. He attacks quickly with combo specials and can charge up his sword to instantly break the shields of his opponents.

How to unlock: Play 10 Brawls, then challenge him; complete classic mode on any difficulty, then challenge him; get him to join your team in the Subspace Emissary.

Final Smash: Critical Hit. Marth raises his sword upwards before charging towards the nearest opponent in front of him, delivering an incredibly powerful strike. The attack does about 60% damage and is an almost guarenteed K.O. On stages with no edges - such as the Bridge of Eldin - missing with this will result in a self-destruct.

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Comments for Marth

17 comments, latest first.
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ID #415262 | Jul 9th 2014 Guest
You can press 'b' mid Critical Hit to stop yourself from suiciding with it.
ID #323905 | Nov 30th 2013 Guest
I like marth and all but links final smash can freeze a hacking giga bowser so...
ID #271454 | Apr 7th 2013 justbrawl
Ike probally used google translator to find out what Marth says
ID #263491 | Mar 14th 2013 Guest
Play Fire Emblem.
ID #260379 | Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
GO MARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ultimate swordsman, he is sooooo beyond awesome! Sure Ike is good too. I guess.
ID #260147 | Mar 2nd 2013 Guest
Marth is amazing, he is my absolute favorite character in the game. I think he is better than Ike because he is faster has higher ability, and He has swifter sword moves. Plus, he is king of altea!!!!!!!
ID #252265 | Feb 9th 2013 Guest
When edge-guarding with Marth you can use his Meteor Smash and get an instant launch down at 30% with no chance to recover
ID #245210 | Jan 21st 2013 Guest


How can you use his dancing blade when holding down?
ID #151900 | Jun 12th 2012 christupboi7
marth is 7th on th tier list or something like that
ID #151292 | Jun 10th 2012 Guest
when using the side-B, during the combo, you can pres up or down for a variety of blows.
ID #134270 | Apr 16th 2012 Guest
both marth and ike can charge attack combo if they are holding a melee item (preferably beam sword).
ID #124639 | Mar 20th 2012 Guest
Marth is a boy
ID #124260 | Mar 18th 2012 Guest
um..i thought marth was a girl, I place this game with my sis a lot but, and we're both trying to figure it out. So, in the meantime we call marth a heshe. can someone please tell me...
ID #90081 | Nov 25th 2011 Guest
[img][/img] he's good but i just can't understand what the dude is saying but ike is still #1
ID #84412 | Nov 1st 2011 Guest
reply to this as soon as possable i need help im in a debat to use marth or link like whos final smash is better marth or link so help me